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‘Floodwaters subside faster’ - PDRRMC

Lingayen- - -“The floodwaters due to typhoon Falcon have subsided faster than expected.”
This was observed by Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council (PDRRMC) spokesperson Avenix Arenas as she said that this is due to the flood mitigation project that was launched by the present administration under its environmental advocacy program, “Ilog Ko, Bilayen Tan Aroen Ko.”
It will be recalled that Governor Amado T. Espino, Jr. spearheaded the creation of Task Force Kalikasan as an integral part of the province’s long term initiative to flood mitigation that aimed to conduct massive rivers and waterways clean-up drive to revive and free Agno River and other river tributaries in Pangasinan from illegal fishing structures.
Task Force Kalikasan, as reported by the PDRRMC, has dismantled illegal fishpens in the towns of Lingayen, Binmaley, Bugallon, San Carlos and San Fabian and dredged specific areas in the town of Binmaley like Dupo, Poblacion, Caloocan, Sabangan, Salapingao and Lomboy, and, some areas in Lingayen covering Domalandan West, San Jose River (traversing barangays Poblacion-Baay-Tonton), Banaga (partly covering areas from Lingayen to Bugallon) and Balococ-Bantayan in Lingayen.
Arenas said that although flooded during the height of the continuous heavy rains, floodwaters easily subsided in said areas unlike other towns that were not yet reached by the clearing operations. “Malaking factor talaga ang isinagawang clean-up drive kasi nalinisan ang mga ilog at natanggal ang mga obstruction na maaaring nagpalala pa sana ng baha,” she explained.
“Without the clearing operation conducted by the province, rains brought by “Falcon” may have submerged the affected towns for a longer period,” Arenas said.
Meanwhile, based on status report forwarded to the PDRRMC, some towns in the first congressional district like Mabini, Burgos and Alaminos City, which are normally not flood-prone areas were affected by floodwaters over the weekend due to continuous rainfall brought by “Falcon,” which registered its rainfall peak at 241.2 mm.
“Yon pong dating di binabaha na bayan ay binaha ngayon at ‘yon naman pong dating bahaing lugar ay di na gaanong naapektuhan dahil sa mabilis na nag-subside ang tubig,” Arenas said even as she disclosed that the province is yet to dredge more rivers and waterways as part of the flood mitigating thrust.
The province’s long term flood mitigation project includes massive clean- up and dredging of Pangasinan river and ecosystems, coastal clean- up of the Lingayen Gulf, extensive mangrove tree planting activities along coastal and riverbank areas, massive tree planting activities to reforest denuded mountain areas, heightened environmental awareness campaign to raise level of awareness involving environmental concerns. (PIO/Ruby R. Bernardino)


By: Rex R. Lor

Sitting nonchalantly on a corner chair in an otherwise deserted library on an ordinary recess period, Keefe, as he is called by his friends, slowly reads through a book which he got from the new arrivals section.  Sometimes, a small smile is discernible in the corner of his lips, and as a teacher, you know it is wrong to disturb a boy engrossed in imagination.

Ryn Keefe Gabrielle M. Bautista, sure looks like an ordinary bespectackled boy. But beneath this facade is a SILVER MEDALIST in the 8th NATIONAL SCIENCE QUEST – QUIZ BEE COMPETITION last February 2-4, 2011 at the Pedro Guevarra National High School in San Pedro, Laguna.  After losing only 1 point from the current champion, he is now fixed on working hard and taking the crown in 2012.

Ryn Keefe is best described as an an explorer – an adventurer who loves to discover new things through reading.  His favorite topic in Reading has always been Science or any story book in Science.  His father, Mr. Larry Bautista, a public school teacher from Malued Elementary School, recounts that even as a toddler, he has always been interested in watching the Discovery Channel and has always been fascinated with books – the perfect formula for a future Scientist.

Mr. Bautista recounted that he was happy that Keefe studies at Escuela de Nuestra Sra. de La Salette (Tapuac, Dagupan City), a De La Salle Supervised School.  His Alma Mater nurtured him and expanded his potentials having been exposed to a number of training opportunities and activity exposures with top La Salle schools such as La Salle Green Hills and De La Salle University.  He is one of the many recipients of Leadership seminars handled by Professors from the two La Salle schools.  Keefe was one of the highest achievers in De La Salle Supervised School Achievement Test (DELASSAT) with a 92% percentile.  He also was part of the team who became the Champion in the De La Salle Supervised Schools Cultural Show at the De La Salle University in Taft Avenue, Manila.

