Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bataoil to PD Chan: Why were you with Lokim?

Congressman Bataoil
Police Colonel Chan

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

LINGAYEN – Second District Rep. Leopoldo Bataoil said Acting Provincial Police Director Marlou Chan should explain why he was seen with his congressional rival Maria Blanca Kim Lokim when she accompanied the complainant who filed recently a kidnapping and vote-buying charges against Bataoil at the Prosecutor’s Office. “I was told that he was congratulating Lokim for whatever (reason) I do not know. But of course that was to be clarified by the PD himself. Accordingly some quarters overheard him congratulating madam Lokim for whatever purpose. I do not know mahirap mag validate,” he said.
 Sr. Supt. Chan denied he accompanied the Liberal Party’s congressional bet Lokim. He explained it was only a coincidence that he met Bataoil’s rival at the prosecutor’s office when they were seen by the media.
 Chan said Oliver Ortega, the complainant, and his relatives dropped by at his office at Police Provincial Office here because they told him they were apprehensive because one of the respondents in the case of kidnapping and vote buying to be filed at the provincial prosecutor’s office here was Bataoil, a former police general. “It is just proper that the police and the community like the complainant work hand and hand in searching for the solution of the case,” Chan explained.
 Chan said he did not congratulate Lokim but Ortega for his courage to file a case.
 Bataoil , his brother Ramon, a re-electionist councilor here, and some of their supporters allegedly apprehended and detained Ortega for an hour at the house of Ramon in Brgy. Libsong East here. Ortega, according to news account got the ire of Ramon and his supporters after he took photo of them distributing dole-outs in the name of the congressman, a violation called vote buying under the Omnibus Election Code, to the people in Barangay Libsong.
The complainant said the councilor threatened to kill him unless he surrenders the camera. Bataoil said during the incident at the house of his brother he was campaigning in Mangatarem. “What is important is we deny completely the allegation that there was alleged illegal detention and threat. We will answer those allegations in a proper forum,” he stressed.

DOJ asked to drop murder raps vs P’sinan Governor, Solon

Victim’s Family Tags ‘Real    Culprits’

 Pangasinan Gov. Amado Espino Jr. yesterday asked the Department of Justice (DOJ) to immediately drop the murder charges against them, and to “deliver true justice to the murder of Infanta Mayor Ruperto Martinez by arresting and prosecuting the real culprits.”
 In his counter-affidavit filed by his lawyers during the preliminary hearing of the case arising from the Dec. 15, 2012 killing, Espino asserted that Martinez was a “personal friend and an ally” hence, he would not have any motive whatsoever to harm the mayor.
 According to him, the lone witness whose testimony was used by the NBI to file the case “is not a credible witness, having a checkered history involving errant school behavior, previous incidents of duping people for money, threatening his siblings, and drug use.”
 On the other hand, Mrs. Crisanta Martinez, submitted her sworn statement clearing respondents Espino and Celeste of any complicity in the gun-slaying of her husband.
 The widow added that she and her children refused to sign the complaint prepared by the NBI, and insisted that the authorities should instead go after her husband’s known political foe she identified as lawyer Florante Miano. “Our quest for justice is being misled by politics.
 The death of our father has been exploited to promote the political agenda of some people. Worse, those who are most innocent are being framed up and accused, while the real masterminds go scot-free and continue to sow deceit and lies, at the expense of true justice for the death of our father,” said the Martinez sons, Richard and Martin.
 The widow maintained that both the governor and the congressman were close allies of her husband under the New People’s Coalition (NPC) party. Martinez brushed aside as manifestly unbelievable and patently untrue the case filed by the National Bureau of Investigations (NBI) against Espino and Celeste, saying it was based on the testimony of a “dubious” witness.
 She was referring to a certain minor kid, Justin Aquino, 16, of Bayambang, Pangasinan, who claimed to have eavesdropped on the plotting of Martinez’s murder at a resort in Bolinao town. The Martinez children opted to file their own murder charges against Miano at the Regional Trial Court (RTC) in Alaminos City owing to their displeasure with the NBI’s alleged mishandling of the case.
 “We had told the NBI that they should investigate Atty. Miano, but Agent Roland Argabioso would not hear us. Instead, they went on to file the case (against Espino and Celeste) despite our disapproval,” Mrs. Martinez recalled.
 She stressed that justice would never be served for her husband’s murder “unless the real killers were put behind bars.” “But this would never happen if the authorities would continue to be used by certain political quarters for their own selfish motives,” Mrs. Martinez lamented.

Shahani nixes FVR’s endorsement of Braganza

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

 URDANETA CITY – Provincial Board Member Ranjit Ramos Shahani poo-poohed the endorsement of former President Fidel Ramos of Liberal Party’s gubernatorial bet Hernani Braganza. Shahani said if Braganza campaign efforts giveshim 10 percent voting share out of the 90 percent that went to his gubernatorial rival Governor Amado T. Espino before the endorsement, his survey stock would spike to 20 percent only against Espino’s 80 percent. Shahani and Braganza are second cousins, as their mothers former Senator Letecia Ramos-Shahani and Purita Agsalud-Braganza, are first cousins.
Shahani belittled in a press conference here the impact of Ramos’ raising the hand of Braganza as his anointed candidate. Shahani said Ramos did not raise the hand but instead held it as both prepared to leap. “No, so therefore that’s what you call the EDSA-1 jump my uncle thought President (Ferdinand) Marcos fled the country but actually andoon lang si MaCoy,” he stressed.
 FVR was in Asingan, Pangasinan last April 21 to attend the reunion of the Ramos-Braganza,-Agsalud Clan at the MBJ Countryside Resort in Brgy. Baro, Asingan. Shahani said his uncle and Braganza doing the signature EDSA I revolution jump was awkward. He said his cousin was part of the street parliament before the snap election who has links with communists.
He added that Braganza and his group were against the snap election whose spurious result ignited the EDSA Revolution. “Consuelo de bobo (for the) endorsement of Nani, pero magkaiba sila!” he said. In a press conference held at the Sanctuary Building owned by the Shahanis at Brgy. Nancayasan here called by the re-electionist Board Member and her mother Leticia, FVR’s sister, both jointly assailed Braganza and his Liberal Party decision to expel the younger Shahani from the party for allegedly bribing with P100, 000 the party’s mayoral bets so they change allegiance from Braganza to Espino. “How can they suspend me when LP provincial chairman Victor Agbayani (former governor of Pangasinan) would not sign it. Besides, my father and the father of (vice president and LP president) Mar Roxas have been the pillars of the party,” Shahani stressed.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Braganza’s camp throws monkey wrench at Espino

Monkey or Bakes in Pangasinan with
 Llave Tubo
From Left: Orduna, Braganza, Espino


 I should be writing this column in Pangasinan dialect. But after I struggle in my title “Tinupak nen Braganza na bakes llave tubo si Espino ” I, a dyed in the wool Ilonggo, realized that my vocabulary in Pangasinan is not only patently limited but manifestly atrocious, and the gods of journalism have given me a perpetual injunction not to explore it again. “You better write in Swahili (the other language of former congressman Ranjit Shahani) instead of the tough to crack Pangasinan,” their memorandum says.

The camp of Governor Amado T. Espino should buy a block time pronto at the morning prime time program of my favorite talk-radio (what Americans call their AM band radio) Bombo Radyo. Otherwise the 30 minute and P18, 000 a day block time of Atong Remogat and Dennis Mojares could ruin through the monkey wrenches they throw at the Espino Administration. (Note: I wrote this column in April 23. In April 25 Espino bought an hour long radio program hosted by Celzo Manuel and Congressman Mataba Ito in the same morning Bombo Radyo program. While Braganza has expanded to one hour his former 30-minute program).
 Take for instance the dig last April 23 of Attorney Bodie Pulido who runs for congress at the 1st congressional district of Pangasinan.
First, that Justin Aquino, a minor who sued Espino with murder, is a more credible witness than any adults. He explained that the minor is less vulnerable (what?) to tell a concocted story than adults.
Second, that a warrant of arrest against Espino in his involvement against the alleged murder of Infanta Mayor Ruperto Martinez could be issued even before the May 13 polls.
 An Espino “apologist” worth his salt can, if they avail of a block time there, easily rebut all those accusations.
First Rebuttal: Aquino is not a credible witness. He is an incredible witness. Imagine, he was at the side of Espino when he was planning the murder of Martinez, former Councilor Nato Sabangan of Bayambang, Pangasinan , and Kagawad Jovencia Gasmin of Barangay San Juan, Alcala.
 Mabuti na lang hindi ni implicate noong bata si governor sa pagplano sa pagpatay kay Jose Rizal at Andres Bonifacio.
The amateur and trumped up charges case filled by the NBI and the pronouncement of Secretary Leila de Lima of the Department of Justice that it was a credible case were not only a bad case and leaves a bad taste in the mouth but had undermined the credibility of these two government bodies.
 Diyos ko naman NBI and Secretary de Lima bakit kayo nagpapagamit ? 
If de Lima has still a little respect left in her self and wants to salvage the modicum honor left at the DOJ, she should dismiss the case pronto! Son of a gun, it could not even show a tinge of “probable cause”.

