Saturday, December 31, 2016

Dagupan Bangus' producers miss the U.S market – Piñol

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

SUAL – Stakeholders of the vaunted Dagupan Bangus (milkfish) industry squander a lot of opportunities in marketing the product abroad, according to Department of Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel Piñol.
 “Dagupan City misses a lot of opportunities in America. It (milkfish) is superior to other bangus,”declared by Pinol when he visited last Thursday the mammoth integrated aquaculture company here run by Feedmix Specialist at Barangay Baybay Norte.
FIBER GLASS BOATS. Initial part of the 700 seventy thousand pesos apiece motor powered fiber glass boats given recently by the Department of Agriculture's Secretary Emmanuel Piñol (6th from left) to fishermen in Pangasinan and La Union. Piñol is joined at Sual Wharf, Sual, Pangasinan by former House Speaker Jose de Venecia, Pangasinan Governor Amado Espino III, Pangasinan Second District Congressman Leopoldo Bataoil, Fourth District Congressman Christopher de Venecia,  Sual Mayor Roberto Arcinue, Bureau of Fishery & Aquatic Resources Chief  Ed Gongona,  BFAR Regional Dirctor Nestor Domenden, Agriculture Regional Director  Valentin Perdido, Philippine Center for Postharvest Development & Mechanization Director Dionesio Alvindia, mayors who mostly came from the First Congressional District of the province. PHOTO BY MORTZ ORTIGOZA

He said expatriates look for the Dagupan City’s milkfish and even cited its superiority in taste to those produced in Saranggani and Taiwan.
“Taiwan milkfish taste bad,” he quipped.
Pinol cited "emotional attachment" as the other factor why Filipinos abroad patronized Philippine products sold there.
The vice president of Feedmix  saw this factor as the comparative advantage by Philippine products like bangus to easily win the Filipino market abroad.
“Kaya nga iyan ang isang bagay na ini-exploit natin. Filipinos in America or elsewhere in the world tend to crave for anything Filipinos. Not because it taste better but because there is an emotional attachment. They are willing to pay more, “he stressed.
The Vice President cautioned however that the fondness of these captive consumers abroad to what is produced in the Philippines would no longer apply to their offspring there.
“Kaya hinanda namin, kalabasa sausage, Hungarian sausage, Frankfurter, bacon, ham, laman may bangus. Lahat bangus, fresh bangus lang. Hinandan na po natin iyon”.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Dagupan to form a commission for river rehabilitation

DAGUPAN CITY – Inspired by the works of the Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission on the rehabilitation of the Pasig River, Mayor Belen T. Fernandez is set to form a similar commission that will oversee the full realization of her project “Sa Ilog Ko, May Pagbabago”.
The Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission (PRRC) with Executive Director Ramil R. Tan conducted a river reconnaissance survey on December 20 along the rivers of Pugaro, Salapingao, Lomboy, Calmay, Carael, Tanap and Dawel to help the city realize its goal of duplicating the good works they had accomplished in rehabilitating the Pasig River.

“In our “Sa Ilog Ko, May Pagbabago” project, we have already cleared our rivers from the 690 illegal structures and we want to know from them what to do next. Nakita ko yung program ng PRRC na napakaganda at organized through the power of convergence,” said Fernandez.
She underscored that she has actually started doing this (power convergence) with other government agencies but added that there’s still a need to work more for the rivers and the esteros in the city.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Greetings from Congressman Pol Bataoil and Family


BONGBONG KAWAYAN – Twelve bamboo cannons join the “Bongbong Kawayan” contest of Barangay Tebeng on December 22 at the Tebeng covered court in response to the call for “Iwas Paputok” of the Department of Health and the city government through Mayor Belen T. Fernandez (right, standing). Also in photo is Punong Barangay Helen Fermill (4th from right, standing). (CIO photo by Jojo Tamayo)

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Gov’t exec caught betting in cockfight

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

“Huwag na daw nating pag –usapan iyon (We will not discuss it),” my radio tandem Harold Barcelona, who was already on air for two minutes with the traffic chief, blurted out when I entered the radio booth of DZRD 981 Sonshine Radio.
Image result for cock fighting public official

