Sunday, July 31, 2016

Mayor Belen lauds for improved traffic flow

DAGUPAN CITY – Drivers and operators as well as owners of business establishments along Arellano Street were all-praise over the improved traffic flow along this thoroughfare and went on to thank Mayor Belen T. Fernandez for forming Task Force Arellano. Drivers are saying that they are now earning more than in the previous months as they can now make more rounds from downtown to Bonuan and vice versa and pick up more passengers than before. “I am happy to note that our drivers’ income has improved from the time we strictly enforced the provisions of our traffic ordinance along the area especially on loading and unloading, illegal parking, anti-jaywalking and truck ban.
At least, aside from saving time and fuel, the improved traffic flow helped them earn more,” said Mayor Fernandez who often times personally oversees the management of the traffic flow in the area, along with members of the Task Force Arellano headed by retired police officer Carlito Ocampo and former Bonuan Gueset Punong Barangay Angel Gumarang. In their courtesy call with the mayor, the Jollibee Group of Companies thanked the mayor for solving the daily traffic bottleneck along Arellano Street. “It is very heart-warming to hear these words of appreciation from the store managers of Jollibee about the improvement of traffic flow along Arellano Street when they came to my office for a courtesy call,” said Fernandez.
She said after Arellano Street, her next area of concern is the traffic situation along Herrero-Perez.
Recently, the mayor held a meeting with members of different tricycle driver and operator associations and appealed to them to observe traffic rules and regulations and to organize their ranks so that together they can set up a suitable parking area that will not obstruct traffic flow. She also urged them to help the city government in its campaign against colorum tricycles which, she added, will be strictly implemented in the city soon and to encourage their members to ply the streets even at night in place of owners of the colorum units. The officers and members of these associations readily agreed to give this a try for one month in support of the city's intensified campaign against colorum units

. (Joseph C. Bacani/CIO)

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