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NPC bets in Manaoag

Mayoralty bet Ming Rosario filing his certificate of candidacy (COC) with the COMELEC on October 3, as Manaoag election Officer German Balolong looked on.

The entire 3-M Team under the NPC sealing their straight winnability. Left to Right are: Jun Dizon, Bert Calachan, Juan Tuvera, Paran Ching, vice-mayoralty candidate Domy Ching, Goverenor Espino, Jr., Cojuangco, Ming Rosario, Vice Gov. Calimlim, Lotlot Tanauan, Maricon Sison, Pedro Palaganas, and Doods Rosario. The oath taking event was held on October 5 at the Sison.
Provincial Senior Board Member Jeremy Agerico "Ming" B. Rosario (right) is sworn in as Manaoag town's official candidate for mayor under the Nationalist People's Coalition (NPC) by former 5th District Representative Mark Cojuangco (2nd from Right) NPC provincial chairman. Witnessing the event are Governor Amadot T. Espino, Jr. (2nd from Left) and Vice Governor Ferdie Z. Calimlim, both re-electionist also under the NPC Party

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Coloma before Pangasinan Rotarians, writers Oct.30

Herminio “Sonny” B. Coloma Jr
DAGUPAN CITY – Presidential Communications Operations Officer Herminio “Sonny” B. Coloma Jr., will address the Rotary District 3790 Area II meeting at the Stadia Convention Hall here on Tuesday, October 30 at 7:00 in the evening. Assistant Gov. Alfredo T. Caguioa, a former regional manager of the Development Bank of the Philippines, said Secretary Coloma, a former Rotary District governor in Metro Manila himself, is expected to define the role of civic volunteerism in the government’s campaign for honest governance. Host Rotary Club of Downtown Dagupan President Tony Manuel rallied the attendance from the Rotary Club of Dagupan healed by Jorge Perreras, Dagupan East (Ernie Llanillo) Central Pangasinan (Melody Padilla); Uptown Dagupan (Belen Montesa) and Metro Dagupan (Bing Van Tooren).
 Participating Rotary Clubs in Pangasinan are Lingayen, Lingayen Gulf, San Fabian, Sta. Barbara, Binmaley, Malasiqui, Mangaldan, Calasiao, San Carlos City and Urdaneta City. Meanwhile, Lyceum Northwestern University president Gonzalo Duque announced that before his date with Rotarians, Secretary Coloma will guest at the Media in Action forum of the Pangasinan Press Club at 4 p.m., also at the Stadia. Duque was charter president of the Rotary Club of Uptown Dagupan. Coloma, a former columnist of Business World and president, Asian Institute of Management, is expected to administer the oath also at the Stadia of the newly formed PEN (Poets, Essayists and Novelists) Pangasinan chapter led by Sonny Villafania, Cesar Carpio, Jun Velasco, Al Mendoza, Norma Llongoren.

A political family affair gone awry


A broker of lands in the province asked why I assailed an alleged fixer at the Register of Deeds in Lingayen. “She has been helping a lot of the buyers or sellers of land there.
The 200 thousand pesos one should be paying to the BIR is lowered to 50 thousand pesos because of her connection to the top honchos of the tax office,” she told me in the vernacular.
Holy Casserole and Guacamole, these duped clients should know that the basement prized fire-sale bargain of P50 thousand does not go to the national coffer. She and those clients there should know that the taxes the vendor or vendee pay (they call it Certificate Authorizing Registration which is either composed of Capital Gain Tax, Estate Tax, or Document Tax and Documentary Tax) are fake.
 There is no such thing as connection with the BIR by the fixer there. Instead they should be wary about the repercussion in case they are discovered (through their envious neighbors, who learned about their shenanigans, who can tip the tax office, or by other mode of discovery by the BIR).
Christine Cardona, chief, Revenue District Office-4 that oversees Central Pangasinan, told me that the buyer of land must pay 50 percent of the surcharge of the real tax of the land, 25 percent yearly interest, and fine. Two beauteous BIR Examiners there named Malou and Eden (Mag pa merienda na kayo, beauteous hi hi!" -Mortz) added that the buyer who conspired with the fixer at the Register of Deeds can go to jail because of tax fraud. They explained to me a hypothetical example: A P500 thousand tax that should be remitted to the government would be slapped by a 50 percent (P250 thousand surcharge) and 25 percent (P125 thousand or 25 percent from the half-a-million real tax every year), a fine, and a criminal charge of fraud. Tsk, tsk, nakakatakot pala ito!
Recently I saw at the news Custom officials like Commissioner Ruffy Biazon and Deputy Commissioner Danny Lim posed with a container van full of smuggled peking ducks from Mainland China. When we were Peking Duck hunting at the Chinese restaurants in Binondo, Manila last month, my son Jigger quipped: “Tama si General Lim nagkaka-wala-an na ang mga Peking Duck dito sa Binondo.
 The running price of the succulent and delectable roasted duck there according to waiters runs from P1,200 to P2000 a kilo. Lim, a West Pointer, told me when I dropped at his office in the Bureau of Custom at the Port Area that he and soft-spoken Com. Biazon have waged battle against smugglers like those who tried to sneak the Chinese duck (that can bring the dreaded bird’s flu).
He said their campaign have been bearing results already. Lim said smugglers’ ingenuity did not succeed in evading the prying eyes of his men. He cited the case lately of a container van full of the horns of the endangered rhinoceros that saw a lucrative market in the country and abroad for church statues. “Ang declaration (smugglers) nila ay cassio nuts from Mozambique. So maganda ang information na meron talagang naka-tago doon. Ini-sa isa natin iyong mga sako na iyon. Pag tinutusok mo iyong sa hanggang sa kaloob-looban may matigas doon,” he explained to me in the vernacular.
 He said the smuggling of the rhino horn is a multi-million of pesos racket. He said a gram of the horn fetch for U.S $133. “Susmariosep, this is more expensive than a gram of shabu where it fetch for P5000 ($125) a gram,” I told myself.
Kinsmen running in tandem in the province are not uncommon.
In Pozzurobio town, Mayor Artemio Q. Chan runs for re-election with his son Kelvin runs for the vice mayoralty post . In Rosales town, outgoing Mayor Ric Revita runs for the vice mayoralty with his wife aspiring for his present post. In Dagupan City, in case either Mayor Benjamin S. Lim or son Brian will not file to run for congress up to the December 21 deadline for substitution mandated by the Comelec, Brian will run for the vice mayoralty while Benjie runs for the No. 1 post in the city.
This electoral “epidemic” in Central and Eastern Pangasinan did not spare its geographic neighbor Eastern Pangasinan. Mayor Marcelo Navarro (a retired police general) has filed for re-election with his nephew John Paul Navarro (son of his brother) running for the vice mayoralty.
 What spices up the “circus” of family affairs gunning for the top two posts there was when the mayor’s first cousin Marichu Navarro Natividad (a topnotch in her three terms as council member, and the present ABC president) challenged Navarro’s choice of John Paul as the vice mayoralty bet. Marichu’s brother , Benjamin Navarro , is the town administrator of Navarro.
Now Marichu and her supporters are not only calling the mayor bad names but even accused Benjamin as the K-9 dog of the mayor. To beef up her electoral stock, Natividad allied herself with the mayor’s nemesis Pangasinan Governor Amado T. Espino (Navarro’s estranged classmate and bunk mate at the Philippine Military Academy) to end the reign of Navarro and Benjamin at the town hall.
Funny susmariosep, a family affair gone awry!
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Macanlalay awed by Japan, mulls a return