“Huwag na nating pag usapan” means we would not discuss on air the photos of Carlito Ocampo, Dagupan City’s traffic chief, who went viral at social media Face Book after he was pictured releasing his fighting cock in a cockpit arena in the City.
“Why would we not discuss it? It’s the big talk of the town and that’s what people want to know why the Public Order & Safety Office (POSO) chief was inside the arena’s glass wall covered platform preparing to release his cock, er, rooster to duke out with its opponent by slashing each other with their “Blade of Gory”. Besides, there was nothing illegal there since Ocampo was inside the cockpit in that weekend,” I countered.
Before the second half of the program and with some seven minutes commercial break, Ocampo, a retired policeman, acquiesced to my prodding to go public and explained that the picture taken by an elected barangay official a certain Village Kagawad Decano,who was identified with the mayor’s rival, took the photos on November 19 a Saturday.
How about the two POSO enforcers who were seen escorting Ocampo inside?” Harold posed.
“If they were there inside to inform Ocampo of a pressing problem and they did not bet, there was no irregularity there,” I retorted.
Ocampo, who was probably enlightened about my argumentation, warmed and heated up and prepared himself for a tit-for-tat of with his critics who relished demonizing him at radio and social media when he was seen inside the “bulangngan”.
He said it was not true that it was taken last December 7, a Wednesday.
“You go to the OSSBC (One-Stop-Shop Business Center), you can see there that the Tapuac Cockpit Arena opens only every weekend".
He said he was a cock fighting aficionado since he was a policeman.
The small amount he bet, he explained, came from the hard earning he got from his security agency.
Mga ilan ang security guards niyo all over Region-1?” Harold posed.
“Mga 400,” Ocampo answered
“So kumikita pala si Kuya Lito (Ocampo) ng more or less P800,000 a month,” I mentally calculated at P2000  per guard and quipped.
Kinsenas lang iyon,” Harold, who was poor in math, butted in.
Hinde naman!” Ocampo coyly denied.
Ocampo said he was willing to be investigated by anybody where they could include his cockpit days when he was a policeman.
Why make a big fuss on this, you go to the cockpit every weekend and you can see elected officials bet there for their favorite cocks,” he emphatically argued.
“Pati iyong nag picture elected government official, kasama ko ring nagsasabung,” he added.
“In pari delicto (in equal fault) pala kayong dalawa,” I blurted out with amusement.
“Saan nabibili iyang “In pare delicto”, kasamang Mortz?” Harold asked me again.
“Sa Quiapo” I told him to the amusement of Ocampo.
Ocampo told his detractors that in case he would be sacked from his post at POSO “hinde  ko iiyakan iyan, magpapa-inum pa ako!”
He said he accepted the thankless job at the traffic office because it was “pay – back time” to the mayor who played a significant part of his burgeoning business.
Are government officials like Ocampo allowed to gamble during weekends?


Ni Paquito Basila

NAKAGAWIAN na kasayahan ang nagbibigay aliw sa taumbayan. Ganito ang naibubuyangyang sa pagdiriwang ng Dakilang Araw ng Kapanganakan ng ating Poon Jesus.
No automatic alt text available.
HIGH CALIBER. Mr. Paquito Basila whose distincive articles
 in the vernacular make raves and waves in the archipelago.

Sandamakmak pa rin na pagkain. Iba’t-ibang palaro, pakitaan ng gilas at galing. Walang hangganan na kwentuhan, kumustahan sa piging ng mga magka-opisina, magka-kaibigan, magka-kabarangay, magka-kapartido sa pulitikahan, nag-plaplastikan na ilan at siyempre batian na totoo at pakitang-tao.
Walang nababago sa kasanayan na noon pa hanggang ngayon ay kay haba-habang selebrasyon ang inu-ukol sa Pasko ng liping mababaw ang saya at todo-matiisin.
Pero, kapuna-puna na humina na po sa parte ng mga nasa pamahalaan ang ‘May I or May We’ na pasakali sa mga may kalakal sa pamahalaan. Waley na po ang ‘request of sponsorship o please provide’ na gasgas na linya ng paghingi o masaklap ay pag-obliga.