Second Rebuttal: Warrant of arrest can be issued before the May 13 poll? I fell from my chair again (the first time I fell was last week, when Bombo Radyo manager told me that Braganza hired Dennis Mojares who would carry the propaganda of Braganza in Bombo.
First, I just learned that lawyer Pulido is a cruel comedian (He started his comment with a scathing attack in that program that his rival the hard jawed Congressman Jesus “Boying” Celeste is the dead ringer (kamukha) of movie villain Bomber Moran.” Susmariosep, when did looks become a liability in an electoral contest, Atong?”
Second, I just learned that a lawyer who graduated from prestigious University of the Philippines can bastardized his diploma and BAR license by perpetuating an incredible legal explanation. How can a warrant of arrest be issued more than a week from now in case the DOJ found a probable cause, and the Sandiganbayan acquiesces for the issuance of the warrant?
 (Braganza rah-rah boys have been circulating again for the umpteenth times that Espino would be ‘pupusasan (handcuffed) before the visit of President Benigno Aquino in May 2 in Pangasinan.
 “Hoy,mga unwary media men pinapasakay na naman kayo!)
How can Espino be arrested e wala pang finding ng “probable cause” ang acting provincial prosecutor sa DOJ na inutusan ni Lola Leila?
Granted for the sake of argument a probable cause has been issued today (April 23, 2013), the acting provincial prosecutor will mail through the post office that resolution to Espino say in 10 days (Espino receives it on May 3).
Espino lawyers will file a motion for reconsideration (MR) within 10 days upon receipt of the resolution and mail it on May 13. The acting provincial fiscal decides the MR within, say, 10 days or up to May 23.
The prosecutor mails to Espino his decision on the MR (he rejects it or reverses it). Espino receives the mail in, say, 10 days again in June 3. In case the MR is rejected, Espino lawyers appeal to DOJ.
Since de Lima has already prejudges the case by telling the media earlier that the case against Espino was a good case and Justin seems credible she can reject the appeal and Espino lawyers can file an MR to her just to delay the filling of information and the arraignment (where Espino would say “not guilty” to a justice in Sandiganbayan) that has been given by law a 60-day period to suspend arraignment (as provided by Rule 116, Rules of Court) from June 3 to August 1.
 So where in Jesus (Christ not Celeste) name did Attorney Odie gets the basis that warrant of arrest can be issued to Espino before the May 13 election?
 Atong, mukhang gino-good time kayo ng mga guests niyo diyan!

Oh by the way, Atong and Dennis discussed last April 24 the pre-dawn grenade blast inside the compound of Espino’s nemesis Bugallon Mayor Ric Orduna last April 24.
 Again, if Espino has a block time after the duo alluded that Espino was behind it, Espino can easily rebut it by even defining the following:
A self declared ambush by using firearms is called “Ambush Me.” If the perpetrator uses a grenade, the Americans and English soldiers in World War II called it as “Frag Me” from the word fragmentation.
 If a naked woman was tied with the grenade and thrown at the compound of Orduna, a drunk media man would opined that it was a naked and brazen “Bomba Me” stunt from the Orduna and Braganza camp.
For me the “Frag Me” or “Bomba Me” thing in Bugallon was a suspect. It takes common sense to decipher the motive behind the grenade blast at the house of Orduna.
 That explosion has made Bugallon a candidate for the Comelec’s high risk area. It means the town will be host to additional police and its Special Action Forces, and additional boots on the ground (U.S military term for additional soldiers) who could be bringing their armored personnel carrier or tanks that would hamper the movement of Espino and his well-oiled political machinery.

 As a BIR news bug for a while, I know that a certain amount of the fixed income like workers in the private and public sectors have a portion of their salaries withheld monthly by their employers. The monies withheld are remitted to the BIR. I know too how these fixed income feel about bigger income earners like doctors, lawyers, and businessmen cheating a big portion of their tax intended for the government.
 For example: How can the BIR know that a doctor or lawyer has been paid by their client with a staggering P100 thousand as professional fee when there was no BIR who could monitor this deal that has been consummated only between the professional and the client? How the taxman knows that after a big time fish pen owner in Pangasinan declared his income from a hectare of fish pen he was not disclosing the hundreds of thousands of pesos intended to the government from the nine hectares he hide from the BIR?
 “This has been a perennial problem since time immemorial, how could the government neutralize this anomalous practice?” I posed recently to Regional Director Arnel Guballa who was with national and local BIR officials in Calasiao for a press conference.
He said the government is building a mechanism to arrest these loopholes.
 Another question I posed to lawyer Vic Villagas of the Special Investigation Division, was about the progress of the case filed by BIR Commissioner Kim Henares against lawyers Cecilia Munar, former head of Registry of Deeds in Dagupan City, and Melvin Castro, former deputy head of RD in Lingayen.
 Munar has been allegedly involved in a conspiracy with real property seller Humberto Solis and buyer Elma de la Cruz Versoza. The government was deprived of P15. 49 million in revenues inclusive of surcharges and interests on this allegedly illegal transaction, while Castro was involved couple years ago with the 12 heirs of Vinluan in Labrador, Pangasinan. It stemmed when the latter 358,966 square meters of lands were sold to buyer former mayor Ernesto Acain of Labrador despite the absence of the requisites for transfer. Castro’s involvement started when he wrote at the Day Book of the RD -Lingayen a statement that was used by the provincial assessor office under Nestor Quimbao to issue new tax declarations in the name of the buyer. The alleged illegal acts of Castro and the heirs have deprived the government of P9.26 million taxes. “These cases have ensued couples of years ago already. Is there a probable cause from the prosecutor or a warrant of arrest from the Sandigandbayan?” I asked.
 Villegas of the Special Investigation Division answered the following :” We submitted them to the legal service of BIR central office and it was submitted also on the DOJ (Department of Justice) for preliminary investigation. Up to now, it is still awaiting resolution from the state prosecutor and the Department of Justice”. The adage” The wheel of justice in the Philippines grinds slow but exceedingly small” has been apt on this dilemma. Am I correct Attorney Guballa?
 (You can read my selected columns at http://mortzortigoza.blogspot.com and articles at Pangasinan News Aro. You can send comments too at totomortz@yahoo.com).

P'nan LP Press Campaign vs. Poll Violence

By Pangasinan Muna

Top officials and members of Liberal Party in Pangasinan closed ranks today to press their campaign against election-related violence in the province, saying intimidation and threats on their ranks would not stop them from fighting for good governance. “While we call for peace, we will not be cowed into submission or silence. We will continue to expose and oppose the evil deeds of the incumbent governor and his gang in the Provincial Capitol,” said Alaminos City Mayor Hernani Braganza, the LP’s gubernatorial candidate.
 “We will never back down in our fight for good governance in Pangasinan. We will continue with our peaceful campaign activities, going directly to the people to hear their complaints and address their concerns,” Braganza added.
Braganza made the remarks as he reads before the media the statement of solidarity signed by LP officials and members during a caucus at the Pangasinan Regency Hotel in Calasiao today.
 The LP called the caucus to address the security concerns of party mates who were shocked to hear Wednesday’s grenade attack on the family residence of Bugallon Mayor Rodrigo Orduna. Orduna has filed plunder charges before the Office of the Ombudsman against Pangasinan Gov. Amado Espino for allegedly pocketing more than P900 million from jueteng payola.
 “We, officials and members of the Liberal Party in Pangasinan, close ranks today to express our collective outrage over the recent grenade attack on the family residence of Bugallon Mayor Rodrigo Orduna,” the LP statement said.
 “This act of violence, which endangered the family members of Mayor Orduna, has no place in a civilized society and deserves the condemnation of all peace-loving residents of Pangasinan,” it added.
 Braganza said LP members share the belief that the grenade attack on Mayor Orduna was connected to the plunder charges that the latter filed against the incumbent governor.
 “We believe that the grenade attack is not a random criminal act, but a politically-motivated action meant to scare Mayor Orduna and other concerned Pangasinenses who dare expose the evil misdeeds in the Provincial Capitol,” Braganza said.
 “Mayor Orduna is not only an LP member seeking an elective post. More than that, he is a vital witness in the plunder case filed against Gov. Amado Espino, Jr. As a trusted political lieutenant of the governor, he has also direct knowledge of other shenanigans that took place in the Provincial Capitol,” he pointed out.
 The LP members expressed confidence that the police would be able to identify and arrest, in the soonest time possible, the perpetrators as well the mastermind behind the grenade attack. “We also welcome the pronouncements from police authorities that they are ready to provide full protection to Mayor Orduna and his family members,” the LP members said in the statement.
 Appealing for calm and sobriety, Braganza said the LP leadership in Pangasinan is discouraging party members and supporters from exacting revenge on whoever planned the attack on Orduna. “We promise our full cooperation with the police in ensuring that this act of violence will not escalate in Bugallon and other parts of Pangasinan,” the LP gubernatorial bet said. “We discourage our party mates and other supporters from retaliating against whoever is behind the attack on Mayor Orduna. We will not seek revenge. We will allow the law to take its course,” he stressed.
 While calling for peace, Braganza enjoined party members and Pangasinan residents not to let their guard down and help stop activities that may lead to election-related violence. “We call on the public to remain vigilant and report to authorities any suspicious activity that may result to fraud and violence in the May elections. We have to be on the lookout for individuals and groups with sinister plots aimed at disrupting peaceful activities related to elections,” Braganza said.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Why worry about PCOS code?

