Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Mangaldan Mayor: I’ll submit to drug test to prove I’m clean

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

 MANGALDAN – “I’ll first submit myself for a drug test to get rid on those baseless speculations that I am into drugs,” declared by this Central Pangasinan town mayor after her opponents accused her to be a drug lord.
Mangaldan Mayor Bona Fe D. Parayno during her inaugural
ceremony as a reelected mayor of the progressive town.

Mayor Bona Fe D. Parayno said that she will be in the main queue of workers in the local government unit (LGU) here to be tested so she can show to the public that she is not into illegal drugs”.
“Pati ako sinasabihin drug lord ako ganoon, ganoon, ganoon? Sana payat ko na,” she stressed recently to reporters.
She cited that any worker of the LGU found to be positive to sniff illegal drugs will be dealt accordingly.

 Parayno said the drug test will be done here as soon as possible.
It’s random, hindi namin masasabi iyan, As soon as possible, lahat random check. Five times a year ten times a year. Iyan ibig sabihin random check,” when asked to the exact date of the test. 
The mayor came out in the public assailing her critics here and the media in Dagupan City when Allan F. Bermudez went to a radio station there by criticizing her that she was a recipient of the daily tongs from number games Meridian, a legal game of chance, and mini-buses that ply Dagupan City and San Fernando vice versa that pass in the main thoroughfare here.
 She denied all the allegations of Bermudez.
Allan  Bermudez is an addict. Nasa watch list ng police,” she quipped.
 Lately, Bermudez, according to the mayor, had a chase with the police here when he was bound to an area in San Jacinto’s town.
 “I think nag ha hallucinate na siya. Ilusyon na siya”.
Parayno said Maning, a friend of the whistle blower, called her that Bermudez was remorseful on the lies he concocted against the mayor.
The mayor said it was too late to forgive after all the damages the accuser had done to her.

Kaibigan niya sinasabi niya daw na nagsisi siya at mananahimik na daw siya. Sabi ko it’s too late because nagsinungaling ka. Magsabi ka. Damaged was done. Pero alam mo naman na makikita mo sa isang lulong na drug addict na”.

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