PRRC Exec pushes Dagupenos to beautify their rivers

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

DAGUPAN CITY – The director of the Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission (PRRC) encouraged Dagupenos to beautify the esteros and river system here by recovering the easement on the banks from the public’s encroachment.
RIVER CLEAN - UP. Director Ramil Tan of the Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission
 explains to Dagupan City's Mayor Belen Fernandez and her department heads how the 

PRRC transformed the polluted esteros in Metro Manila into a clean and spruced up 
water system by recovering the river banks from illegal settlers

Director Ramil Tan, invited recently here by this City's mayor, said this endeavor to return three to twenty meters width of pathways of the estero’s banks to the public was not a walk in the park.
Estero is a drainage canal in populated districts.
“Actually, wala pong particular na timeline kasi po gaya ng ginagawa ng PRRC pag sinabi po natin easement recovery for instance involving informal settlement, of course it is a convergent effort of the NHA, for the housing program. It is the convergence of the DILG, even the local government depending on how far, they can allocate housing provision to the PRRC then we can do a social preparation, it can take six months' he stressed.

Friday, December 23, 2016


A Grade 10 student of the Dagupan City National High School (DCNHS) Special Program in the Arts and Arts and Design Track, LJ Jimenez, won the first Search for “Batang Edades” on December 23 at the city museum for his art work ‘Home Along’.
The search is in honor of the city’s first national artist Victorio C. Edades from Bolosan right on his birthday, December 23, which is being proposed to be declared by the Sangguniang Panlungsod (SP) as Edades Day.

Jimenez won P10,000 cash prize for his art work.
Gem Castillo, also a Grade 10 student of DCNHS. won second place for his painting of Edades while Ivanne Drehx Escobar, a grade nine student of DCNHS, won 3rd place. They both received P7,000 and P5,000, respectively.
Five more students of the school were awarded consolation prizes of P500 each for their art works. They are Winona Bautista, Jon Chris Lim, Rosalyn Gipa, Jannine Vargas and Jimenez.
The students' adviser Emmanuel C. Toledo confided he was confident of the talent of his students and expected them to win but expressed hope that they improve more on their works in painting.
One of the the judges, in the painting contest's "Batang Edades", Nico Ortigoza, 21,
graphic designer of Hinge Inquirer Publications, 
Manila, who exchanges pleasantries
with Dagupan City 
 Mayor Belen Fernandez. 

Jesusa Edades, a second generation of the Edades clan, gave her testimonies on how Victorio lived during the time she was with the national artist for two years in Manila.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Political Cartoon

Poe hopes feeding program bill to pass next year

Senator Grace Poe is calling on her fellow legislators to throw their support on a legislative measure seeking to provide free nutri-meals to public school students in an effort to address malnutrition among schoolchildren and help them achieve a better future.
Image result for grace poe
Senator Grace Poe

Under the consolidated feeding program bill recently sponsored in the Senate floor, which included Poe's pet measure Senate Bill No. 160,  K-12 students will benefit from the program.‎

"I highly encourage my colleagues to approve this important piece of legislation at the soonest," said Poe, as the Senate is expected to tackle the bill when session resumes in January from the holiday break.

Poe, an advocate of children's welfare who has been pushing for the feeding program since she ran for public office in 2013, issued the statement after Senate Bill No. 1279 hurdled the Senate committee on education, arts and culture chaired by Sen. Bam Aquino.‎

Under the bill, initial funding of P10 billion to be sourced from Pagcor, PCSO and the President's Social Fund will be earmarked for some 420,000 public schools in the country.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

U.P. experts: Dagupan's river system is alive

DAGUPAN CITY – The city government is on the right track in keeping its rivers clean from illegal structures and river debris under the program ‘Sa Ilog Ko, May Pagbabago’.

This was  underscored  by  University of the Philippines' Marine Science Institute (UP-MSI) professor Dr. Caroline Jaraula who came to Dagupan along with two other researchers last December 7 and 8 upon the invitation of  Mayor Belen T. Fernandez for them  to help  in her  continuing effort to improve and clean the rivers for the benefit of small fisherfolk.