CALASIAO – The young mayor of this burgeoning town has been impressed by his 17 - day study stints recently in Japan that he contemplates for a return there to learn the efficient operation of local governance. Mayor Mark Roy Macanlalay said he found the Japanese industrious where many of them catch some sleep in a train or walk briskly just to arrive in time for work.
 He said he was struck by the vaunted Japanese punctuality He said he was inspired by the Nippon how it runs effectively its local governance. “Ito sa isang island municipality. 19 thousand ang residents napapatakbo nila ng maayos iyong municipio nila na kakaunti ang empleyado, and their MRF (material recovery facility), water treatment plant nila na pinatatakbo lang ng six persons kasama na iyong chief ng department,” he explained.
 Together with 16 Filipinos, where eight came from the local government units and nine hailed from the national agencies, the mayor said they learned in the land of the Rising Sun how government officials managed their public affairs, culture, government, and economy.
 “They have a local autonomy college where government employees are trained on finances “mag-aaral sila for three months or six months they will be studying about taxation, finances, economics, architecture, nakakatutok sila sa isang subject,” he stressed. The Philippine delegation also visited the Diet (the Japanese parliament) according to Macanlalay .
 He said that if given again an opportunity for another scholarship grant like his first stint there, he will study solid waste and management, disaster, or agriculture.
 He said what he would learn there he would apply to boost up the local governance here. He said the Japan International Cooperation Agency can finance through a grant a project there that he would emulate for application here (MCO).

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Espino condemned anew on black sand mining, RPT increase

Gov. Amado T. Espino (2nd from Left)

The controversies earlier set off by the alleged black sand mining in the Lingayen Gulf and the “grossly scandalous” Real Property Tax increases which hounded the administration of Governor Amado T. Espino have once again taken center stage. Sparking anew the controversies like wild fire were the recent exposé on black sand mining in San Fabian, the supposed rally conducted by students of the College Guild of the Philippines in “black sand area” in Lingayen and the tagging of Espino by his arc critic and gubernatorial opponent as “smuggler.” During last Thursday’s KBP Forum here, Alaminos City Mayor Hernani Braganza lashed out at Gov. Espino for the illegal transport of black sand in Lingayen and his alleged involvement in the supposed recent operation of illegal mining of black sand in San Fabian. “The governor is not just a simple law breaker (for allowing illegal mining), he is also a smuggler, kasi nawawala yong blacksand. How can you transport the black sand without a permit?” the mayor said referring to the mountain-like pile of black sand in three coastal barangays in the western part of Lingayen which according to reports are being transported in the wee hours of the morning. Braganza added that “we have seen posters of the governor spread in the province saying “protektahan ang kalikasan” pero bakit he authorized black sand mining in Lingayen and in San Fabian, which is not only environmentally destructive but also deprives our fishermen of their only means of livelihood?” He said it is the governor of the province who is empowered by law to issue or recall mining permits. The provincial government has denied operation of black sand mining in Lingayen, saying only land development in preparation for an eco-tourism zone and golf course is being carried out in the area. On the same media forum, Braganza bared that the Liberal Party may lead in petitioning the court for the issuance of a Temporary Restraining Order on what he called illegal imposition of excessive Real Property Taxes in the province. Braganza said the RPT increase ranging as high as 300 percent was way beyond the limit allowed by the law and the ordinance that effected it was approved without the benefit of a public consultation. He said “Espino is not only a law-breaker but is looking for ways and means para mabayaran po niya ang mga loan ng probinsya secured during his term.”

‘Golf Course, Not Black Sand Mining in Lingayen’ - Baraan

Gov. Amado T. Espino (Extreme Right)