MANILA, Philippines – Watchdogs raised a howl after poll chief Sixto Brillantes Jr on Monday, April 22, said he has given up on opening the source code of ballot-counting machines for review by local groups. Brillantes said it is “too late,” after a legal battle between two international companies held hostage the precinct count optical scan (PCOS) machine source code for months.

 Brillantes gives up on PCOS review.

 Should voters worry about this? What is the source code in the first place? Rappler presents the basic details through the frequently asked questions (FAQs) below.
 What is a source code? 
 Experts describe it as the recipe or “master blueprint” followed by a computer machine. Republic Act (RA) No. 9369, which amends the Automated Election System (AES) Law, defines it as “human-readable instructions that define what the computer equipment will do.” Source codes contain instructions for counting and canvassing votes – which, if manipulated, could lead to fraud.
 What is a source code review?
 It is the process by which experts review the source code to perform the following major functions: check compliance with technical requirements spot possible flaws ensure there is no malicious code that may be used in fraud For the 2013 elections, the Commission on Elections (Comelec) intended to open both the PCOS and the consolidated canvassing system (CCS) source codes for review by local groups. Only the source code review for one of these pushed through. What does the law say about the source code? The AES Law requires the Comelec to certify that the AES underwent a successful source code review. The Comelec's technical evaluation committee (TEC) should certify this through an independent, international entity. The law also requires the Comelec to “promptly make the source code of that technology available and open to any interested political party or groups which may conduct their own review thereof.”
 Did the Comelec comply with this requirement in 2010?
 Yes, the Comelec complied with the requirement to subject the AES source code to a review by an independent, international entity. A US-based firm, SysTest Labs Inc, reviewed the AES source code then. The poll body, however, failed to open the source code for review by local groups.
 Has the Comelec complied with this requirement for the 2013 elections?
 In February, the Comelec complied with this requirement through a certification by the Denver-based SLI Global Solutions, formerly SysTest Labs. SLI said the Philipines' automated election system (AES) “can operate properly, securely, and accurately.” It added there is no “malicious code” in the PCOS. (Read: 'No malicious code' in PCOS - int'l experts.)
 Has the Comelec opened the AES source code to review by local groups?
 Yes, for the CCS, a part of the AES. Only the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) and the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV) have reviewed the CCS source code.
 The Comelec, however, could not open the PCOS source code for review by local groups. This is due to a legal battle between the Venezuelan firm Smartmatic and the US-based Dominion Voting Systems. Dominion has blocked the release of the PCOS source code for review by Philippine groups.
 What is the expected outcome of the CCS review?
 Brillantes said UNA and PPCRV will issue a report on their findings. "These will be the comments of the political parties. We will not be bound by it anyway," he said. He added the parties signed a non-disclosure agreement, "which means they cannot disclose their findings." The chairman said the CCS review is done "for records purposes" and in compliance with the law.
 Why do watchdogs blast the lack of a local PCOS source code review? 
 In a statement on Tuesday, April 23, Kontra Daya spokesman Fr Joe Dizon said without a local source code review, the 2013 elections "will be under a cloud of doubt." "The source code review was instituted precisely to assure the political parties and the electorate that the software to be used in counting our votes is trustworthy. It wasn’t put there out of whim like what Brillantes makes it appear with his irresponsible statements,” Dizon said. In an interview on DZMM on Tuesday, former Comelec commissioner Gus Lagman also said the 2013 elections would remain suspect without a local source code review.
 “Hindi natin alam kung tama ang ginagawa ng source code, kung tama ang mga instruction sa PCOS machine. So puwedeng intentional na merong kalokohan. Puwede rin namang talagang may mali," Lagman said. (We don't know if the source code is doing it right, if it gives the right instructions to the PCOS machine. So there could be intentional fraud. It could also be that there is really an error.)
 Can elections push through without a source code review by local groups? 
 In an interview on Monday, Brillantes said the local source code review is important “for credibility purposes, not for the legality or legitimacy of the elections.” On Tuesday, the chairman slammed critics, including Lagman, because of doomsday scenarios over the lack of a local source code review. (Watch more in the video below.) Previously, he said what is important is the source code review by an international group, “which is totally independent.” "Kung may legal implications 'yon, dapat null and void ang eleksyon noong 2010. Wala namang nakakita ng source code eh," Brillantes explained. (If that has legal implications, the elections in 2010 should have been null and void. No one saw the source code then.) Brillantes said even without the PCOS source code review by local groups, the Philippines' second automated elections will push through. (Read: Comelec rules out manual elections.) – Rappler.com

Media official nabs for extortion

By Niel Cruz

During an interview of Customs Commissioner Ruffy Biazon by Inquirer editors, columnists, and reporters at the Inquirer offices the other week, there was talk of fake journalists, derisively called “hao shiaos,” acting as fixers at the Bureau of Customs. It was suggested that the number of “reporters” covering Customs be limited only to the legitimate journalists. Biazon said he had trimmed the number from more than 300 to 96. But that is still too many. That is more than all the reporters covering Malacañang, Congress and the Supreme Court put together. Why are there so many hao shiaos covering Customs? Why do many of them prefer to quit their jobs and stay at Customs rather than be reassigned to another beat? Why are there so many tabloids being given away for free at the BOC? How do these hao shiaos make a living when they have no salaries from the tabloids and radio stations? The answer is obvious to everybody except top Customs officials like Biazon: Some of them earn a lot by acting as fixers for smugglers. And they use their tabloids and radio programs to either criticize “uncooperative” Customs officials and employees or to praise the “cooperative” ones. But they are members of the National Press Club (NPC), Biazon said. “The present NPC is no longer the respectable club of journalists that it used to be,” somebody said. Another mentioned that an officer of the NPC was caught red-handed for extortion at the Manila Hotel. The victim was, of all people, a police superintendent. That’s how brazen the NPC extortionists have become. I became curious and looked at the police records. This is what the police report on the incident said: “This pertains to the entrapment operations conducted by the elements of WCPD and SRU of this Group on July 11, 2012, at 11 a.m. at Café Ilang-Ilang, Manila Hotel, Roxas Blvd., Manila, against Marlon Purificacion, 40 years old, media practitioner, member of the National Press Club, (NPC), and a resident of Parañaque City, for Grave Threats with Extortion. It resulted in the arrest of Purificacion who received the marked money amounting to ten thousand pesos (P10,000.00). “Upon the arrest of the suspect, the arresting officers [apprised] him of his constitutional rights and the reason for his arrest. He was brought to the PNP CLS for medico-legal and physical examinations wherein he was found positive for the presence of ultraviolet fluorescent powder [on] his hands (results of examination are attached as TAB ‘C’. Attached are his filled-[out] booking sheets and mug shots. “On the same date at about 2:00 p.m., Mr. Benny Antiporda, President of NPC, arrived and requested from the D, CIDG for the implementation of the [memorandum of agreement] between the NPC and CIDG regarding the arrest/custody of media practitioners. In compliance with the said MOA, the undersigned referred the case to the NPC for their immediate action to conduct investigation against the suspect and submit result of their action taken to this office NLT (not later than) July 19, 2012. “Emma Macapagal Libunao, CSEE “Police Superintendent DSC” It is now April 26, 2013. I asked the victim’s lawyer, Ferdinand Topacio, if the NPC had submitted a report to the police. He replied: “As far as I know, no.” I requested him to ask his client to make sure. He texted back: “No, according to her she never received any copy of any report from NPC.” The “her” here is the victim of the extortion herself, no less than Supt. Emma Macapagal Libunao, chief of the Women and Children Protection Division at Camp Crame in Quezon City. I asked Topacio, who was present during the entrapment operation, for details of the incident. Topacio began by describing the modus operandi of the tabloid extortionists. They ask for protection money from nightclub operators. “I can have you raided and closed by the police” is the usual threat. If the operators don’t come across, the hao shiaos write reports that the nightclubs stage lewd shows and should be closed by the police. If the police don’t raid the nightspots, then they turn their attacks on police officials. Superintendent Libunao was one such police officer. Purificacion tried to pressure her to raid the nightclubs. When she did not, Purificacion started attacking her in his tabloid, Topacio said. Libunao asked for his help. Through a mutual friend, Topacio asked how the attacks could be stopped. He said Purificacion asked for P40,000. When he told Libunao about this condition, she decided: “Let’s entrap him.” So Topacio sent word that the money would be given to Purificacion at Manila Hotel before noon of July 11, 2012. Before Purificacion’s arrival, the arresting officers were already in place. When he arrived, an envelope containing P10,000 in marked money and treated with fluorescent powder was handed to him. He went to the washroom to count the money. While he was doing that, the police entered and arrested him. At Camp Crame, Benny Antiporda arrived and begged that the suspect be released to his custody. “Bata ko yan. Ako ang tatamaan dyan (He is my boy. I will be blamed for this),” Topacio quoted Antiporda as pleading. (I checked with the NPC and found out that Purificacion is not just a member but also the vice president of the club.) Topacio said Libunao did not want to drop the case so the hao shiaos could be taught a lesson, but that her superiors prevailed on her to drop the case. Topacio said, however, that the case could be revived because the NPC did not follow the agreement to report to the police what action it had taken on Purificacion. That is the kind of officers that the NPC has now. Read more: http://opinion.inquirer.net/51441/npc-officer-caught-red-handed-in-extortion#ixzz2RZSrFBpx Follow us: @inquirerdotnet on Twitter | inquirerdotnet on Facebook