Her team conducted what they called ‘Reconnaissance Survey of the River System’ for two days, an activity which involved the investigation of   the city’s river tributaries. They were visibly impressed by the "live artery of the city".

“You have a healthy river which is healthy for the economy, healthy for livelihood and healthy for the whole system. Dagupan revolves around these rivers. They are beautiful. They have a lot of mangroves with a lot of promising results and activities,” said Jaraula.

The city has seven tributaries, the Mangueragday River, Tanap River, Dawel River, Calmay River, Pantal River, Patogcawen River and Bayaoas River.

Calmay River extends from Lucao, Carael, Tapuac, Poblacion Oeste, Calmay, Lomboy, Salapingao and Pugaro Suit; Pantal River from Pantal, Barangay 1, Barangay II and III, Pogo Chico, Pogo Grande, Lasip Grande, Malued, Bacayao Sur and Lasip Chico; Dawel River is along Dawel area; Tanap River is in Bonuan Gueset; Mangueragday is in Bonuan Binloc; Patogcawen is in Tambac; while Bayaoas River extends from Mamalingling, Bolosan, Manguin and Salisay.

Jaraula also commended the city for dredging the river and went on to recommend that dredging should start at the mouth of the Calmay River in Pugaro due to the high concentration of silt from upstream found in the area.

“Maganda yong political will sa Dagupan na linisin ang ilog lalo na sa mga structures na nakahambalang sa mga ilog,” said Jaraula referring to the city’s aggressive campaign against illegal fish pens and in taking efforts to retrieve submerged fishnets and bamboo stumps in the bottom of the river.

Initially, the team recommended that each river system be developed according to their potentials in tourism, fishing, waterways, navigation, bird watching, among others.

On the operation of fish pens, Jaraula said it was ithe call of the city whether it will allow its operation provided that a place should be identified as a suitable area for this type of structure with maximum size and number in order to maintain the river’s sustainability.


 At least 300 children receive the Sacrament of Baptism at St. John the Evangelist Cathedral on December 12 during a mass baptism dubbed as ‘Binyagan sa Bayan’, a project of the city under Mayor Belen T. Fernandez in partnership with the Church and the Rotary Club of Uptown Dagupan headed by Perla Tañedo.  Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop the Most Reverend Socrates B. Villegas (left) performed the sacrament to the children while Mayor Belen stood as principal sponsor.  The Rotary Club of Uptown Dagupan gave grocery items for the newly-baptized children as gift. (CIO photo by Arriz Fruelda)

SSS pensioners receive 13th-month pension

DAGUPAN CITY - Pensioners of the Social Security System  (SSS) have a wider smile these days as they receive their 13th-month bonus benefit, equivalent to a month’s pension.

Branch Manager Gloria Corazon Andrada of SSS-Dagupan Branch said SSS has advised its partner banks to credit the bonuses to the respective accounts of the pensioners who are registered in the payment-thru-bank program as early as the first week of December.

It also asked the Philippine post office to prioritize the delivery of the 13-month pension checks for those who receive their pensions as mailed checks. 

“Just as 13th month pay is given to workers in time for Christmas, SSS pensioners also get their 13th month benefit. We are happy to continue granting this extra benefit which started back in 1988,” Andrada said during the media forum held at the Star Plaza Hotel, this city.

The 13th month pension  is over and above the regular monthly pension of the pensioner for December  in accordance with their respective contingency dates, Andrade explained.

About two million Filipinos are receiving their pension benefits. Some  1.2 million are under the retirement pensioners under the social security program accounting for 63 percent or 4.5 billion of the total 13th month SSS pension disbursements for this year. SSS also disbursed P2.4 billion for social security and employees compensation death pensions and P224.5 million for disability pensions. (VHS/PIA-Pangasinan) 

Pangasinan bikers, police pedal against illegal drugs

MANAOAG - Around 500 cycling enthusiasts, bike patrollers, and police personnel from six congressional districts of Pangasinan participated in a bike tour conducted by the Pangasinan Provincial Police Office (PPPO) last Wednesday here.