Provincial Information Office LINGAYEN, Pangasinan – Would be journalists should learn early on to "see the big picture" and not to concentrate on isolated and unrelated cases. Thus said Provincial Administrator Rafael Baraan in a dialogue with campus journalists who earlier attended a five-day (October 22-26) convention of the College Editors Guild of the Philippines (CEGP) in Dagupan City. "That way," Baraan said, "these talented students could have a clearer view of development projects being undertaken by the government." In a dialogue with campus editors during the annual Luzonwide journalism skills training and workshop, Baraan also asked the campus editors to remove bias in their writings, and be wary of some politicians with hidden agenda. “Be always open-minded, not one-sided,” the Pangasinan official told the campus writers, as he informed the group that the provincial government is undertaking various development projects to sustain Pangasinan’s growth momentum. The incumbent administration is making Pangasinan an attractive “investment and tourism destination,” citing the on-going development of a 300-hectare economic zone in four coastal barangays. The campus editors visited this place as part of their itinerary. Baraan also told the students that plans are on track for a seaport in Sual, with phase-one about to be completed. He also noted that the provincial government is expanding the runway of the Lingayen airport to accommodate commercial flights. “There’s no black sand mining here. We only had the bad mineral elements extracted and replaced them with garden soil so that carpet grass of the golf course will grow and have the right kind of greenery in that particular area,” Baraan clarified. Baraan also mentioned recent economic and social development programs. Local and foreign investors are cashing in to develop a world-class, 18-hole golf course on a 30-hectare area, within the 300-hectare eco-tourism zone where other investment locators are set to establish tourism-related investment projects. “We’re only waiting for the issuance of the ECC (environment compliance certificate) by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, then full development follows,” Baraan said. The 300-hectare area was awarded to the provincial government in 1998 through a proclamation order by then President Fidel V. Ramos who envisioned it as a burgeoning economic zone. The plan gathered dust, however, during the watch of the previous provincial administration for nine years, not realizing the development potentials of the area. “Sadly, this same group of political detractors that snubbed the economic zone proposal is moving mountains to derail on-going development,” Baraan declared. “But, we remain steadfast and we will continue solidifying our economic gains,” he added. The provincial government, led by Gov. Amado T. Espino, Jr. started reaping positive results since 2008. The government topped other provincial governments in coastal resources management for three consecutive years, bagging the Hall of Fame award in 2010. It also was conferred the Likas Yaman award for two consecutive years for environmental protection (2011 to 2012). Pangasinan has received more national recognition in local governance, notably as leader in Universal PhilHealth Coverage, Seal of Good Housekeeping, and as one of the five Best Performing Provinces in the country as adjudged by the Department of the Interior and Local Government for 2010 and 2011, Baraan disclosed. The province was also cited as the Regional Best LGU Millennium Development Goal Implementer (2010-2011), Regional Best Practice Award for Hospital Management 2010, Best Practices for massive river clean-up (2011), and on October 30, Governor Espino will receive from the DILG the award for the province of Pangasinan as Regional Champion in the Pamana ng Lahi for good governance (2012). At the national level, Pangasinan is finalist as one Most Business-Friendly LGU award. (PIO)RO
Col.Mariano Luis Versoza ,Jr 

Pangasinan Rep. Pol Bataoil By Mortz C. Ortigoza LINGAYEN – A congressman hailed Senior Superintendent Mariano Luis Versoza Jr., provincial police director of Pangasinan, for his selfless dedication to serve the province instead of getting the coveted star rank in an assignment at the police main headquarter in Manila. Rep. Leopoldo Bataoil (2nd District, Pangasinan) said the people of Pangasinan should commend Versoza’s altruism to forego a glamorous assignment in Manila that could give him a star rank by serving instead his “kabaleyan (town or province mates)” for a better and peaceful Pangasinan. Meanwhile, Bataoil, said he was not bothered by his decision not to put signages in all his projects. “Actually hindi iyan proyekto ni Bataoil, projects ng taong bayan iyan. Hind iyan pera ni Bataoil na iginulgol diyan, pera ng taong bayan iyan. That’s why even now ay sinasabi ko sa taong bayan, itong barangay road na ito hindi po ito pera ni Bataoil pera po nating lahat ito,” he explained. He said he was not a traditional politician who crows to the world his accomplishments like school or road that he helped negotiate for. The solon said he instructed Engineer Rodolfo Dion, chief of the 2nd Engineering Department of the Department of Public Works & Highways, to see to it that all his projects should not have signage in deference to the Anti-Epal Bill still pending in Congress. Until now Dion has still the text message of Bataoil saved in his mobile phone that he showed to the media whenever he is interviewed about the projects of Bataoil. Bataoil exhorts his constituents every time he barnstorms their places to report to him if the private contractor and the engineer the DPWH, Department of Education, or other government body have built a substandard project. “Tulungan niyo ako na i-monitor. Siguruhin na tama ang pagkagawa kasi pag hindi iyong contractor na iyan, and engineer and iba-blacklist ko!” he warned. He said he will lead the investigation in case these individuals committed any shenanigans in government projects.

Guv Espino behind ‘orchestrated attacks’ against me’- Braganza

PRESS RELEASE Alaminos City Mayor Hernani Braganza, Liberal Party standard bearer, has finally broken silence as he fingered Gov. Amado T. Espino as the “mastermind” behind orchestrated attacks against him. During the KBP Forum here last Thursday, Braganza answered one-by-one all the issues hurled against him by Alaminos City Vice Mayor Cesar Manzano and first district Rep. Jesus “Boying” as he challenged them to file charges against him in court to prove their allegations. Calling them “mercenaries of Governor Espino”, Braganza said that all the issues raised by Manzano and Celeste are politically motivated and are lies meant to destroy his reputation. Braganza said that the loan secured by the city government which was used to purchase heavy equipment; construct the PSU-Alaminos Campus, public hospital and convention center was authorized by an ordinance enacted by the Sangguniang Panlungsod. The ordinance bears the signature of Manzano and was duly approved by the Sanggunian. The ordinance was also duly approved by the Sangguniang Panlalawigan. The remaining P120 million of the city government loan, Braganza added, “is with the DBP, intact.” Without the loan, Braganza said, it would not have been possible for the city to erect the Pangasinan State University-Alaminos Campus which is now providing accessible, economical but quality education to 1,500 poor college students annually in Alaminos and the entire first district. “Dati, taun-taon ay mayroong 1,700 graduates sa high school sa Alaminos. Yung 700 lamang po ang nakakapag-tuloy sa kolehiyo, at 70 lamang po ang nakakapagtapos sa kanila. ‘Yong 1,000 hindi na po nakapag-aaral dati. Sa pamamagitan ng PSU-Alaminos, nabigyan po natin ng pagkakataon yong 1,000 na makapag-aral din at magkaroon ng magandang kinabukasan,” said Braganza. Out of the loan, according to Braganza, the city was able to purchase in 2010 brand new heavy equipment which are used during emergency situations and in the construction of farm-to-market roads, repair of school buildings and houses destroyed by typhoons and collection of wastes. “Bumili po kami ng sariling heavy equipment ng siyudad, hindi po para maghire ng heavy equipment na pag-aari ng pribadong indibidwal para pagkakitaan pa,” Braganza said. The loan was also used to construct the soon-to-be-opened modern public hospital, the Hundred Islands Medical Services Complex, to complement the district hospital in Alaminos. “Bago po ang ospital at modern pati serbisyo. Hindi po yung ipinagmamalaki sa probinsya na mga ospital na bagong pintura lang eh bulok naman po ang serbisyo,” Braganza said. Another project funded by the loan is the construction of the convention center which is now 69% complete. The facility which can accommodate 500 persons targets weekday tourists and corporate conventions and conferences. Braganza said that aside from being income-generating, the projects address the most basic needs of education and health and promote tourism and investment for Alaminians and Pangasinenses. “Vice Mayor Manzano, Congressman Celeste and Gov. Espino are very much alike. They all profess love for Pangasinan but – the irony of all ironies – is that they continue to besmirch the Hundred Islands and the projects meant to improve the lives of Alaminians and other Pangasinenses. “When they said through the media that the Hundred Islands is mabaho and marumi, they did a great disservice to Pangasinenses. Nagwawala po tuloy ‘yung mga may-ari ng hotel at mga bankero. Huwag naman po sanang ganyan ang gawin n’yo dahil lang sa pulitika,” Braganza said. He said that despite their attempts to destroy the image of the Hundred Islands, tourist arrivals continue to soar in Alaminos. “In fact,” said the mayor, “70% percent of the number of tourists visiting Pangasinan, based on the report of the provincial government, choose the Hundred Islands as their destination.”