A Math Wiz and a perennial Gold Achiever, he also has consistently bagged various awards in school competitions such as the Institutional Spelling Bee, Search for the Outstanding School Leader, and Song Competitions.  Ryn Keefe also participated and won in the DepEd Dagupan City Division English Olympics, grabbing prizes for Spelling Bee and Poem Recitation.  He recently got a Bronze medal among 38 participants in the Dagupan City-sponsored Sukata’y Talisiw last June 17, 2011.

To date, his love for Science has added more laurels to his collection.  He won 1st Place in the DepEd Dagupan City Division Regional Elementary Science Quest - Quiz Competition and later on won again 1st Place in the Regional Elementary Science Quest – Quiz Competition.``

Sunday, June 26, 2011

P-Noy and LP abandoned their stalwarts?

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

According to Department of Interior & Local Government undersecretary Rico Puno, the Writ of Preliminary Injunction with Temporary Restraining Order filed by Meridien Vista Gaming Corporation at the Court of Appeals has already long expired.
He said policemen in Regions III, IV, V are already after the operators and subalterns of these illegal number games.
If that is true, then Jai Alai operation should fold in Pangasinan and Dagupan City.
As what Dangerous Drugs Board Secretary Bebot Villar posed to media men earlier: “Bakit may Jai Alai sa atin? That’s a front. But that is accepted already by the mayors (who) gave their permit. I don’t know baka sila ang ma-Ombudsman, di ba?”
In the five towns and a city I have been, I saw myself how jueteng operators used Jai Alai as cover for their nefarious trade.
Former jueteng cobradores (betting agents) sport a Meridien identification card but underneath the betting paper of Jai-Alai was a papelito of jueteng.
“Front lang itong Meridien sa mga nagpapa-jueteng. Marami pa rin ang tumataya sa jueteng dahil mas mura at naiintindihan nila,” divulged to me by a cobrador.
“At mas gusto ng mga mayors and kapulisan, dahil mas malaki ang kita kaysa Jai-Alai,” a media man who was with me told the cobrador.
Is it true that among the Department of Education’s division offices in Pangasinan the one in San Carlos City is the most corruption-ridden? A public school teacher told me that the division office under City Superintendent Rowena C. Banzon practices R.A 170
R.A 170 is not Republic Act 170. It is only a play of words among people with sense of humor on how much a teacher applicant shell-out to get a job with a starting pay of P18 thousand a month.
It means an applicant pays criminal minds there P170 thousand to get the job.
My source told me that P40 thousand of this loot is shared to the principal where the vacant post awaits the lucky but mulcted applicant.
In the neighboring town of Urbiztondo and Mangatarem, my source told me a P40 thousand “good will” money is already enough.
The school officials there are not as greedy as those in San Carlos City.
If these damaging allegations are true, DepEd Secretary Armin Luistro, San Carlos City Mayor Ayoy Resuello, and the mayors of those two towns should investigate these matters.
Last Father’s Day, I saw former Immigration Commissioner and former mayor of Dagupan City Al Fernandez treating his grandchildren at Jollibee-Calasiao.
As a Liberal Party (L.P), I asked the amiable and the “stout” former mayor what department or bureau the party prepares for him.
He emphatically told me there was none. He said one should apply for a post if he wants to get one.
Fernandez said he did not apply for any post.
I told him that some political kibitzers are looking for him or former Pangasinan Governor Victor Agbayani to get the top plum of Land Transportation Office in lieu of controversial Virginia Torres – who lately made a come back ala Douglas MacArthur at the consternation of fellow Pangasinense, billionaire and top honcho of Stradcom, Nestor Quimbao.
Al just smile, shook his head and told me “no.”