Chief Insp. Demosthenes Magnaan, acting chief of the police community relations division of Pangasinan PPO, said the bike tour, dubbed "Padyak para sa Pagbabago", is aimed at raising the awareness of the public in the fight against illegal drugs.

Magnaan said the project, with the theme “Mamamayan ayaw sa Anomalya, Mamamayan Ayaw sa Iligal na Droga (MASA MASID) is part of PPO’s anti-illegal drug campaign wherein participants distributed information materials on the ill-effects of illegal drugs to bystanders in all the covered barangays during the conduct of the activity.

“As we all know, magiging successful lang ang ating campaign against illegal drugs if we can get the support of our community that is why in this activity we involved our stakeholders for them to support our anti-illegal drug campaign,” he said.

Magnaan said the activity is the first bike tour spearheaded by the Pangasinan PPO in partnership with the provincial government of Pangasinan, local government units, and different stakeholders.

Bikers from the first to fourth district in the province started their tour from the CSI Stadia in Dagupan City while participants from the fifth and six districts started from SM City Rosales, both going to the municipal hall of Manaoag town.

Each participant paid P500 for the registration fee that is inclusive of uniform.         
“The proceeds collected from the registration fees paid by all participants will form part of the gift-giving activity of Pangasinan PPO on December 19 that will benefit orphans, children confined in hospitals, and less fortunate children,” Magnaan said.

Dagupan to have fireworks display site per barangay

DAGUPAN CITY – Mayor Belen T. Fernandez is supportive to the idea of having a designated site for fireworks display in every barangay where every member of the community can converge together to welcome the New Year.
“The idea is much safer so that every member of the community can develop oneness and where they can also conduct one grand party as they await for the coming of the New Year,” Fernandez said.
The mayor spoke during the launching at the city plaza of the ‘Iwas Paputok’ campaign of the Department of Health (DOH), an activity that was started with a fun walk along the main thoroughfares of the city early in the morning of December 12.
Dr. Myrna C. Cabotaje, DOH Region 1 Director, also temporarily designated as Assistant Secretary for Northern Luzon along with the Chief of Police of Dagupan City Police Station Police Superintendent Neil O. Miro, City Fire Marshal Romeo Tungpalan, and the Punong Barangays of the city led by Councilor Marcelino Fernandez joined the fun walk and the launching program.
“It is important that our punong barangays are present because we will not succeed in the implementation of the ‘Iwas Paputok’ campaign in our city without their participation and commitment to our cause,” said Cabotaje.
Cabotaje disclosed that Dagupan recorded a high incidence of fireworks-related injuries in 2014 and 2015 at 33 and 27 reported injuries, respectively.
From 2014 the recorded age of victims ranged from 58 to 10 years old but in 2015 and 2016 the victims were mostly children aged less than 10 years old while 75 percent of the injured adults were those that were intoxicated.
Picollo recorded 30 percent as the main cause of firecracker injury among children.
“Our campaign will not end here. Everyone, bata man o matanda has an important role to do by making sure na walang paputok sa kanilang bahay o sa kanilang komunidad. Hindi puedeng ang DOH lang o ang ating kapulisan o bombero ang kikilos dito kundi lahat tayo kumilos para ma-zero ang  number of victims during New Year,” said Fernandez.
In addition, the DOH provided each barangay nurse with a medical kit which they can use to administer first aid to the victims of firecracker related injuries. (Joseph C. Bacani/CIO)