Kay Gob. Espino, panalo tayo

Ex-Sen. Shahani Endorses          Espino

 ASINGAN-- "My candidate is Governor Amado Espino Jr. for Governor of Pangasinan." Thus declared Former Senator Leticia-Ramos Shahani in her hometown Asingan during the town's Barangay Night celebration last April 23rd.
 He has truly helped the different towns of the province big time, Shahani described Espino during her speech guest of honor and speaker.
 Espino worked hard “following the DILG standard of good government so we captured some of the leading awards of governance in Region,” she added.
 The former lawmaker encouraged the townspeople to vote for Espino as well as her son, Ranjit, and Vice Governor Jose Ferdinand Calimlim Jr. to continue the progress so that “we will always be proud as Pangasinenses.”
 Shahani further said, “May you continue to help our town be a happy place to live in and may you also continue to make Pangasinan one of the greatest provinces in the country.”
 Meanwhile, Espino thanked Shahani and remarked, "I and my family will always remember this very night that you are endorsing me."
 Sen. Shahani who turned as an agriculturalist after public service, further noted that the provincial government under the stewardship of Espino has prioritized the agricultural sector.
At present, Pangasinan tops rice and corn production in the whole country, Espino cited.
The Governor asserted, “Pangasinan will remain as an agricultural province in the next three or four decades.” With that, Espino urged the people to continue caring for the province’s natural resources. Despite the absence of economic zone, industrial facilities, support facilities, seaport, and airport, we're now number 4- from being 68th- in the entire Philippines for wisely using our natural resources, the Governor said, “Hindi kakulangan ang wala tayo ng mga ‘yon, the mere fact na nandyan lahat ang magagandang binigay ng Diyos sa atin- our natural resources- then we must harness that and we will grow as a province, and as a people,” he explained.
Likewise, Shahani stated, “Pangasinan is a province which has everything.” Other personalities present in the event were Calimlim, Board Member (BM) Ranjit Shahani, BM Alfonso Bince Jr., and BM Salvador Perez Jr.; all are in support of the reelection bid of the Governor.
Asingan is composed of 21 barangays headed by Mayor Heidi Chua and Liga ng mga Barangay President Crispin Villanueva.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

LP CANDIDATE: Supporting Espino, a political hara-kiri

Cry- Your- Heart- Out- Ranjit! Former President Fidel
V. Ramos (Extreme Left) poses with nephew Gu-bernatorial bet Hernani
Braganza and Mayoralty wannabe Lean Braganza at therecent Ramos
-Agsalud-Braganza reunion inAsingan, Pangasinan

"Abandoning my candidate for governor Hernani Braganza in favor of re-electionist Gov. Amado T. Espino is a political suicide on my part".
 This was the straightforward reaction of Liberal Party mayoral candidate Benny Robeñol of Asingan in a recent press release circulated by the camp of Espino alleging that he (Robeñol) along with two other mayoralty candidates in Asingan are now supporting Espino’s reelection bid.
 He said any candidate in his right mind knows the sure negative political repercussions of shifting loyalties especially in the middle of the campaign. “I’m a principled person. I remain supportive of Hernani Braganza and I will continue to campaign for him for governor and Arturo Lomibao for vice governor,” Robeñol said. He explained that the photo in which he and the two other LP candidates and Gov. Espino were seen posing was intended to show that the candidates in Asingan are one for clean, honest and peaceful elections, “not for selfish political reasons.”
“I have no idea that they will use that picture as a propaganda material against Braganza and even to myself,” he said.
A front runner for the mayorship, Robeñol said the photo was taken during a “dinner party, not political party” of his close friend Joe Delmendo, who is a mutual friend of the two other mayoral candidates and Governor Espino.
 Mayor Braganza, in an interview, said “the latest campaign trick of the Espino camp has again backfired on his face.” “Earlier, they again made a fool of themselves after 17 of my LP candidates for mayor charged them of lying after the Espino camp came up with a propaganda that my candidates have already abandoned me,” Braganza said.
 Braganza said the cheap propaganda gimmick of the Espino camp is meant to restrain the “bandwagon effect” of last Sunday’s endorsement of former President Fidel V. Ramos to his candidacy.
 The former President made the declaration of support to Braganza during a reunion of more than 1,000 members of the Braganza, Agsalud and Ramos clan at the MBJ Countryside Resort in Baro village, Asingan. “If Nani Braganza will be elected governor of Pangasinan, I am sure that foreign and domestic investors will take a second look at our province and pour in the much-needed investments to jumpstart the local economy,” Mr. Ramos said.
The former President said Braganza’s experience in transforming Alaminos City into a world-class urban center would help Pangasinan obtain an “A-rating” in economy, tourism, agriculture, infrastructure, welfare of overseas Filipino workers (OFW), education and investment.
 President Benigno Simeon Aquino also endorsed the candidacy of Braganza saying if Pangasinenses wanted to have an honest government and see their province progress they should vote for Braganza.

Monday, April 22, 2013

FVR’s town goes all-out for Gov. Espino

Former Senator Leticia Ramos-Shahani (Extreme Left), her son, Ranjit Ramos-
Shahani and all three contending mayoral candidates of Asingan,
 home town of President Fidel V. Ramos, pledged their full support to
re-electionist Gov. Amado T. Espino (3rd from Right) in a ceremonial joining of 
hands during a meeting last Sunday,  the same day that the Ramos-Agsalud 
clan held its reunion.

Former Senator Leticia Ramos-Shahani, her son, Ranjit Ramos-Shahani and all three contending mayoral candidates of Asingan, hometown of former President Fidel V. Ramos, pledged their full support to re-electionist Gov. Amado T. Espino in a ceremonial joining of hands during a meeting last Sunday, the same day that the Ramos-Agsalud clan held its reunion.
 The same rare show of unity among opposing mayoral bets took place in the Alaminos City, the hometown of Braganza, last month on March 21.
 Based on recent survey, Governor Espino is leading with 90% voters in favor for his reelection, while his opponent, Alaminos City Mayor Hernani Braganza got only 8% of voters with only 2% of electorate still undecided.
 The expression of support to Espino coincided with the reported announcement made by former President Ramos endorsing the bid of nephew, Alaminos Mayor Hernani Braganza, for governorship of Pangasinan. The twin events confirmed a widening chasm between two wings of the Liberal Party in this vote-rich province, with one wing loyal to the Shahanis withdrawing their support to LP standard bearer Braganza. Earlier, a news report had quoted Ranjit Shahani announcing that 13 LP mayoralty candidates in the province had signed a covenant of support to Espino.
 In response, Braganza called for an emergency meeting of the party and extracted statements from five mayoral candidates, mostly from western Pangasinan, allegedly affirming their loyalty to him.
 However, Shahani said those who originally signed the covenant of support to Gov. Espino had reaffirmed earlier commitment. Asingan is one of the eastern towns Pangasinan’s 6th district, known as the bailiwick of the Shahanis which is represented by Ranjit Shahani in the provincial board.