He said he would not get a position which he has no knowledge of.
I told him he is qualified since he got a Master’s in Public Administration from Lyceum Northwestern University (He graduated in 1996, while I, your humble “calumnist”, er, columnist was a pioneer graduate (aheem!) of that course in 1995).
If Al’s post in the government is still uncertain, I will hate the President, the old guards and the gate keepers of the party.
Susmariosep and how dare you people forget a man who was so loyal and hosted President Noynoy, vice presidential bet Mar Roxas, and the whole slate of the L.P whenever you barnstorm Region 1 in the 2010 national poll.
Have you forgotten those more than a kilo grilled bangus (milkfish), expensive malaga , and other aqua culture products you gnawed like there was no tomorrow every time you cool your heels when you visited several times the swanky fish-farm of Al.
I could say this since I was always there whenever you people dropped and even rest your back there.
Remember folks, when every city mayor in the whole country ingratiated with former Gloria “De Excelsis Plunder- Prone” Arroyo, Mayor Al gambled with your party by tirelessly hosting you all at his own expense in Dagupan City.
Pangasinan former governor Victor Agbayani’s former public information officer told me earlier that his boss face the same uncertainty with Mayor Al.
“Has somebody called you sir for any appointment?” Ruel posed to Victor as they downed couples of San Miguel Light beers at the house of the latter at Brgy. Pangapisan in Lingayen recently.
Agbayani told him in the negative.
Ruel told his boss that he should be calling pronto Mar Roxas.
“Mar has just been appointed at the DOTC (Department of Transportation & Communication). You congratulate him for his appointment, and asked him what help you can contribute to him,” Ruel told Victor.
Camba told me that Victor has a moist eye earlier to head the National Irrigation Administration. The post he said is where Agbayani is comfortable since that was his mark when he served Pangasinan as a nine-year governor.
Ruel said to me that he is being groomed by the Man-Friday in the media of Dagupan City Mayor Benjie S. Lim to be the top honcho of the City Information Office but declined it as he prepares himself to go wherever his beloved boss Victor goes.
It would be in heaven, hell, or high water, I no longer ask Ruel, a learned man who could discuss with me the intricacies of Dean Acheson, Watergate, Rand Corporation, what you got man, about it.
But what lesson we learned from Al and Victor is it doesn’t meant that every time President Aquino comes here in the province with LP people like Victor in tow he is already a shoo-in to any government position.
How dare you again, LP people! Ibalik ninyo iyong mga kina-in niyong mga bangus at malaga sa fish-farm ni Mayor Al.
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To boost agricultural production in the 4th district, Congresswoman Gina De Venecia has distributed a total of 2, 800 sacks of fertilizers and 450 sacks of certified palay seeds to the farmers of San Jacinto and Manaoag, recently. She also said that for the two towns, she has allotted an additional P2, 269,577 worth of certified palay seeds to be given away this year.  It is recalled that last November, she already distributed a total of  10,000 sacks of fertilizers to the farmers of San Fabian and San Jacinto.  
            During the distribution program, Manay Gina announced that for this year alone, the budget for infra-projects of Manaoag is P22.5 million, excluding the P15 million public market that she inaugurated last April.
For San Jacinto, she said that P19.5 million is set for various infra-projects and another P5 million for the town’s malunggay planting and processing project.
            Photo shows Rep. de Venecia with San Jacinto Mayor Romeo de Vera and other municipal officials during her fertilizer distribution program there recently