DAGUPAN CITY – Mayor Belen T. Fernandez lauded the efforts and projects of 4th District of Pangasinan Representative Christopher “Toff” De Venecia, his mother Manay Gina De Venecia and his father former Speaker Jose De Venecia Jr. in Dagupan  as she thanked them  for always considering the city as  priority  for their numerous infrastructure projects.
Two of these major projects are the Tambac-Tebeng Road and the Tapuac Road.“We are truly grateful to Speaker Joe, Manay Gina and Congressman Toff for the numerous projects they have built in the city,” said Mayor Fernandez as she recognized the fact that the city’s latest Christmas attraction, the Paseo de Belen, could not have been possible if not for the effort and vision of Speaker Joe that a highway is built in the area.“We would not have been able to secure our river banks from erosion if not for the project of Manay Gina which was a “gabion”-type of river revetment along the Pantal River starting from Barangay Pantal to Barangay Lasip Chico; the elevation of roads in the city as a flood mitigating project, including the construction of the Tambac-Tebeng and Tapuac roads,” added Fernandez.
The Tambac-Tebeng road which used to be called an “abortion road” is now dubbed as “prosperity road” by Congressman De Venecia during its blessing and inauguration last December 9.The young De Venecia promised that he will complete the construction of the road up to the boundary of Dagupan and Calasiao, with a budget of P35 million more.The blessing and inauguration of the Tapuac Road followed the next day.Mayor Fernandez and Congressman De Venecia  are also working together for the construction of a bay walk at the Tondaligan Beach and streetscape promenade at Pantal through the government's road convergence program.“These projects will certainly benefit our people when completed,” said Fernandez. (Joseph C. Bacani/CIO/Dec. 13, 2016)


DAGUPAN CITY – The Sangguniang Panlungsod (SP) passed a resolution on December 13 authorizing Mayor Belen T. Fernandez to use the city lots along Santa Maria, Bonuan Boquig for resettlement purposes and to enter into an agreement with the National Housing Authority (NHA) for the development of the site.
The resolution authored by Councilor Marvin V. Fabia, chairman on the Committee on Housing and Urban Development, cited the need for the relocation and resettlement of 400 families who are considered as most vulnerable groups in the city who belong to the poverty level.
“The resettlement of these families will aid the city government in its commitment to help resettle them in a better and more conducive place for their dwellings,” said Fabia.
Fabia further said that this is pursuant to Republic Act No. 7160 otherwise known as the Local Government Code of the Philippines and Republic Act 7279, also known as the Urban Development and Housing Act of 1992, which mandates Local Government Units (LGU) to take principal roles in the provision of housing services to its constituents.
The same is also embodied in Article XIII, Section 9 of the 1987 Philippine Constitution which states that “the State by law and for the common good shall undertake a continuing program of urban land reform and housing and basic services to the underprivileged and homeless in urban centers”. (Joseph C. Bacani/CIO/Dec. 14, 2016)

The great escape.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Mangaldan’s "new" mayor

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

MANGALDAN – For 16 days this burgeoning town will have an acting mayor after the mayor took a leave-of-absence for a visit in the United States.
ACTING MAYOR. Mangaldan, Pangasinan’s Acting Mayor Jojo Surdilla (right) and
 the town’s Councilor Arnel Fabia pose at the background of the table of Surdilla in 
the office of the mayor of the first - class town. Surdilla, a lawyer, will be the mayor of 
Mangaldan for 16 days after Mayor Bona Fe D. Parayno took a leave of absence.
 Photo by Mortz C. Ortigoza

Vice Mayor Pedro “Jojo” Surdilla Jr. said as an acting mayor here he could only sign vouchers, resolutions, and ordinances approved by the members of the Sangguniang Bayan (town legislature) but he could not appoint, suspend, or dismiss employees.
“Of course no, for 30 days na beyond that you can appoint, suspend, and dismissed (personnel),” he stressed.
He said he became acting mayor in December 14 and will end it on December 30 after the mayor here Bona Fe D. Parayno will return from her visit in the United States of America.
Mr. Roberto Tamondong, a political consultant of the mayor, cited that as acting mayor Surdilla can automatically exercises the powers, duties and functions of the mayor except the power to appoint, suspend, or dismiss employees as provided in the Local Government Code of 1999 if his stint is less than 30 days.
Surdilla, a lawyer, said that he would oversee the programs of Parayno that were already in the official pipeline.