Perez still tough on Litter Bugs

Urdaneta City Mayor Bobom Perez


URDANETA CITY, Pangasinan – The thing that makes this burgeoning city a cut from its contemporaries in Region 1 is its uncompromising stance against people caught throwing a litter.
Mayor Amadeo Gregorio E. Perez IV said the ordinance he signed into law that metes a P500 fine upon assumption as the top executive here in 2010 will still be implemented even if he has an opponent in this year election.
Although the fine is hefty to an ordinary violator, the no-nonsense anti-littering drive of Perez has been a pride of the people here whose city has been receiving plaudits from outsiders.
 The mayor said that his by the book passion to rule and order has been tested again after he upbraided vendors from Calasiao town who recklessly put their stalls and block the entrance of the city gym. “I asked them to leave the place where they put their wares. They have been blocking the door of the gym. Where is the order for that?” he posed.
 Perez just nodded his head in agreement that newly installed Lingayen Mayor Edith Hallare wants to emulate the vaunted cleanliness drive of his city.
 A year after this city’s anti-litter campaign gained raves and waves, neighboring town Villasis under Mayor Libradita G. Abrenica replicated it.
 Perez said that even if he has an opponent in this year’s election, his toughness against those who violate the Anti-Littering Ordinance of the city would still have the same intensity.
 Meanwhile, Perez deplored the complaint by a part time professor of this city’s owned Urdaneta City University about his non- receipt of his 13th month pay in December last year.
 The mayor wondered how he can ask for a 13th month pay when recipient for it are those who are employed in the private sector.
 He said that government workers are given Christmas bonus.
The Labor Code of the Philippines requires all private sector employers to pay their rank-and-file employees a 13th month pay regardless of their position, designation, or employment status irrespective of the method by which their wages are paid, provided they have worked for at least one month during a calendar year. “That ignorance can be likened to a city hall employee who did not attend the flag ceremony. He was heard whining to all who care to listen to him that my administration will collect all the Christmas bonuses and sent them as financial assistance to the people in Compostela Valley who were struck by flood there. He said if that employee attended the flag ceremony he would know that his bonus remains intact for him.

Villar, Binay tied at No.3, Escudero crashed to No.5 at SWS

Aggressive TV Ads: Senatorial
bet Cynthia Villar
Victim of Demolition Job? Senator
Chiz Escudero and girlfriend ac-
tress Heart Evangelista

The Social Weather Station have already released the Senatorial Survey results conducted on April 13-15, 2013.
 The survey results showed UNA Senatorial candidates Nancy Binay and Team PNoy candidate Cynthia Villar tied at the 3rd-4th places.
 A month before the mid-term elections, Binay and Villar sharing an identical 49% support from voters if elections were held during the survey date mentioned above.
The SWS stated that they have conducted the survey with a total of 1, 800 registered voters nationwide. Senatorial candidates Chiz Escudero of Team Pnoy slipped to 5th place with 47% support a percentage lower compared to his March rating at 48%.
 The senator was involved in a previous controversy with his girlfriend’s parents, one of the few reasons why he goes down in survey results since he dominated the top 2 positions.
 Based upon the SWS Results, a total of 9 Team PNoy candidates entered the Senate “Magic 12,” one month before the election proper in May 13, 2013.
 Team PNoy Senators namely
Loren Legarda (1),
 Alan Peter Cayetano (2),
 Cynthia Villar (3-4),
 Escudero (5),
 Bam Aquino (6),
 Koko Pimentel (7-8),
 Sonny Angara (9),
 Grace Poe (10-11)and
Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV (10-11).
Two UNA candidates, Binay (3-4) and JV Ejercito (7-8), are in the Top 10 senatorial candidates for the election.
 Meanwhile, two UNA candidates, Jack Enrile and Gregorio Honasan, are tied at the 12th-13th.

SWS Survey Background 

 The April 2013 Pre-Election Survey was conducted from April 13-15, 2013 using face-to-face interviews of 1,800 registered voters divided into random samples of 300 each in Metro Manila, North/Central Luzon, and South Luzon, 400 in the Visayas, and 500 in Mindanao (sampling error margins of ±2% for national percentages, ±6% for Metro Manila, North/Central Luzon, and South Luzon, ±5% for Visayas, and ±4% for Mindanao).
 The 2013 Commission on Elections counts of Registered Voters, by region and area, were used to weight regional estimates to obtain area estimates, and to weight area estimates to obtain national estimates.
 The April 2013 Pre-Election Survey on Senatorial preferences was not commissioned, and was done on SWS's own initiative. SWS does not allow anyone to be a commissioner or to pay for the specific inclusion of this question. In this way, SWS maintains the sole right to publish the findings as a public service, with exclusive first-print right assigned to BusinessWorld.
 BusinessWorld is the exclusive print partner of Social Weather Stations on its special series of monthly surveys tracking the national voter preference for Senator in the May 2013 election.
 The list of candidates was in alphabetical order, and included nicknames, as practiced by the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) on election day.
 Names of candidates are as officially registered with the Commission on Elections. From December 2012 to April 2013, the question was,
 "Kung ang eleksyon ay gaganapin ngayon, sino ang pinakamalamang ninyong iboboto bilang mga SENADOR ng PILIPINAS? Narito ang listahan ng mga kandidato. Paki shade o itiman po ang naaangkop na oval katabi ng pangalan ng taong pinakamalamang ninyong iboboto. Maaari po kayong pumili ng hanggang 12 pangalan." ["If the elections were held today, whom would you most probably vote for as SENATORS of the PHILIPPINES? Here is a list of candidates. Please shade the oval beside the name of the persons you would most likely vote for. You can choose up to 12 names."]
The respondents were allowed to fill in their ballot in private, and then deposit it in a container brought by the interviewer. In the August 2012 survey, the list of 31 names was commissioned by BusinessWorld. The question was, "Kung ang eleksyon ay gaganapin ngayon, sino ang pinakamalamang ninyong iboboto bilang mga Senador ng Pilipinas? Narito po ang listahan ng mga pangalan ng mga kandidato. Maaari po kayong pumili ng hanggang 12 pangalan." ["If elections were to take place today, who will you most probably vote for as SENATORS of the Philippines? Here is a list of names of the candidates. You can mention up to 12 names."] The respondents gave their answers orally. SWS employs its own staff for questionnaire design, sampling, fieldwork, data-processing, and analysis, and does not outsource any of its survey operations.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

How politicos woo voters

Re-electionist Vice Mayor Macanlalay (Red Shirt)
hobnobs with the crowd in a morning campaign
sortie under the blistering sun.
Re-electionist Calasiao Mayor Mark Roy Macanlalay (
Extreme Right) exchanges pleasantries with
the hoi polloi.

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

 DAGUPAN CITY – Candidates running in different elective offices have different campaign-styles to woo the voters.
                  Sta. Barbara

In Sta. Barbara, re-electionist Mayor Lito Zaplan said that he was already hitting the road at 5:00 in the morning for his daily “Kapihan sa Barangay (coffee with the villagers)” that lasts up to 9:00 in the morning. He said, this strategy give him a first- hand feel of the pulses of the people in the villages. The veteran politician said since the start of the 45 days campaign period in March 29 this year, he has already prepared new campaign jingles that played his name and accomplishments.
 “The cost of each jingle should be P15,000.00 for the composer and singer. But since the composer is the cousin of the mayor, he billed him only P8,000.00 for each of the jingle,” a supporter, who asked anonymity, commented. One jingle has the tune of pop hit “Abot Kamay ” and the other one a cha-cha song.
 Zaplan said, his mayoralty rival former Mayor Rey Velasco contents himself by using old jingles he used in the 2010 election.
 Another supporter said that the operators of passenger jeeps Zaplan leases every day billed him P700 per jeep exclusive of the fuel and the pay for the driver who would play the jingle as the vehicle snakes in the villages of the town so people can hear the song.
 The mayor said that after he hobnobbed with the hoi-polloi in the morning he and his political leaders do their respective chores elsewhere and meet again in the afternoon to do another round of husting in the boondocks.

