Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Dagupan cops first in R-1 to kill drug pushers

                                      After Duterte Admin assumed post

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

DAGUPAN CITY – “They were the first casualties among drug pushers who fought back with the police in Region 1”.
This was declared by this City’s Chief of Police Superintendent Christopher Abrahano on the two drug personalities who were shot to death by the police when they tried to fight back with weapons during a sting operation.
GOODBYE MY DEAR BROD. Ricky Cornel holds affectionately the face
 of his older brother Piggie, 43, who was slain by the police in a drug sting
 operation Monday in Dagupan City.
Ricky and Piggie submitted themselves a week earlier as pusher and
 user of shabu to the village chief of Bonuan Gueset and
 made a promissory note that they would avoid illegal drugs.
Piggie, however, was caught by the police Monday with a notorious pusher in a motel room selling 
shabu and fought out with the police that resulted to their being shot to

The duo who was the first to be slain in the four provinces’ Region-1 after President Duterte assumed office at noon of June 30.
Police reports said that at 11 am of July 4, anti-drug operatives here raided a room at Green Bee Cottage in Tondaligan Beach in Barangay Bonuan Gueset where three male and a female have been staying.
The 23,000 populated village is not only one of the biggest barangays here but is one of the three villages in Pangasinan with the most number of marijuana and shabu or methamphetamine hydrochloride peddlers and users in the 44 towns’ and four cities’ province according to the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency.
Instead of peacefully yielding, Alyas Opay, 40, of Malasiqui, Pangasinan and Piggie Cornel, 43, of Bonuan Gueset here, fought out with the policemen who returned fire and killed the two suspects.
The other males and female, according to cottage owner Arlene de Guzman, fled the scene.
"I heard gunshots at around 11 am," said by de Guzman who was anxious how she would start cleaning the splattered of blood on the floor of the airconditioned room the suspects rented for three hundred pesos on a three-hour stay
Prior to the killing of Opay and Cornel, at 11 am of July 4 a police team arranged a drug sting with the duo at the cottage used as motel room by the owner. Police were able to purchase a sachet of shabu from the suspects and were about to arrest them when one of the suspects fired at the police and another one pulled out a grenade.
“It was at that instant that police fired back and neutralized the suspects. Eighth sachet of shabu, a weighing scale, and several drug paraphernalia were recovered at the scene,” investigator reports said.

Initial information revealed that Alyas Opay has been a top drug personality in Malasiqui town while Alyas Piggie was listed in this City’s watch list as one of the  drug personalities.
Since the assumption of President Rodrigo Duterte in June 30, 23 suspected drug pushers all over the country have been shot to death by security forces by mostly justifying that the malefactors tried to grab the guns of the policemen.
The firebrand president won the May 9 election with a hardline promise to eliminate drug pushers he considered dregs of the society.


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