PDEA conducts drug test with BIR's workers

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

CALASIAO – The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency conducted last Tuesday a dangerous drug test at the personnel of  the Regional Office and Revenue District Office-4  of the Bureau of Internal Revenue based here.
DRUG TEST. Lawyer Neil Cordero (standing background), chief of the Regional Investigation 
Division of the Bureau of Internal Revenue’s Region-1, poses with the medical staff of the
 Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency for the drug test conducted recently for all the
 personnel of the tax agency in the Region-1 office and Revenue District Office-4 in Calasiao, 

“This is in connection with the mandate of the general management ng BIR to have a drug free environment sa buong Pilipinas. So for Region-1 we opted na hinde lang random but an unannounced 100 percent“, Lawyer Neil Cordero stressed.
Cordero said that the regional office here and the RDO-4 office were the last site of the seven offices of the BIR in Ilocos Region the PDEA had conducted a urine examination for narcotics residue in the human body.
“All employees so far conducted in Ilocos Norte, Ilocos Sur, La Union, Urdaneta City, Alaminos. This is the last office and in Calasiao,” he said.
As of noon of Tuesday, where the last 50 workers of the tax agency have yet to submit themselves, the lawyer said all the personnel of the BIR in the region have been tested negative.
Cordero said the personnel of the six revenue offices based in the cities of Laoag, Vigan, San Fernando, Alaminos, Urdaneta and here did not know when the exact time and date of the random testing.


DAGUPAN CITY – Twenty-two year old Crista Marie M. Pulo, a registered medical technologist, is the city’s Ms. Balon Dagupan 2017 after the pageant night on December 14 at the city plaza where she bested 14 other candidates entered in one of the most prestigious pageants in the North.
Ms. BALON DAGUPAN 2017 – Registered Medical Technologist Crista Marie M. Pulo
 (center) of the City Health Office is the Ms. Balon Dagupan 2017. First runner-up is
Dorothy Mei P. Pagal (right) and 2nd runner-up is Lorena Guardiana (left). Ms. Balon
 Dagupan 2017 will be crowned on December 26 during the Balon Dagupan Gala Night
at the city plaza. (CIO photo by Jojo Tamayo)

Pulo, a graduate of the University of Pangasinan Phinma, is currently employed with the City Health Office.

She admits that the Ms. Balon Dagupan pageant was her first beauty pageant that she joined.

The new Miss Balon Dagupan disclosed that she was overwhelmed when her name was announced as the Ms. Balon Dagupan 2017.

In the question and answer portion, Ms. Pulo said that winning the crown would give her the opportunity to talk to people and share her advocacies and ideas specifically on HIV awareness, because as a practicing Medical Technologist, "I actually test blood to detect if a person has HIV and it is such frustrating that HIV cases here in Pangasinan are arising. A campaign for HIV awareness would be great,” she added.

Pulo will be formally crowned on December 26 during the Balon Dagupan Gala Night at the city plaza. It is also the day the people of Dagupan pay homage to their patron saint, John the Evangelists.

She will be crowned along with her royal courts, 1st Runner-Up Dorothy Mei P. Pagal and 2nd Runner-Up Lorena Guardiana.  In that ceremony, Ms. Balon Dagupan 2016 April Ann Ramos Melecio will turn over her crown and scepter to the new MIss Balon Dagupan. 

Ms. Pulo also won several minor awards including two major awards, the Ms. Photogenic and Best in Evening Wear while Ms.  Guardiana clinched the Best in Swimwear award, 