In Mangaldan, a supporter of mayoralty bet Mayor Bernardo “Berex” Abalos lauds the latter for his organized political campaign. “He got no problem with our councilors and party members. We don’t quarrel unlike those in the ticket of (mayoralty bet) Bonafe “Bona” de Vera,” said Liza, an owner of a stall in the public market.
The source said that the party of de Vera is an epitome of what are anarchy and intrigue.
 She said that Cris Romero, son of the late Mangaldan Mayor Herminio Romero, who runs for the Sangguniang Panlalawigan has disarmed the village folks in the 4th District after the people have seen him up- close and personal with his down-to-earth attitude.
 “Parang si Mayor (Herminio) Romero din. Mapagkumbaba at simpleng tao lang”, the source quoted a resident upon seeing for the first time the younger Romero.
 Political leaders all over the district, who supported the candidacy of his father for the provincial board before his untimely demise in December last year, throw their support to Cris.
“Sayang, pinakamalaki ang Mangaldan (in terms of number of voters) sa apat na bayan ng Fourth District at si Cris Romero lang ang kandidato (for the board) na tumatakbo dito,” one supporter who asked anonymity quipped.

 In Manaoag, a supporter of mayoralty candidate Jeremy Agerico “Ming” Rosario said that the incumbent Board Member leave his house with his party at 8:00 to 9:00 in the morning to barnstorm the sitios in the villages. “Ming will return to his house at 12:00 noon.
He would take his lunch and take a nap up to 1:00 in the afternoon and then jump again for the sortie in the villages,” the supporter, who mans the gate at the residence of Rosario, said.
 He said, every Wednesday indigents go to the house of the Board Member for free medical consultations, medicines, and free reading glasses. “Ming and his wife are medical doctors. They have been helping the poor in the 4th District since six years ago”.
Calasiao re-electionist Mayor Mark Roy Macanlalay and his father re-electionist Vice Mayor Roy T. Macanlalay were already out from their homes at 11:00 in the morning of April 11, 2012 and visiting every nook and corner of Barangay Nagsaing.
 They were unmindful of the scorching sun. They were handshaking and tapping the back shoulders of their constituents. Unknown to the Macanlalays, that day was historic for the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA). PAGASA forecaster Connie Dadivas said that at 2:00 in the afternoon of that day, the weather office in neighboring Dagupan City has recorded a 38.0 degrees Celsius. It was an all time record as the hottest so far this year and since 1911 in the Philippines. At 12:00 noon, the Macanlalays, their candidates for the town’s council, and supporters ate lunch together at the house of a supporter with the viands composed of fried tilapia, fried galungong, pork adobo, vegetables and mineral water.
 “We were doing this routine since I became a mayor in the 1990s,” Vice Mayor Roy said.
 He explained that in this kind of sortie their supporters distribute flyers while he and his ticket mixed with the townspeople and exchange pleasantries with them including the taking of notes of their grievances. “We take a break of our sortie at 12:00 noon up to 1:00 in the afternoon because it is already an unholy hours. Magagalit na sila. Nagpapahinga na ang mga ta-o sa oras na iyon,” the vice mayor said.

The elder Macanlalay has been clad in a signature party collared red shirt while his son Mayor Mark sports a light green t-shirt. Both have towel in their hand they used to cover their head against the blistering tropical sun and to wipe their sweat out.
“We go back in the road at 3 in the afternoon in another village and do the same routine and activities of the sortie”.

Bangus fest is non-working holiday

By Dave Paragas

DAGUPAN CITY – President Benigno Aquino III issued on April 11 Proclamation No. 570 declaring April 30, 2013 as special non-working holiday here to enable Dagupeños and visitors (local and foreign) to take part in the internationally-acclaimed Bangus Festival scheduled on that day.
A copy of the proclamation received by Mayor Benjamin S. Lim from Aquino’s Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa said “it is but fitting and proper to give the people of Dagupan full opportunity to celebrate the occasion with appropriate ceremonies.”
A brainchild of Lim, the three-week festival kicked off with ceremonies at SM Rosales on April 20 and will culminate on May 5 this year. “We are greatly honored by President Aquino’s gesture of support to the Bangus Festival,” Lim said in reaction to the proclamation. First celebrated in 2002, the festival was initiated by Lim to showcase the local bangus industry and promote Dagupan as the Bangus Capital of the World Initially staged as part of the thanksgiving activity of the sea festival known as Pista’y Dayat, the Bangus Fest developed into a three-week socio-economic program of street parties that highlight the city’s top marine product.
 Its centerpiece dubbed as Kalutan ed Dalan involves the lighting of 1,000 barbecue grills lined up to cook thousands of bangus, which stretch up to two kilometers. It won for the city a recognition in the Guinness Book of World records as the world’s longest barbecue in 2003. The event also serves as a competition for hundreds of cooks, whose dishes are not only judged by the grilling, but through whipping up the tastiest and most creative way of serving bangus.
 The contest was eventually called “101 Ways to Cook Bangus” and won also for the city a recognition in the Guinness Book of World Records. Re-electionist Councilor Alvin Coquia, festival executive committee chairman, assured that despite the “political effect” of the historic occasion on May 13 elections, the celebration must “freely be participated, cheered and enjoyed by the people, for they are the reason why this event is being held.” “We, in the government, are all duty-bound to serve our people in best ways we can. And that’s why we have this festival, as conceptualized by Mayor Lim, to give back to them the trust and privileges they have bestowed upon us,” Coquia said.
 Echoing Coquia’s statements, event consultant Gilbert Cerezo pointed out that “our yearly bangus festival doesn’t have to be related with politics, because as we can see, the international media sees this occasion, as more of a celebration that unites us, rather than divides us.” “So, let’s enjoy the party together!” Executive Vice Chairmen Anne Ang and Bobby Llamas exclaimed.

Braganza hires Atong, Espino enlists “T-3”

Gubernatorial bet Braganza (R) and
his tandem Vice Gubernatorial can
didate Art Lomibao
Renato "Atong" Remogat: Braganza's radio

Block Time War Rages 


 Board Member Ranjit R. Shahani was flabbergasted when I told him that his favorite punch line media man Atong Remogat has been enlisted by his estranged cousin gubernatorial bet Hernani Braganza to be his toast master in his sorties in the province.
 In a telephone call to Atong, a “ballistic” Ranjit berated him: “I thought (Board Member) Dong Perez was  st___ in taking you as part of his core group, but I could not imagine that Nani was so st___ in taking you as his emcee!”
 My disclosure about Atong to him and that “livid” call were made last Monday (April 15) over bottles of San Miguel Lights with some media men.
 If I tell Ranjit about my new discovery on Atong baby , he probably succumbs to cardiac arrest that would not be good in Pangasinan’s politics after Mangaldan Mayor Hermie Romero and Lingayen Mayor Jonas Castaneda have been taken recently by their Creator through heart attacks.
 Last April 17 in a press conference called by Dagupan City Mayor Benjie S. Lim at the cozy Fortune (HongKong) Seafood Restaurant in the city to open the Bangus Festival, media men told me that my friend Atong has been given by Nani a daily except Saturday and Sunday 30-minute block time at the 8:00 in the morning prime time commentary program of Bombo Radyo.
 I nearly fell from my chair, but Bombo Radyo Manager Jovy Galang miraculously, with a Floyd Mayweather reflexes, caught the tilting chair that prevented me to have a broken neck or broken head that day.
He confirmed what I heard.That the patron of Atong has just signed the proverbial dotted lines with the No. 1 radio station to consummate his hard- hitting program on April 22.
 “Hindi na magiging No. 1 iyan with Atong at the helm of the prime time,” DWPR’s prime time commentators Tito Tamayo and Joey Ballesteros bantered.
 They told me re-electionist Governor Amado Espino has brought too an hour block time at Bombo after Atong and Dennis Mojares’ Program. “The T-3 would have enough time to rebut every issue raises by Atong,” Tito told me.
 “Who are the T-3s, the Tulfo brothers?” I innocently asked. “No, they are Tito Tamayo, Inciong Tamayo and his brother Ramil Tamayo,” Joey told me.
“I-dedemolish ka daw nila,” I told Atong when he and his “new love” media forays partner Ronel de Vera visited me in my house last Friday after I was struck with fever after a whole day drinking session with Ranjit.
 “Paano nila ako i-dedomolish eh toastmaster pa rin ang papel ko sa Bombo? Paano nila ide-demolish si Bugallon Mayor Ric Orduna na guest ko sa Lunes, at si (former governor) Victor (Agbayani) guest ko sa Martes,” Atong , with all the patent confidence and his distinctive hubris, told me. With Atong shooting his stars in this mid-term election, Joey and Tito would have their heart attack after Nani’s gubernatorial victory he would appoint Atong in lieu of Provincial Administrator Raffy Baraan.
 I told them not to ridicule the prowess of Atong. In case Atong becomes Nani’s administrator I will see to it that Atong locked the door of his office so media men like them could not enter to avail the free coffee there. “Atong Remogat: Ang Raffy Baraan na may power and sex appeal ni Attorney Boy Solis (Agbayani’s provincial administrator),” accidental media man Romeo Bongato, uninvited to the Fortune event, hailed Atong.
 Oh by the way, you probably asked what I was doing at the ancestral home of former President Fidel V. Ramos in Asingan, Pangasinan on that day I met former Congressman Shahani.
 FVR has asked Ranjit to hand to me personally his newly published book "Nation Building is Never Ending".
With a couple of books the former president has given me, the latest one was significant. Why? Son of a gun, Mortz baby's article "A Funny Incident with FVR" can be found there.
 It was about the president "chiding" Benguet Governor Nestor B. Fongwan after he gnawed beyond his five minutes allocation at the expense of the other VIPs to speak at the unveiling of the marker dedicated to FVR at San Roque Power Corporation in San Manuel, Pangasinan.
"Probably the speechwriter of Fongwan in his kilo-metric speech was saluyot king of column writing Maximo Soliven," I wrote on that book.
My article starts on Page 241 of that book. It was juxtaposed with the articles of former National Security Adviser Joe Almonte and BizNews Asia publisher and writer Tony Lopez.
 Recently League of Mayors of the Philippines- Pangasinan Chapter has circulated a petition where 90 percent of its member-mayors signed for the ouster of OIC Provincial Director Marlou Chan from his post whom they accused for being unfair to them. The petition went pffft! Now some of them worry about the backlash of their own folly in ousting a decorated officer and a gentleman. A source told me that Chan smarted because some of those who signed the baseless accusation against him were close friends. LMP-Pangasinan chapter president and Dasol Mayor Noel Nacar was overheard in the radio exhorting Chan that he prays that his close friendship with him continues despite him (Nacar) leading the petition and granting some radio stations an interview by detailing why Chan should be ousted. Did Nacar and his mayors know that they live in a glass house where some if not many of them hide skeletons in their closets? Abangan kung ano ang mangyayari sa kanila till the day of reckoning in May 13, 2013 polls. Pssst mga mayors, kausapin niyo si Colonel Chan. Hindi pa huli ang lahat he he.
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Thursday, April 18, 2013