Friday, June 24, 2011

SP can’t stop me from providing scholarships- Braganza

Acerbic tongued Provincial Board member Ranjit Shahani
Champion of the masses mayor Hernani Braganza of Alaminos City
Alaminos City Mayor Hernani Braganza today vowed to pursue his mission of providing quality and affordable college education to the youths of Pangasinan despite attempts of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan to stop him from doing so due to the complaint of a private school owner.
            Braganza maintained that the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Pangasinan has no jurisdiction over an administrative case filed against him by PASS College President Ruben Morante as a result of the operation of the Pangasinan State University’s campus in Alaminos City.
The provincial board ordered an investigation of Braganza based on Morante’s allegation that the establishment and operation of the PSU-Alaminos, a joint project of the city government of Alaminos and the PSU, is illegal.
The PSU-Alaminos Campus which has enrolled hundreds of poor students who cannot afford to study in the very few but mostly commercialized private colleges in the city started operation in 2010 as part of Braganza’s crusade to provide quality and affordable college education to the youths of Alaminos and nearby towns.
            Braganza’s counsel, Efren Moncupa, has asked the Sangguniang Panlalwigan to stop the disciplinary proceedings against the Alaminos mayor since it has no jurisdiction over the case.
            In a Motion To Dismiss pleading, Moncupa cited Section 61 (a) of the Local Government Code which provides that “A complaint against any elective official of a province, a highly urbanized city, an independent component city or component city shall be filed before the Office of the President (OP).”
Alaminos is a component city since 2001 and only the OP has jurisdiction over its elected officials.
“The law and the rules hardly need any interpretation or clarification. The Sangguniang Panlalawigan has disciplinary authority only over elected municipal officials,” Moncupa asserted, citing Section 61 (b) and (c) of the Local Government Code.
“By taking cognizance of this administrative complaint and issuing summons, this office (Sangguniang Panlalawigan) has violated its own Rules of Procedure,” Moncupa added.
He cited the SP’s Rules of Procedure in administrative cases before Committee on Good Government and Accountability of Public Officers of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Pangasinan (Adopted on November 15, 1996 and amended on August 25, 2000) which provides that it (SP) has jurisdiction on all verified complaints only against municipal officials within the province, to wit:
RULE III “Jurisdiction Of The Sangguniang Panlalawigan”
SECTION 16. Jurisdiction. – All verified complaints against elective municipal officials within the Province shall be cognizable by the Sangguniang Panlalawigan thru its Committee on Good Government and Accountability of Public Officers.”
Braganza’s counsel also charged that the complaint filed by Morante was “politically-motivated and was prompted by the latter’s desire to have PSU’s business for his own.”
Dr. Caridad Abuan, CHED Region I director, has declared in a recent media interview that the establishment and operation of the PSU-Alaminos is legal.
The Alaminos campus, however, was asked to withhold three programs in its curriculum – Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA), Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) and Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management (BSHM)— pending completion of requirements set by CHED.
Dr. Abuan said students of the campus taking up other programs have nothing to worry about, advising them to just continue their studies.
Braganza lamented that the “politics of greed” has reared its ugly head once again in Pangasinan to the detriment of poor but deserving students who wish to avail of a university degree to improve their lives.
“As mayor of Alaminos, I will see to it that this provision of the Constitution that says that it is the right of every Filipino citizen to have quality education is made a reality,” said Braganza, whose family owns the Great Plebeian College which was similarly affected by the rise of the PSU-Alaminos.
“This marriage of politics and greed cannot stop me from ensuring an equal opportunity for the youths of Pangasinan as far as quality and affordable education is concerned,” the mayor stressed.
Braganza’s scholarship program and his partnership with the Pangasinan State University have drawn accolades from political and community leaders in the province including Dagupan City Mayor Benjamin S. Lim.
The establishment of PSU-Alaminos by the partnership between PSU and the city government of Alaminos is a “novel cause that deserves to be equaled,” Mayor Lim said.
Mayor Lim, who announced his intention to also establish a state campus in his city for poor Dagupeños, advised those engaged in private education business to consider helping poor students who want to pursue college education and “not just profits.”

Monday, June 20, 2011

Urduja painting deserves to stay in Pangasinan

Citing its historical significance for the province and for Pangasinenses, the provincial government agrees with the owner’s claim that the rightful place for Princess Urduja painting is the Urduja Mansion in Pangasinan.

          Luis Villanueva, owner of the painting traces his family’s roots in Bolinao.

 Villanueva said that his mother happily prefers that the said precious painting be in Urduja House in the province of Pangasinan instead of being given to the University of Fatima in Valenzuela City which has earlier expressed interest in buying the painting for purposes of expanding their own collection of significant Philippine paintings.

          However, being a historical figure in Pangasinan, the Villanueva family thought that Princess Urduja painting should best go to the province particularly at the Urduja House.

          Due to the aforementioned reasons, Princess Urduja painting is now being offered to the province not as an auction but as a preferential buyer.

          “What we can do here is maybe just to authorize a deed of sale between the province and the owner,” Provincial Administrator Rafael Baraan said.