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Avarice of Filipinos

By Mortz C. Ortigoza 

If Senator Leila de Lima cited “human frailties” in committing the criminal case of concubinage when she had illicit relationship with her married driver, “human frailties” could be cited why government officials commit corruption, a malady since time immemorial.
If dangerous drug pushers mended their ways and avoid narcotics because they are being assassinated, I think assassination would be the deterrence for government officials to shun corruption.
Bureau of Immigration officials Al Argosino and Mike Robles hold P30 million out of the P50-million alleged bribe money from Jack Lam on Tuesday, December 13, 2016. (Jansen Romero) |
BRIBERY. Bureau of Immigration officials Al Argosino and Mike Robles hold P30 million out of the
 P50-million alleged bribe money from  gambling tycoonJack Lam on Tuesday, December 13, 2016
16 days after they received it in a restaurant last November 27, 2016. PHOTO CREDIT:
Remember two top officials in the executive branch  were ambushed to death recently.
How many government officials would die in assassination because of their insatiable greed to pocket public funds?
Son of a gun, the axiom in Filipino “Ang kapwa magnanakaw ay galit sa kapwa magnanakaw” has a grain of truth among beleaguered officials of the Bureau of Immigration (BI) who were accused by their briber to have received P50 million.
Retired police colonel Wally Sombero said he gave P50 million to BI Deputy Commissioners Al Argosino and Michael Robles in exchanged of the release of the 600 of the 1,316 Chinese nationals detained at the BI.
 These chinks worked at the 300-hectare Fontana Leisure Parks and Casino in Clark, Pampanga of gambling tycoon Jack Lam without working permits for aliens.
The P50 million pay- off was recorded by the security cameras at the second floor and the cameras set up by the men of BI Intelligence Chief  Charles Calima at the parking lot of the of City of Dreams in Paranaque.
Calima, a former police general did not trust Argosino and Robles in the transaction, thus he did not only video recorded them in the consummation of the crime, but even attached an audio recording inside the dress of Sombero, a retired police colonel.
One of the paper bags, reports said, that contained the ten million pesos “exploded” due to the weight of the bills inside.
 BI Intelligence Chief Calima was dragged on this bribery scandal because he told the duo that their transaction with Sombrero was recorded. To keep the act from exploding before the public, Argosino and Robles gave P18 million to Calima while P2 million went to Colonel Sombero.

Despite the division of loot, the bribery was exposed because the two BI Undersecretaries asked for another P50 million thus Sombero divulged the initial buy out to Inquirer columnist Ramon Tulfo.
“We want to have the opportunity to see the extent of corruption at the Bureau of Immigration,” Argosino said in a press conference that they received the monies because they were building a case against Macau business tycoon Jack Lam.
Argosino was probably citing “a case build up crap” because he and Robles, who were both lawyers, were exposed almost two weeks after they received the monies.
If your intention Mr. Argosino was pure, you had already entrapped Sombero after he gave the P50 million at the City of Dreams.
Argosino and Robles were fraternity brothers of President Rodrigo Duterte while Calima was the appointee of Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre.
The scandal that ensued at the BI only shows that despite the “incorruptibility” of the president of the Philippines, it does not mean that his appointees at the government are as clean as a whistle.
Several if not many of those high ranking officials he plucked to the present dispensation have corruption issues in the past.
Who was that ambassador the president appointed who had strings of corruption issues? His allies in the last presidential election emphatically denied that this person was not part of his presidential campaign team.

Leila de Lima received last Monday a fete as one of the 100 Foreign Policy Global Thinkers awardees in the United States.
She was included in the category "Challengers" and was honored as a global thinker for "standing up to an extremist leader” like Duterte.
"I'd like to think it's because of my stance against the extra judicial killings and other policies ng ating kasalukuyang administrasyon (of our current administration)," De Lima declared.
So Leila now is a human rights “hero”? I want to puke hearing her received the Foreign Policy award and moralized: "Napaka-deplorable po ng sitwasyon natin sa Pilipinas, hinggil sa usapin ng karapatang pantao," she said. "Walang katapusan, araw-araw na pinapatay in the name of the war on drugs... Talaga pong tinutukan natin from day 1."
Holy Casserole and Guacamole, de Lima’s moralizing when she was the epitome of sexual immorality in the Philippines when she confessed in a TV program that she had an affair with a driver-body Ronnie Dayan.
The driver even told Congress that she, when she was the country’s Justice Secretary, had "pinag-uubos niya na kami (sexual relationship?) with her other security details.
Not to mention that during her stint as Secretary at the Justice Department, narcotics trading in the national penitentiary proliferated like crazy. Dayan and the drug lord prisoners there fingered her in public hearings to be their protector and recipient of their bribes.
“What is happening to our country, general? To quote then Vice President Emmanuel Pelaez posing to then Quezon City Police Director General Tomas Karingal after he (Pelaez) was ambushed in the same city.

Do we have a dearth of human rights champs that we have to settle for a Leila de Lima, son of a gun a senator of the Republic, leading the moral crusade against the spate of killings in our country.
What happens to our country, my dear Procopio?   
An immoral senator leads the moral fight for us in our country.

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