LP mayoralty bets score Gov. Espino's lies

The mayoral candidates of Liberal Party in Pangasinan today re-affirmed their support to the gubernatorial bid of Alaminos City Mayor Hernani Braganza, debunking reports that they have switched loyalty in favor of re-electionist Gov. Amado Espino, Jr.
 “We wish to state on record that we never signed a covenant, or any document, supporting the re-election bid of Pangasinan Gov. Amado Espino, Jr.” said the LP mayoral candidates in a signed statement released by the party.
 “Together with our political leaders and supporters, we remain committed to President Aquino’s and the Liberal Party’s efforts to help elect Alaminos City Mayor Hernani Braganza as Governor of Pangasinan,” added the LP candidates.
 The Liberal Party in Pangasinan, at the same time, scored Gov. Espino and his propagandists for falsely claiming in an official media release that 17 of the LP mayoral candidates have already joined Gov. Espino’s camp. The LP candidates named in the report held an impromptu press conference at the Pangasinan Regency Hotel in Calasiao with Braganza and other top party leaders to personally deny the report from Gov. Espino’s camp.
 “Pawang kasinungalingan ang pinagsasabi ng kabilang kampo. Hindi totoo na iniwanan na namin si Mayor Braganza, ang aming kandidato sa pagka-gobernador,” said Wilson De Vera, the LP’s mayoral candidate in Calasiao.
 “Kahit ano ang mangyari, ipapanalo namin si Nani Braganza at ang lahat ng kandidato ng Liberal Party,” said Constante Agbayani, LP’s candidate for mayor in San Fabian.
 Two LP mayoral and vice-mayoral bets from Western Pangasinan told reporters that they would never abandon Braganza, who had delivered millions of pesos worth of infrastructure and development projects as two-term congressman in the First District.
 “The First District of Pangasinan owes a lot to Nani Braganza. Western Pangasinan will deliver the votes and elect him as our next Governor,” said Gualberto “Bong” Sison, mayoral candidate in Agno. “We will never abandon Nani Braganza. The Pangasinenses are looking for a local hero and they found one in Nani,” said Romeo Boling, vice-mayoral bet for Mabini.
 “We have seen how Nani Braganza transformed Alaminos City into a progressive community free from drugs and other illegal activities. We want him to do the same in the whole of Pangasinan,” said Gerardo “Gerry” Rosete of Burgos.
 Two of the LP mayoral candidates in Eastern Pangasinan, on the other hand, noted that the people of the Sixth District consider Braganza as a native in the area. “Nani Braganza is a son of Asingan. He will never lose in this municipality,” said Benigno Robeniol of Asingan.
 “The Braganzas, Agsaluds, and Ramoses are well-respected in Eastern Pangasinan. This is Braganza’s bailiwick,” said Herminigildo Marzan of Balungao.
 Officials of LP-Pangasinan condemned the disinformation campaign being waged by Gov. Espino’s camp, saying these were part of desperate measures being undertaken by the governor to arrest the dwindling public support to his re-election bid.
 They also deplored attempts by Gov. Espino’s supporters to bribe official candidates of the Liberal Party just to entice them to switch loyalty in the middle of the campaign period.
 “We have confirmed reports that individuals and personalities working for Gov. Espino have approached LP candidates, offering them P100,000 in cash and promising them development projects in exchange for their political support,” said the LP-Pangasinan in an official statement.
 The LP identified Board Member Ranjit Shahani as one of Gov. Espino’s supporters who are doing the rounds, soliciting the support of partymates to join the governor’s camp. “The Liberal Party will continue to expose such dirty tactics, including attempts to sow intrigue and disinformation using the media,” the administration party said. “The party also calls on the public to be always vigilant in order to frustrate the desperate attempts of Gov. Espino to make a mockery out of the people’s will and the electoral process,” it added.
 The LP officials noted that Braganza is the only gubernatorial candidate who has the experience, track record and moral fortitude needed to transform Pangasinan into a bustling growth center and possibly, the most progressive province, in Northern Philippines. “We also believe that Mayor Braganza, if elected governor, will take the lead in erasing Pangasinan’s reputation as the laggard among the provinces in Region I in poverty, hunger, peace and order, education and health situation,” the party officials stressed. “With Mayor Braganza as our provincial leader, we are confident that the Liberal Party would implement concrete programs and projects in Pangasinan anchored on the party’s “Daang Matuwid” policy,” they added.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pangasinan officials want police chief changed

Police Colonel Chan

By Arian Bermas

DAGUPAN CITY --- Most elective officials of Pangasinan have called for an immediate change of leadership of the Philippine National Police (PNP) in this northern Luzon province. The call was made in a petition signed by the vice governor, 13 provincial board members and 30 municipal mayors. Among the complaints heaped on the provincial police chief were: failure to solve major crimes, unilateral shuffling of police officers in the province and open display of political leanings. Responding to the clamor for the relief of Police Supt. Marlowe Chan, Governor Espino sent a letter to Commission on Election Chairman Sixto S. Brillantes, Jr seeking Chan's relief. In their call for Chan’s removal from heading the PNP here, the government officials said at least 23 more shooting incidents happened (based on police records when the petition was made) in the province since the election gun ban was imposed last January, but most of these shooting incidents remained unsolved by Chan and his men. The incidence of shooting has increased to 71 as of April 12, 2013. They likewise complained that Chan unilaterally relieved or replaced 28 municipal chiefs of police without consulting the town mayors and the governor, as required by law. “I believe the mayors and the governor deserve the basic courtesy of being informed of the movements in the PNP organization, they being concurrent chairs of their respective peace and order councils, charged with the command responsibility for the overall peace and order situation in their respective jurisdictions,” pointed out Espino in his letter to Brillantes. Before he retired from the PNP, Espino served as a decorated Provincial Commander of Pangasinan and later, as a bemadelled regional police director. In their call for Chan’s relief as Pangasinan PNP OIC Director, the officials said in their petition, “P/Supt. Chan does not have the decency to conceal his political biases, even as he openly flaunts his political leanings.” They further said that his rash and inappropriate behavior has demoralized the ranks and adversely affect the peace and order campaign in Pangasinan. .