Domantay thanks Chiz, Abono for P.5M

By Mortz C. Ortigoza
MALASIQUI – Mayor Armando Domantay thanked Senator Francis ”Chiz” Escudero and Abono Party-List chair Rosendo So for the half-a-million peso allocation each of the 44 towns in Pangasinan received.
The allocation was from the Priority Development Assistance Fund of Escudero which was requested by So.
Domantay said the money would be used for the renovation of the town’s public market.
“At this moment the market is undergoing some repairs, to make it convenient for the vendors and market goers,” he stressed.
Malasiqui also received too two tranches of financial assistance of P2.246,412.12 from the Department of Social Welfare & Development , he said.
Domantay added that the town had won twice the Seal of Good House Keeping award given by the Department of Interior & Local Government, for which it received P2 million and which was used for the construction of the material recovery facility and the paving of the road going to the facility.
He explained that the rest of the amount was used for the construction of the farm-to-market road going to the slaughter house.
He added that this town is waiting for the validation of another program from the DILG from which the town would receive another P2 million

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Chiz, Cynthia, and Bam Barnstorm

Senatorial race survey's top notch Sen.Chiz Escudero with the author

The author with Liberal Party's senatorial bet Bam Aquino (2nd from Right)

Cynthia Villar flanked by Mayor Nap Sales of Manaoag and the author.


 Senatorial bet Cynthia Villar was within ranks 15 to 22 of the Pulse Asia’s July 27-30, 2012 survey.
 But on its latest August 31 to September 7, 2012 poll, Villar was in No. 11, a winner in the senate's Magic 12 in case election was held during that period. Why she was able boost her stock to No. 11, eight months before the May 13, 2013 Election?
 Was it because of her aggressive multi-million of peso a week TV ads "Mrs. HanepBuhay" of the Villar Foundation she played with regularity at two major stations ABS-CBN and GMA-7? Or was it about her connection with political leaders in the provinces that she barnstormed a year or more before the start of the campaign period in February 12, 2013 for senatorial candidates?
 In the 44 towns and four cities strong Pangasinan alone, one of the rich vote’s province in the Philippines, she built ties with most mayors through political kingmaker Rosendo So, the powerful chair of Abono Partly-list and the patrons of many of these mayors, where the latter “herded” to her consultation – meetings up to thousands of their leaders and supporters.
 In the last outing of Villar in Pangasinan less than a month before the latest Pulse Asia's poll, she was seen exhorting the crowd at a gym in the pilgrim town Manaoag to understand her being late as she just arrived at an on airport in Manila that morning from consultations with people in North Cotabato and General Santos a day before and after she helicopter-hopped to Mangaldan and Malasiqui just to meet her engagements. After she told her projects and advocacy in “Manpower on Wheels,” a mobile livelihood program providing training in employable skills.
 She explained to them how she utilizes the once-irksome water lilies that clogged the river, her planting of bamboo on the river banks, and the collection and processing of kitchen and household wastes that produced fertilizer, handicrafts (from bags to slippers, table napkins, blankets, the famous Las Piñas Christmas lanterns, coconets and coconut soy, among other. She told them too that the 1,500 sacks of organic fertilizer produced out of kitchen wastes in Las Piñas households find their way to other provinces? The residents of Malasiqui became excited after she invited them (same invitations to the folks of other towns) to visit her residence through a free bus rides back and forth,free meals "kahit ilang beses kayo kuma-in doon sa bahay namin", and a chance to watch for free the nighttime show Will Time Big Time at TV-5 hosted by famous actor Willy Revillami and her daughter Camille.
 If Villar, the wife of outgoing Senator Manny Villar, rubbed elbows with So and former Congressman Conrad Estrella, the scion of the illustrious Estrella clan in Pangasinan, Bam Aquino, the cousin of President Aquino, was seen in Dagupan City as a guest in a press conference.
 This, after he graced a retailer convention in Region 1 which thousands of people attended through the request of Liberal Party mayoralty bet Belen Fernandez, a chain of malls czarina in the humongous Pangasinan.
Bam, sporting his eye glasses, is a dead ringer of his uncle Ninoy. He also shrieked and spoke in his speech mostly in Pilipino and infectiously laughed like Pangasinan Liberal Party’s gubernatorial bet Hernani Braganza, the incumbent mayor of Alaminos City. If he looks like Ninoy and oozes with a lovable demeanor, how does he fares with policy making question thrown at him by some members of the Fourth Estate?
One of them was my poser: “Boss Bam, your advocacy on micro-entrepreneur enhancement program you promoted to the hoi-polloi is laudable, but I am skeptical of its success because many Filipinos are unemployed they do not have money to spend. My first question: What is your take to the observation that there are not much jobs here in the country because foreign investors preferred Vietnam, Indonesia, and China where they can own 100 percent ownership of lands and business there? My second question: What is your thought on the prohibitive power rate in the Philippine, one of the most expensive in the world, which deters foreign investors to come in because it undermines the cost of their products?” Bam, chairperson of the National Youth Commission, and currently the President of MicroVentures, Inc., told me that my question goes to the amendment of the 60-40 percent equity (that favors Filipino entrepreneur) in the Constitution. “In the next three years, amendment in the Constitution is not yet feasible,” the son of Paul Aquino, the youngest brother of the late Senator Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino Jr., declared. He explained that despite the imbalance of equity, foreign investors still flock to the country, “our country now is the number one destination of foreign investments,” he said. His answer on how to solve the prohibitive price of power was for the government to check it out.
Since I was the last among the 12 individuals given the chance to ask, I did not rebut what Aquino answered. I just told him to read my blog so he knows how the media sized him up. His answer that amendment or ratification of the Constitution is not feasible yet was politically smart and safe. Majority of the Filipinos saw with suspicion any public official espousing for the tinkering of the Constitution. His stance is the same with his cousin President Aquino. But for me, amendment of the economic provisions of the Constitution is long overdue if we want to salvage ourselves from the morass of poverty in the East Asian Region. Without 100 percent come-on and competitive perks given to investors here and abroad, we have to contend with the present 2.814 million and growing unemployed Filipinos
 *** .
 On his statement that the country is a No. 1 destination of foreign direct investment, he and his handlers should take a look what the World Bank rates our country in terms of the monies in US dollar poured by foreign investors in years 2010 and 2011:

Year 2010: $ 1.29 Billion
Year 2011:$ 1. 262 Billion
Year 2010: 9.1
Year 2011: 10.77
 Year 2010:13.7
Year 2011: 18.1
Year 2010: 8
Year 2011: (Data Unavailable)
Year 2010: 9.678
Year 2011: (Data Unavailable)
 On the power rates, Aquino could not give a detailed and persuasive answer to it because the answer to the atrocious prices of power in the country is to put more players (especially foreigners because we have less cash-a- washed local investors) in the power industries. But since a coal plant or nuclear plant (the latter runs around P80 billion a piece) runs to billions of pesos, there are not enough investors who can offer competitive prices unless the government change the present 60-40 percent ownership equity that discriminate foreigners on the power industries.

 Oh by the way, in the latest August 24-27 Business World-SWS survey Bam was in No. 17 with 20 percent of the respondents who favored to vote for him in case election would be held on that period. But his down-to-earth and charismatic demeanor could help jack-up his electoral stocks eight months before the "D-Day". (Note: Next issue would be Cynthia Villar’s stance on 100 percent foreign ownership of business in the Philippines after I interviewed her in Pangasinan)
 Mayor Arman Domantay of Malasiqui, Pangasinan hailed Senator Francis ”Chiz” Escudero and Abono Party-List chairman Rosendo So for the half-a-million pesos allocation each ( yes Virginia, “each”) to the 44 towns in Pangasinan. Susmariosep, this is a staggering sum of P235 million that would have been taken from the P1.2 billion Pork Barrel or Priority Development Assistance Fund of Chiz in his six years stint as solon.
Complemented by dashing looks, good, er, excellent performances in the August Chamber, and millions of wherewithal's at his disposal, now I know why the Marlboro white ciggie-smoking Chiz is the perennial top notch every time there is a scientific survey commissioned in the country.) (You can read my selected intriguing but thought-provoking columns at http://mortzortigoza.blogspot.com. You can send comments too at totomortz@yahoo.com).


Benigno Bam Aquino, formerly a chairman of the National Youth Commission and the youngest senatorial aspirant at 35 years old, says that the country's "12 million youth voters can determine the 2013 agenda if they all register and make their voices heard." Voter registration is ongoing until October 31, 2012. According to official estimates, up to 12 million voters are expected to take part in next year’s polls. "People have said in the past that there is no such thing as a youth vote, but what many don't realize is that many of our national issues are actually youth issues," Aquino points out. "When you talk about education, jobs, poverty, hunger—it’s our youth who are most affected by them." "So if we in the youth sector get organized and work more closely together, we can actually push for a youth agenda and make a large impact in the way the country is being governed. We can have a louder say on issues that affect all of us. But the first step is to register and make ourselves counted for the 2013 elections." The younger Aquino, a dead ringer for his late uncle Ninoy Aquino, adds that Filipino youth are lucky because their right to suffrage is protected by the Constitution. "Suwerte tayo dito sa Pilipinas dahil meron tayong karapatang bumoto, at may karapatan ang mga kabataan na maglabas ng kanilang mga saloobin. Kung titingnan natin ang ibang mga kabataan sa iba pang dako ng mundo, hanggang ngayon ay ipinaglalaban pa rin nila ang pagkakaroon ng demokratikong eleksiyon sa kani-kanilang mga bansa. Marami na ang nagbuwis ng buhay para sa kalayaan nating bumoto—sana ay magamit natin ito para talagang isulong ang pagbabago." Aquino thus urges all unregistered youth to make use of the next two long holidays to register for the elections. "Bakasyon ho sa October 26 to 28, at puwede ring magpa-rehistro bago ang Undas. May pagkakataon pa tayong umuwi sa ating mga distrito para magparehistro. Ito ay maliit na sakripisyo lang kapalit ng pagkakaroon natin ng boxes para sa ating kinabukasan."