          In line with this, the Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP) has enacted Provincial Resolution no. 649-2011 to authorize Governor Amado T. Espino, Jr. to enter into a contract of sale for the purchase of the original 1954 oil painting entitled “Urduja” created by mural artist Antonio Gonzalez Dumlao las June 13 during their regular session,

          The move is in line with one of the present administration’s main thrust to gear up towards the determination, promotion, enhancement and preservation of Pangasinan’s historical and cultural resources to further boost tourism thrust of the province. 
           Princess Urduja has been considered as a symbol of beauty and bravery that played an important part in Pangasinan’s history, rich culture and heritage.

According to Vice Gov. Ferdinand Calimlim, establishing the founding day of Pangasinan comes with knowing the very people that have historical importance which include Princess Urduja, an epitome of a woman of strength and heroism.

“The right place for Princess Urduja painting is the Urduja House, dun sa official residence ng ating provincial governor which is now being renovated to double as official function area. Magiging multi-function, hindi lang siya magiging residence. I believed yan ang magiging rightful place,” he further said in a recent interview.

According to VG Calimlim, the painting will certainly make every Pangasinense aware of his or her historic past.

As among the best artworks of Antonio Dumlao, an internationally acclaimed Filipino painter in the past, Princess Urduja painting is part of the collection of Roberto Villanueva displayed in their Forbes Park gallery which the Fatima University offered to buy at P650,000.00.

          For sentimental reasons however, the family of Villanueva opted that the next owner should not be someone who has no sentimental value to Princess Urduja. (PIO/Chona C. Bugayong)

BIR lauds Braganza for donation

Alaminos City Mayor Nani Braganza
Assistant Revenue District Officer and Atty. Elmer Carolino

 By Mortz C. Ortigoza

ALAMINOS CITY- A top honcho of the Bureau of Internal Revenue who supervises Western Pangasinan lauds this city’s mayor Hernani Braganza for giving this tax office a permanent land the BIR can calls its own.
Assistant Revenue District Officer and Atty. Elmer Carolino said that Mayor Braganza understand the predicament of the BIR officials here thus he interceded for the Sangguniang Bayan (town’s council) to approve a 300-Square Meter lot at Brgy. Palamis here.

“Meron kasi kaming allocation from the national office na magtatayo ng three – storey building worth P24 million. Problema wala kasi kaming lupa kaya humingi kami ng tulong sa local government,” he stressed.
Revenue District-5 presently leased a limited edifice where it shares with other government offices like the Social Security System.
In the past, Pangasinan Governor Amado T. Espino has told the BIR here that it can relocate to the capital town Lingayen where the provincial government appropriated it with a lot where it can build its office there.
Call it economics strategic location to serve better the taxpayers who live at the western side of the province, RD-5 led by Revenue District-5 officer Quirino Ramos, Jr. chose the offer of Braganza instead.

“It’s a legacy of the local government na magpatayo (building) na hindi na ma-aalis dito iyong BIR”.

An economist who asked anonymity said the presence of an office of the tax agency is good for the economy of this city as taxpayers as far as the towns of Binmaley and Agno come her to pay their taxes and patronize the goods and services of the businessmen here.
Meanwhile, Atty. Carolino said RD-5 performed good in the voluntary compliance of the taxpayers in the first six months of the year compared to last year.
He deplored however the sluggish performances of government projects where BIR collects Value Added Tax and income taxes.

“We should remember na policy direction ni presidenti (Benigno Aquino III) noong umupo siya with regards to government spending, e talagang re-rendahan compared doon sa collection namin sa withholding sa government projects. Ngayon bumaba na talaga kasi halos walang gumagalaw,” Carolino explained.

He said that taxes from these government projects under his jurisdiction are included in the collection target for 2011 given by the national tax office for RD-5.
BIR Regional Director Atty. Arnel Guballa shared the same dilemma with Carolino.
The director bewailed that as of April 2011 his office, that supervises the provinces of two Ilocos, La Union, and the Pangasinan, collected P695 million versus the P 633 million collection’s last year.
However he said the goal given to him for the said month was P755 million but he was short by P59 million. He deplored the higher goal that runs as high as 20% given to him by the tax bureau’s central office.
“I would say, sabi ko nga we collected fairly because our collection for this year is purely coming from the tax payers. Unlike last year na we have many government projects kasi election year, and one, yes, iyong projects ng Ondoy (a super typhoon) as government projects. Ngayong 2011 wala na iyong factors na iyon. So I can say na justified din iyon (the April collection). It was really a good performance and I am very proud of my districts na notwithstanding na wala kaming government projects at present na wala na ngayon we were able to increase our collection by P15 % over last year,” he explained