Why Abono Party List will get three seats in Congress

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

ROSALES, Pangasinan  – By merging forces with well-entrenched political families, the Abono Party-list group expects to get three seats in congress in the May 13 polls. Engineer Rosendo So, Abono Party-List’s chair, said since Pangasinan and La Union produced two congressmen in the 2010 election in Representatives Robert Raymund Estrella and Francisco Ortega III, the group’s third nominee would be a shoo-in in congress after the party joined forces with the formidable political families of the Dys in Isabela province. 
So opined that with the alliance the party entered with the Dys and buttressed by its pro-farmers advocacies in the past years victory, for the three nominees looms. 
”Iyong mga efforts natin sa anti-smuggling, iyong sa hog raisers, poultry raisers malaking tulong sa livelihood nila. Maraming manga-ngampanya sa atin sa other areas,” he said.
He explained the provinces of Tarlac and Nueva Ecija will go for Abono after the party fought to stop the smuggling of rice, pork, chicken, onions that undermined the local agricultural industry. He said the onions growers in Nueva Ecija promised their support to the party after he fought against the smuggling of onions in the country.
 He said the voters nationwide know that after Abono Party List fought “tooth and nail” recently against the unabated smuggling of cheap rice from Vietnam, India, and China the gate price of palay returns to P17 from P14 a kilo. “Itong rice (smuggled) from Visayas and Mindanao hindi na dumadating sa Luzon. Nahinto natin. So malaking bagay iyang price dati ng palay na hindi bumagsak ng katorse at ma-maintain din sa P17,” he said.
He said the party also forays in the villages in Metro Manila by talking with political leaders there so they can help sway more vote for Abono. “The mayors and barangay leaders there promised to deliver votes for us. Each barangay there has 75 thousand to 80 thousand population. So iyon ang tinitingnan natin,” he said. So was in the media limelight lately when he exposed the patent P32 billion a year smuggling of farm products under the noses of Bureau of Custom’s commissioner Rozzano Rufino Biazon whom he asked to resign. So expose’ shook the BOC after Ramon S. Ang, chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Petron Corporation, unmasked that P30 billion petroleum products illegally entered the country that deprived the nation coffer with much needed revenues.

The partylist system, a form of proportional representation in which voters choose among parties rather than among candidates, was introduced by the 1987 Constitution ostensibly to create a healthy democracy by increasing representation of so-called “marginalized and under-represented” sectors.
Twenty percent of the total number of seats in the House of Representatives are reserved for party-list groups.
In April 2009, the Supreme Court introduced the Carpio formula for the computation of the winners for party-list seats in the House.
Under the formula, groups receiving 2 percent of the votes cast to party-list groups will receive seats in proportion to the votes they receive, up to a maximum of three.
In the next round of seat allocation, the percentage of votes is multiplied by the number of remaining seats, determining the additional slots to be awarded.
Finally, the parties next in rank are given one seat each until all the slots are filled.
Based on the survey results, 33 party-list groups could fill the remaining seats, getting one seat each.

Tagumpay ni Brian Lim, Tagumpay Nating Lahat

Vice Mayoralty bet Brian Lim


 DAGUPAN CITY – It’s self-explanatory title is “Tagumpay ni Brian Lim, Tagumpay Nating Lahat.” A short video presentation on the hustle-and-bustle vivacities of vice mayoralty hopeful Brian Lim is going viral on the Dagupan Dream Facebook. Barely six hours after it was posted on facebook, the touching video that lasts for only one minute and forty-six seconds has already chalked up more than 1,919 views.
 Now, it is drawing raves and waves from old and young alike Dagupenos.
 The vivid pictures and video footage of the youthful and charismatic Brian fill each frame of the screen as the exalting tune and lyrics of the song roll on.
As patriotic as it should be, the song is a soulful rendition of Brian’s passionate dreams for his city and people.
World-renowned Filipina balladeer Leah Salonga could not have sang it better…this all-time inspirational melody aptly titled “Tagumpay Nating Lahat.” The video production starts with faces of two expectant toddlers lining up for gift packs being distributed by the untiring Brian and his team of volunteer workers in some homey place.
It then segues to a succession of snapshots of kaleidoscopic and animated activities that heighten with Brian bantering, hobnobbing, and chattering with men, women, children, elder-lies and all.
Then, as the song reaches its crescendo the vividness and sincerity of Brian’s smile and gestures hold one in quite awe.
“I’m proud of your sir…God Bless,” commented Jacqueline Dela Cruz Onza. “This is Lim Legacy…Good Luck,” quips Ruben Rosario. “Mabuhay ka Sir Brian, sika so manepeg ed siyudad tayon Dagupan..saludo ak ed sika,” says Rhumel Ladreramos.
 Says Rachel Agustin, “I’m proud to say solid BB Lim po ako…good luck po sa inyo Mayor Benjie and Vice Mayor Bryan.”
 The video production concludes with the now ubiquitous poster of the BB tandem. A viral video in the making, “Mayor BSL, Ang Mayor Natin” starts with a half-body shot of Mayor Lim standing sideways before a podium exuding a purposeful mien as he speaks out his thoughts.

Villar: Tulungan ang Pinoy Voters sa Ibang Bansa

Former Congresswoman Cynthia Villar

NANAWAGAN si Nacionalista Party-Team PNoy senatorial candidate Cynthia Villar sa Philippine embassy at consulate personnel sa ibang bansa na ibigay ang lahat ng tulong na maaaring maipagkaloob sa Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) sa pagdaraos ng Overseas Absentee Voting (OAV) simula sa Sabado, Abril 13.
 “Nakikiusap kami sa lahat ng opisyales at tauhan ng Philippine embassies at consulate offices na tulungan ang may 900,000 Pinoy na nasa iba’t-ibang panig ng mundo at kuwalipikadong bumoto sa ilalim ng absentee voting law,” ani Villar.
Sinabi ni Villar na matagal na nilang isinusulong ng kanyang asawang si Sen. Manny Villar ang pagkakaloob sa ating mga kababayan sa ibang bansa na makaboto sa ating national elections.
 “Batid namin na noong mga nakaraang halalan, marami sa ating mga manggagawa ss ibang bansa ang hindi nakaboto bagamat’t kuwalipikado dahil sa mga problema sa kanilang kinaroroonang lugar,” ani Villar na naging kongresista ng Las Pinas sa loob ng siyam na taon.
 Ayon kay Villar, na kilala sa bansag na “Misis Hanep Buhay,” umaasa sila na mas marami nating kababayan na nasa ibang bansa ang makaboboto upang hirangin ang magiging lider ng kanilang bansa.
 “Ang pagbibigay ng karapatan sa OFWs na makaboto sa halalan ay isang paraan ng pagkilala sa kanilang kontribusyon sa bansa,” sabi pa ni Villar. “Sila ang ating makabagong bayani at sa pamamagitan ng kanilang ipinadadalang pera, napananatili nating malakas ang ating ekonomiya,” dagdag pa niya. Kasabay nito, binigyan diin ni Villar na kailangang tiyakin ng Comelec at Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) personnel na ang magiging matapat, malinis at mapayapa ang pagdaraos ng ating halalan upang mapanatili ang integridad ng prosesong ito.
Ipinahayag din ni Villar na lubos siyang nagagalak sa paghahanda at information drive na ginagawa ng Comelec at DFA.
Pero aniya, hindi siya masosopresa sa pagsulpot ng ‘last-minute problems” sa mga polling precints sa ibang bansa. Sa ilalim ng OAV Act, inaatasan ang Filipino officials sa embassies at consulate offices na ibigay ang lahat ng tulong para himukin ang ating OFWs na bumoto. Sinabi ni Comelec Commissioner Lucenito Tagle na may 900,000 Filipinos sa ibang bansa ang nakatakdang bumoto simula Sabado.
Ayon  pa kay Tagle, chairman ng Comelec Committee on Overseas Absentee Voting (COAV), ang mga Pilipino sa Hongkong ang kauna-unahang boboto sa abroad gamit ang automated machines. Sila ay susundan ng mga kababayan natin sa Riyadh, Saudi Arabia at pagkatapos ay yaong nasa United Arab Emirates. Ang OAV ay isasagawa sa Linggo sa Bayanihan Center sa Victoria Road, Kennedy Town at sa Philippine embassy sa D3 Collector Road C Diplomatic, Riyadh.
 Ang mga Pilipino sa UAE ay boboto naman sa Philippine embassy sa Al Bateen, Abu Dhabi.
Pinili ng Comelec na isagawa ang automated polls sa mga lugar kung saan maraming botatanteng Pilipino. Ito ay ang mga sumusunod: Hong Kong , 83,118 botante; Singapore; 50,063; Abu Dahbi, 55,842; Jeddah, 30,328; Kuwait, 30,468; Riyadh, 53,396 at Abu Dhabi, 21,645.