Custom uses profiling to fight smuggling

Custom Commissioner Rozzano Rufino B. Biazon (Extreme Right) and Deputy Com. Danilo Lim of the Bureau of Custom inspect one of the container vans suspected to hide smuggled goods.
By Mortz C. Ortigoza

 MANILA – Deputy Commissioner Danilo Lim of the Bureau of Custom (BoC) said it was physically impossible to open every container van suspected to contain smuggled goods like imported pork in the warehouses of the BoC. He said the leadership of Custom Commissioner Rozzano Rufino B. Biazon uses profiling by using a color coding of red, green, and yellow. “Hindi lang nag-aapply ito sa frozen (meat). Profiling sa lahat ng element; red, yellow, green. Kung green kampante tayo. Kung yellow meaning ready inspection natin iyong document; red talagang (inspection) iyong mga documents and others,” he stressed. Rosendo So, Director of Swine Development Council, said it was really hard to physically open every container van. He said smugglers of imported pork there can put offal near the van’s door to deceive inspectors to conclude that it contains only offal. “But the bulk of it contains choice pork cuts,” he stressed. Offal is an internal organs and entrails of a butchered animal that has less tariff compared to choice cuts. So said his group had been badgering Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima to furnish Agriculture SecretaryProceso Alcala with Inward Forward Manifest (IFM) so BoC’s inspectors could accurately pin-point which vans are used to hide the “hot” meat. IFM is a mandated document requiring the complete listing by bill of lading number or airway’s bill numbers of an arriving carrier's cargo. It should give the commercial particulars of the goods including: consignors, consignees, marks and numbers, number and kind of packages, their weights or measures, descriptions and quantities of the goods, their port of loading and intended port of discharge. So, chair of Abono Party-list group, said the United Nations records of Philippine importation of pork cited that in 2010 countries like the United States and Canada exported 105 million kilos of prime cut pork while DA of the Philippines recorded only 73 million kilos of the same meat the UN listed. He said that the same countries exported 56 million kilos of offal while the DA declared that BoC received 105 kilos of imported offal. Aside from IFM, So said stake holders in the unabated smuggling of pork needs an H.S Code where there is a code if a van contains offal or a good cut meat. Lim said he did not know if Purisima had already furnished Sec. Alcala of the IFM. He said the IFM can have implication to the national security of the State.

Pumatay sa senior citizen ng San Fabian, natukoy na ng mga pulis

Pangasinan Rep. Gina de Venecia (Extreme Left) and husband former Speaker Joe
Natukoy na ng mga awtoridad ng San Fabian Police Station kung sino ang pumatay kay Arsenio Halog, ang senior citizen na binaril ng mga criminals riding- in-tandem sa Barangay Bolasi, San Fabian, dalawang linggo na ang nakakaraan. Ito ay napag-alaman kay PS1 Ferdinand Lopez ng San Fabian Police Force, na nagsabing handa na silang magsampa ng kasong criminal ngayong linggo laban sa mga suspek sa pagpatay kay Halog. Ayon kay Lopez, ang mga suspek ay kasapi ng isang gun- for- hire syndicate sa San Fabian, at ang motibo diumano ay may kaugnayan sa trabaho ng biktima bilang volunteer na Bantay Dagat, na nagsusuplong sa awtoridad tungkol sa mga ilegal na pangingisda sa naturang bayan. Ito ay napag-alaman ng opisina ni Congresswoman Gina de Venecia, na binabantayan ang kaso ni Ginoong Halog. Matatandaang matapos personal na dalawin ni Manay Gina si Aling Flor, ang biyuda ni Halog, ay nakipagpulong agad ito sa San Fabian police upang hilingin na tutukan ang naturang kaso. Ikinatuwa rin ng kongresista na ang nakausap niyang si PS1 Lopez, ay isa sa mga De Venecia scholars na nakapagtapos sa kolehiyo, sa tulong nilang mag-asawa. Ang sabi ni Manay Gina, bago pinatay si Halog, ay nagpatulong pa ito sa kanya na mabigyan ng PhilHealth cards ang limampung mahihirap na mangingisda sa San Fabian. Hindi naman ito binigo ni Manay Gina, kaya gayun na lamang ang lungkot nito nang mabalitaang namatay na ang ‘samaritanong’ nagtungo sa kanyang residente sa Bonuan- Binloc para matulungan ang kasamahang mahirap na mangingisda. SAMANTALA, ikinatuwa ng kongresista na may warrant of arrest na, at ngayo’y pinaghahanap na ng batas ang isang Richard “Luis” Ferrer ng Barangay Tocok, na pumatay kay dating Kapitan Arsenio Bucao. Matatandaang ang pamimigay ni Manay Gina ng motorsiklo sa limang police stations sa ika-apat an distrito para puksain ang riding-in-tandem criminals, ay bunsod ng pagbaril kay Kapitan Bucao, na naganap sa gabi ng kapistahan ng San Fabian, kung saan panauhin din si Manay Gina.