Crack in the Capitol

CRACK IN THE CAPITOL. Kung gagamit ka ng isang tasang may lamat na… ay naku tatagas ang kape!
Hindi naman po nagkaroon ng physical na crack sa kapitolyo ng Pangasinan, ang ibig ko pong sabihin ay marami na ang nagsasabi na ang samahan ng grupong nagdala at tumulong kay Gov para makaupo sa kapitolyo ay may lamat na daw.
Maraming nakakaalam at nakakaintindi sa halaga ng Orduña Brothers sa mag kalakaran sa Pangasinan.
Ang Orduña Brothers ay malapit na malapit kay Governor Amado T. Espino Jr.
Ang resignation ni Bugallon Mayor Ric Orduña bilang president ng League of Municipalities Pangasinan Chapter ay nagpapakita na may crack na sa Capitol ng Pangasinan sa pamumuno ni. Espino Jr.
Ang pag-tender ng indefinite leave naman ni PDRMC chief na si Pat Orduña ay isa pa ring palatandaan na may crack na sa Capitol.
Pati pala si Doc. Karlo Orduña ay nag-iisip na din kung mare-resign na din sa Provincial Hospital.
Ano po ba talaga ang dahilan ng paghihiwalay ng landas ni Gov Espino at ng Orduña Brothers? (kung alam niyo po ang sagot paki email niyo na lang po sa
Bok Nani Braganza, napag-aralan natin noon na ang kahinaan ng isang puwersa ang magtatakda kung ito ay magwawagi o hindi sa isang laban.
Ang crack ba sa Capitol ay isang palatandaan na humina na ang grupong nagbabalak na makakuha ng 3rd term sa pamumuno sa Pangasinan?
Are the resignations and the indefinite leave unveiling of crack spreading within the first year of the second term of the Espino administration in Pangasina? (O ha! English question yan Toto Mortz).
GEN. OBAN SHOULD RESIGN! Dapat mag-resign si Gen. Eduardo Oban sa declaration niya na ang Pilipinas ay umaasa sa tulong ng Amerika kung magkakaroon ng matinding sigalot sa pagitan ng China at Pilipinas.
Para sa isang pinakamataas na pinuno ng sandatanhang Lakas ng Pilipinas, ang ganitong pahayag ay nakakahiya.
Dapt nanindigan na lang si Gen. Oban na kakayanin ng Pilipinas ang ipagtangol ang kanyang sarili kahit na kulang sa resources.
Bakit kailangang sumandal pa sa Amerika?
Lalong bumaba ang dignidad ng Sandatahang Lakas dahil sa pronouncement na ito.
Kung hindi kayang ipagtangol ni Gen. Oban ang Pilipinas, dapat ay magresign na siya.
Anong klaseng dignidad meron ang mga opisyal natin?
Maghahamon sila ng away..tapos ihaharap nila ang Amerika…hahaha!
THREE EVENTS. Opo tatlong events ang sabaya-sabay na mangyayari sa Pangasinan sa June 20,2011.
Una, ay magkakaroon ng necrological service para kay former Pangasinan Governor Conrado ‘Tata Condring’ Estrella (93 years old) sa St. Anthony de Padua Parish Church sa Rosales.
Pangalawa, ay celebration ng Agew na Dagupan na kanilang 64 years bilang city.
Pagatlo ay birthday ni Gov. Amado T. Espino Jr.
Kasamang Orly Navarro, hindi naman sinasadya ang pagkakasabay-sabay ng tatlong events na ito. Nagkataon lang. Hehehe.
MAY KULANG KAY RIZAL. Sa dinami-dami ng naging at nagawa ni Dr. Jose Rizal, may kulang pa rin. Wala siyang nagging anak. Kaya hindi siya kasali sa Father’s Day.
Bok Doy, hindi ka rin kasali sa Father’s Day, lolo na si kasamang King zero ka pa.
Doctor si Rizal, writer si Rizal, nakapaglibot sa iba’t-ibang bansa si Rizal, bayani si Rizal pero wala siyang anak
Rizal ay maraming naging syota pero wala siyang naging anak kaya may kulang…wala siyang anak.
Siyam ang na-link sa kanyan bilang ka-relasyon at iyan ay sina Segundina Katigbak, Leonora Valenzuela, Leonor Rivera, Consuelo Ortiga, O Sei San (Haponesa), Gertrude Beckett (London), Nelli Boustead, Suzanne Jacoby (Brussels) at Josephine Bracken…Wala siyang naanakan.
LET US EAT BANGUS AGAIN! Tulungan po natin na makabangon ang Bangus industry ng Pangasinan. Simulan na uli natin na bumili at kumain ng masarap at masustansiyang Bangus.
Tama ang probinsiya na buhayin ang Caquiputan Channel. Dapat din palawakin ang perspectives ng mga opisyan ng gobyerno lalo na iyong mga makikipot ang isipan at pananaw sa antas ng serbisyo publiko.
Tutulungan na ni Gov ang Bolinao at Anda sa pagpapalakad sa mga fish pen at fish cages doon para mas sustainable ang pangingisda doon.
Paalala lang po sa mga nakaupo na sa elective positions mula kay John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton, first Baron Acton (1834–1902).
“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.”
Parating nababangit ang first sentence. Pero mas mabigat ang second sentence, hindi po ba?
Kayo po, gusto niyo ba ang maging great?
Sabi ni Buknoy, ‘Ako ayoko na ang maging great kung magiging masama din lang ako.’