Cojuangco Sees Espino's Resounding Victory

BY PROVINCIAL INFORMATION OFFICE Lingayen- - -Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC) Provincial Chairman Mark O. Cojuangco has foreseen a positive assurance to the resounding victory of Governor Amado T. Espino, Jr and Vice Governor Jose Ferdinand Z. Calimlim’s ticket in the 2013 election. In the oath taking ceremony of the 3rd to 6th districts of Pangasinan, October 17,Cojuangco said that with the merging of most incumbent officials with the NPC, a positive scenario is underway. “Maganda ang nangyari sa partido. Dati ang mga supporter ng NPC was only in the 5th and 6th districts but because of the vast number of the governor’s supporters, nag-merge ang lahat ng distrito,” Cojuangco said even as he added that the first term of Gov. Espino was focused on planning while the second term was concentrated on doing and applying the plan, and the third will be spent on continuing and finishing what was started. Cojuangco said that Gov. Espino has proven his worth as a leader considering the enormous job he has done even during his first term. This, according to Cojuangco, has resulted to the defeat of Gov. Espino’s opponent by over 500,000 votes in 2010 giving him another fresh mandate. The NPC provincial chair urged all NPC members in the province to support the Espino-Calimlim ticket as he bared that the “best term of an elected official is on its 3rd.” “It is during their third or last term that they can finish what they started and it is when they can leave their lasting legacy,” Cojuangco stated. Gov. Espino, on the other hand, vowed full support to all NPC candidates as he urged them to speak on his behalf and clear all issues raise by his detractors and opponent for next year’s gubernatorial race. “Nag-umpisanaangkampanyanila last Friday at may sinasabisilangtatlongbagaylabansa akin. Una, waladawakongnagawa.Pangalawa, makasarilidawangakingliderato.Pangatlo, papalitandawnila kami ngmaka-Pangasinangliderato,”the Governor said. Also, the provincial chief executive disclosed that his detractors and rival openly stated that he will have no time to campaign for the coming election as he has to face several law suits to be filed against him. “Yong sinasabi nilang black sand, tayo po ay Hall of Fame Awardee sa Coastal Resource Management program at kung wala lang ‘yong isinampa nila laban sa akin malamang sana ay nakuha ko ang Lingkod Bayan Award,” Gov. Espino noted. It will be recalled that since 2007, Pangasinan has received numerous awards and citations in different fields of endeavor particularly on environment protection, fiscal management, health reform and tourism. Among those who took their oath under the umbrella of the NPC are as follows: for 3rd district board members- Angel Baniqued, Jr. and former Mayor Leocadio de Vera; for mayor--- Mayor Ricardo Camacho (Bayambang), Mayor Mark Roy Macanlalay (Calasiao), Mayor Armando Domantay, Sr. (Malasiqui), Mayor MaximoCalimlim, Jr. (Mapandan), Mayor JulierResuello (San Carlos City), Gen. Reynaldo Velasco (Sta. Barbara). Fourth district NPC candidates include BM MojamitoLibunao, Jr. and EleuterioSison (board members); for mayor---BM Jeremy Agerico Rosario (Manaoag); Bernardo Abalos (Mangaldan); Mayor Irene Libunao (San Fabian); Mayor Roberto de Vera (San Jacinto). Fifth district candidates, on the other hand, are the following: (Board Members) BM Clemente Arboleda and BM DaniloUy, both running unopposed; for mayor—Mayor SilverioAlarcio, Jr. (Laoac); Mayor Artemio Chan (Pozorrubio); Vice MayorTimoteoVillar III (Sto. Tomas); Mayor Amadeo Gregorio “Bobom”Perez IV (Urdaneta City); Mayor LibraditaAbrenica (Villasis); Mayor Mina Joy Pangasinan (Sison). Also joining the NPC slate from the sixth district are BM Alfonso Bince, Jr. and PCL Pres. Salvador Perez, Jr. (board members); for mayor--- Vice Mayor and former mayor AlejandreaSupnet (Natividad); Susan Casareno (Rosales); Mayor Heidee Chua and Vice Mayor Eleanor Viray(Asingan); Mayor Alain Jerico Perez (San Manuel); Rebecca Saldevar (San Nicolas); Mayor Romulo Antolin (San Quintin);Mayor Teodoro Ramos (Sta. Maria); Nelson Mapili (Tayug); Mayor Eldred Tumbocon (Umingan). Aside from 8 board members and 27 mayoral candidates, 27 vice mayoral and 208 city and town councilor (both incumbent and new) candidates from the 3rd to 6th district also took their oath this morning at the elegant Sison Auditorium here. (PIO/Ruby R. Bernardino)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Is Lomibao a Tightwad (Kuripot)?

Vice Gubernatorial bet Art Lomibao (2nd from Right) 

The scandal-ridden Register of Deeds in Lingayen, Pangasinan has a new head again after lawyer Jose Roy B. Raval, its former head, who just barely warmed his seat, was transferred to another post. According to my source, it was the result of a national reshuffle ordered by the leadership of the Land Registration Authority. With 26 towns and a city to boot, Register of Deeds-Lingayen is the biggest land registration office in Region-1 if not in the country. It is perceived to teem with fixers selling fake Certificate Authorizing Registration (CAR) before a land can be transferred or sold. One of its personnel Carla Cacapit was entrapped in the past by the joint operation of the Bureau of Internal Revenue and Criminal Investigation & Detection Group. Officials at the BIR suspected that the makers of spurious CARs and fixers there were in cahoots with the bosses of the beleaguered land office. BIR Commissioner Kim Henares has charged at the Ombudsman former Assistant Head Melvin Castro of RD-Lingayen .
As you know Quirino Ramos, chief of Revenue District Office-5 of the BIR based in Alaminos City, said the 12 heirs of Gavino Vinluan of Labrador, Pangasinan, allegedly in cahoots with Castro violated Section 258 (E) of the National Internal Revenue Code of 1997, as amended, for allowing the transfer of ownership of the subject parcels of land without a CAR from the BIR that certified that such transfer has been reported and that the Capital Gain Tax has been paid. An official of RDO-5 explained that Castro’s involvement started when he wrote at the Day Book of the RD -Lingayen a statement that was used by the provincial assessor office under Nestor Quimbao to issue new tax declarations in the name of the buyer. The alleged illegal acts of Castro and the heirs have deprived the government of P9.26 million taxes. I hope the new head, a lawyer from Benguet, can exorcise the evils that demonize the Lingayen office.

What happened to Board Member Ranjit Shahani? The latest I heard about him, according to a BM whom I met at the provincial board last Monday, was he planned to call a press conference to denounce the Braganza-Lomibao ticket. He told me Ranjit was smarting to the provincial leaders of the LP because he was given a run-around for his failed ambition to be the second most powerful man in the province. “Kasi siya daw naghirap para ma-organized ang LP sa Pangasinan.” The BM said Shahani, the live wire nephew of former president Fidel V. Ramos, called some of his colleagues at the provincial board that he wants to shift loyalty again to the governor But “liber-liber” political anal list, er, analyst Harold Barcelona was skeptical if Espino would accept Ranjit after he allegedly derisively called him months ago as the “most corrupt governor of Pangasinan.”