JDV’s take on China-ASEAN row in Spratly

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

“I’m here with a lot of questions on the Spratly’s for JDV (former House Speaker Joe de Venecia), but he is not here!” this I gamely told Rep. Gina de Venecia, who was with presidential sister Pinky Aquino-Abellada at the inauguration recently of San Miguel Corporation’s donated public kindergarten school in Manaoag, Pangasinan.
Manay Gina told me her hubby Joe, our country’s renowned top geo-politics’ expert, has just called a press conference in Manila for his take on the brewing issue between mammoth China and the ASEAN members who have claim on the islets and their surrounding waters at the South China Sea or the West Philippine Sea.
Anyway, Manay Gina’s beauteous and able PR “maam” Gypsy gave me JDV’s formula for a comprehensive negotiated settlement in the China Sea’s titled “Temporarily Shelve the Issue of Sovereignty, Join Drilling for Oil and Gas Under Equitable Profit-Sharing, Open Seas, UNCLOS, Withdrawal from Armed Garrisons and Demilitarization, Tourism and Other Modes of Economic Development, Zone of Peace: Solutions to Crisis in China Sea”.
And his “Open Seas”, Joint Development, UNCLOS, Withdrawal from the Military Outposts, Zone of Peace: Solution for the South China Sea” he reads at the informal dialogue with Vietnam’s Communist Party Leaders in Hanoi, Vietnam on April 18-22, 2011.
By the way Former Speaker Joe is the founding chairman of the International Conference of Asian Political Parties (ICAPP).
In his visit before in Washington DC, the five times former Speaker told then U.S Speaker Newt Gingrich and Senator Bill Cohen, who later became Secretary of Defense under President Bill Clinton, that any settlement in China Sea would guarantee untrammeled passage for global shipping.
He said that China’s premier Deng Xio Phing and then President Corazon Aquino and Vice President and Foreign Secretary Salvador Laurel, during the duo’s visit in Beijing, China after the ‘People Power’ Revolution, all said it was a practical idea for cooperative work of exploring and drilling for oil and gas fields only if both countries shelve the issue of sovereignty for a later time.
He said he was the one who discussed this formula with them when he was the Vice-Chairman of the House Foreign Relations Committee.
On the dilemma stakeholder countries’ face at the Paracel (Vietnam vs. China), Senkaku (Diaoyu) Straits (Japan vs. China), and Kalayaan Islands (Philippine vs. China), there was a precedence to bring this tinder box issue for a just peaceful conclusion.
“Indeed in Western Europe, after World War II, the North Sea Powers including among others the United Kingdom, Norway and Germany undertook a peaceful media-line partition of the North Sea, with the oil flowing to Teeside in England and Stavanger, Norway and the gas to Bremen, Germany, with many producing wells drilled, and massive oil platforms build in the turbulent sea, one of them the Norwegian-owned Ecofish Field which we visited by helicopter in the mid-1970s, all the product of peaceful dialogue and geo-political settlement,” he elaborated.
Meanwhile, in his informal dialogue with Vietnam Communist Party leaders (attended by the past and current Communist Party of Vietnam General Secretary Nguyen Duc Manh and Nguyen Phu Throng whom JDV said “both actually have higher rank than Vietnam’s President or Prime Minister, and in Beijing with the Vice-Minister of the International Department of the Communist Party of China, Ai Ping), JDV said:
“Continuation of the Vietnam-Philippine-China Seismic Agreement in the South China Sea that should lead to actual drilling for oil and gas with profit-sharing among the claimant nations, demilitarization of the area and withdrawal by armed forces from the military outposts on the disputed islands and isles, and the area’s conversion from a Zone of Conflict to a Zone of Peace,” de Venecia stressed.
He explained further that the major explosions in North Africa and the Middle East, the continuing increases in the price of oil, the long haul for or tanker from the South China Sea, across the Straits of Malacca, the Gulf of Thailand, the Indian Ocean, the Arabian Sea, the Straits of Hormuz and into the major oil-producing  areas in the Arab/Persian Gulf are enough impetus for all of us to agree to break the impasse among claimant nations, cooperatively drill for oil and gas in our own front yard or backyard, and forever avoid the danger of conflict or war in our neighborhood.
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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pagkilos ng DDB ukol sa HIV drug abuse

HINDI maihihiwalay ang usapin ng droga mula sa usaping pangkalusugan.

Hindi lingid sa Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB) ang pangangailangang magkaroon ng kongkretong programa na nakatuon sa mga injecting drug users.

Naitala ng Department of Health (DOH), kasama ng Philippine National AIDS Council (PNAC) ang pagtaas ng kaso ng HIV-AIDS sa hanay ng mga injecting drug users sa Cebu City. Bagama’t ito’y nakakabahala, hindi tayo humihintong magpursigi upang makatugon sa bagong hamon na ito sa kampanya laban sa droga.

Kabilang ngayon sa tinitingnang solusyon ang patuloy at pagpapaigting ng ating drug abuse prevention campaign -- at pagdaragdag sa usapin ng HIV-AIDS at injecting drug use bilang talakayin.

Nais nating maunawaan ng nakararami ang relasyon ng pag-abuso ng ipinagbabawal na gamot at sa pagsalin ng HIV-AIDS.

Patuloy ang pakikipag-ugnayan ng aming ahensya, ang DDB sa DOH at PNAC upang mapag-aralan ang pagpapatupad ng programa akma sa HIV epidemiological context at socio-cultural environment ng ating bansa para makapagsagawa tayo ng akma at napapanahong mga alituntunin tungkol sa injecting drug use at sa programa ng needle-syringe management sa bansa.

Ang pagtatayo ng mga rehabilitation centers para sa mga may espesyal na pangangailangan, katulad ng mga injecting drug dependents, ay tinututukan na rin ng ahensya. Mas pinapalawak namin ang sakop ng mga grupong maaaring matulungan at maisalba mula sa pagiging gumon sa droga.

Ang lahat ng kilos ng DDB ay nag-ugat sa masusing pag-aaral ng aming mga researchers at pag-analisa sa kontekstong panlipunan ng mga focal persons ukol sa HIV-AIDS at injecting drug use.

Patuloy rin ang pag-susuri ng DDB, sa pangunguna ng inyong lingkod, kung paanong makakatulong tayo sa mga nabiktima ng HIV-AIDS at nalulong sa ipinagbabawal na gamot.

Lalo pang pinalalawak ng DDB ang sakop ng diskusyon sa iligal na droga at adiksyon -- kasama pa rin ito sa battlecry ng aming ahensya sa taong ito na, “Broadening perspectives on the anti-drug abuse advocacy.”

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Difference of a U.S solon to his Filipino counter-part

 U.S Rep. Anthony David Weiner (Democrats, District 9, New York

 By Mortz C. Ortigoza 
When I was encoding my news at my PC (“Personal Computer” to peasants out there who just learned how to read) last week, I saw a “commotion” between a U.S congressman and members of the media at Fox TV that was at the back of my lap tap.