Have the engineers of the Department of Public Works & Highway committed a blunder when they designed the P100 million Marusay Bridge in Calasiao, Pangasinan? According to Domingo B. Ayudante, Jr. an enraged resident of the town, there was no proper consultation by the DPWH with the residents of the town particularly those who live and transact business at the peripheries of the bridge. In his letter to DPWH Secretary Rogelio L. Singson and Director Veniedo O. Reyes, chief of the DPWH Region 1, Ayudante deplores: “We therefore appeal to you to reconsider the design of the bridge’s construction particularly on its singular approach whereby all motorists will have to converge on the main platform upon approaching and crossing the bridge. We therefore request that the original and existing local road network be maintained and used by the residents to allow them convenience in going to the market and also to later de-clog the convergent traffic on the main approach platform.” Ayudante also lamented that the residents living nearby the construction site protested the building of riprap that covers their houses and defaced the neighborhood. He said Singson and Reyes perhaps ignored and have trampled on the constitutional rights of abode of these residents. When I referred this problem to Calasiao Mayor Mark Macanlalay, he told me he already sent a letter to the hierarchy of the public works in Manila to solve this fiasco.
Vice Governorship bet Art Lomibao can spend, according to media man Atong Remogat, who have access to his “core group,” up to P200 million to crush Vice Governor Ferdinand Calimlim in the next year’s poll. Lomibao, who used to be the chief of the “prime posts” Philippine National Police, National Electrification Administration, and Land Transportation Office, can buttress the gubernatorial run of Alaminos City Mayor Hernani Braganza against incumbent Governor Amado T. Espino. But a veteran politician, a three term mayor, doubts that Art can beat Calimlim. “How can he beat Calimlim when he is a “maawet” (Pangasinan’s word “kuripot” or tightwad in English)?” the politician said. The politician said some dismayed leaders of Art, when he was positioning to challenge Gina de Venecia for the congressional post in the 2010 poll came to him and told him that not all people who flocked to his Hollywood villa-like mansion in Mangaldan town were treated for a free lunch. “Pinipili lang nila ang pueding kumain doon (People of Lomibao select only who from the hoi polloi can eat lunch them),” he said. The politician said the actuation’s of the former general was a no-no in ingratiating with the votes of the people.
(You can read my selected intriguing but thought-provoking columns at http://mortzortigoza.blogspot.com. You can send comments too at totomortz@yahoo.com).


 It was because of his “nonselection” as vice gubernatorial candidate and not because there is lack of transparency in the Liberal Party’s process of selecting its official candidates that made Board Member Ranjit Shahani rush back to the fold of Gov. Amado T. Espino Jr. whom he called the “worst governor” of Pangasinan.
 This is how former Vice Governor Oscar Lambino, in a press statement issued Sunday, described the decision of Ranjit to break ties with local party leaders and support the re-election bid of Gov. Espino and his entire ticket. Lambino said contrary to his accusation, Ranjit was an active participant in identifying possible LP candidates and finalizing the list of its official candidates in the province.
 He said Ranjit who had been longing to be named official bet by the party for the vice-gubernatorial post agreed to be subjected to the selection process. “I expected him to respect the decision of Party leaders in Pangasinan which was cleared with and approved by National Party Leaders.
It turned out however that Ranjit would respect and honor the Party decision only if his personal ambition is satisfied,” Lambino said. Lambino said that although Ranjit’s “decision to break ties with Local Party leaders, we thank him for brining to light the anomalous and scandalous practices inside the Provincial Capitol of Pangasinan.”
 He expressed hope that Ranjit “can be a partner again in our quest to transform the provincial government into a graft-free and efficient local government unit, led by officials who are “Maka-Pangasinan” and not “Makasarili.”

  Shahani junks cousin, partymate Braganza 

 LINGAYEN --- Pangasinan board member Ranjit Shahani, a member of the administration’s Liberal Party, announced on Saturday he will campaign for the reelection bid of Gov. Amado T. Espino, Jr., standard-bearer of the Nationalist Peoples Coalition in Pangasinan, thus junking his cousin Alaminos City Mayor Hernani Braganza, LP gubernatorial bet in the coming May 2013 elections.
 In a phone-patch interview over a local radio station, Shahani said he was withdrawing his support for Braganza on account of alleged lack of transparency in the Liberal Party’s (LP) selection of candidates in next year’s elections. “I would like the whole province of Pangasinan to know that I am supporting the reelectionist ticket of Gov. Amado Espino Jr. and (Jose) Ferdinand Calimlim for vice governor,” Shahani said.
 The announcement in effect confirmed rumors that all was not well between Shahani and Braganza, a second cousin on the maternal side. Shahani’s mother, former Sen. Leticia Ramos-Shahani, is a cousin of Braganza’s mother, the late Purita Agsalud Braganza. The board member, himself a former congressman, is a nephew of former President Fidel V. Ramos. While Shahani and Braganza belong to the LP, Espino and his running mate, incumbent Vice Gov. Jose Ferdinand Calimlim are members of the Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC). In the interview, Shahani expressed his displeasure over the LP’s choice of candidates for local posts in the May 2013 polls.
 “I do not like the process of selecting candidates under the LP. It was not transparent. It’s like backsliding in the old days of the backroom, smoke-filled rooms for politicians…throwing the dice in deciding the faith of the Filipino people,” Shahani lamented. Shahani had earlier made public his intention to run as vice governor under the LP, but the party gave the slot instead to retired Philippine National Police Director General Arturo Lomibao. In the interview, Shahani also challenged Braganza to a debate where he will prove Espino as “far more qualified” to run Pangasinan.
 He pointed out that under Espino’s two-term watch, various development projects were remarkably accomplished, notably in the field of health services, infrastructure projects, and environment protection.

How to Substitute a Candidate in the 2013 Election


After the October 5, 2012 deadline for the filing of candidacy, a lot of politicians were still at a loss how to interpret the Commission on Election’s Resolution 9518 on substitution. My simple illustration: If  my media friend Atong Remogat filed his candidacy (senator, congressman, governor, mayor, or other which is a patent impossibility if not for my hypothetical illustration here) in October 1 to 5, 2012 he has up to 5:00 pm of December 21 to be substituted if he withdraws, dies (God Forbid!), or disqualified for any cause. He may be substituted by a candidate belonging to, and nominated by, the same political party (Nationalist People’s Coalition, Liberal Party, Birthday Party, etc) or a coalition of parties. No substitute shall be allowed for any independent candidate (Section 15).

No fake doctor at R1MC – Mejia

Dr. Roland Mejia of the Region I Medical Center in Dagupan City gives media men a brief tour of the construction phase of the hospital's new emergency room which is touted to be the biggest in North Luzon. His team has organized the Emergency Room in such a way that time element is brought into consideration. (JCR/Photo by Venus Sarmiento - PIA 1 Pangasinan)
By Mortz C. Ortigoza
DAGUPAN CITY – The director of the Region-1 Medical Center vehemently denied that the government hospital is coddling a fake medical doctor.
Dr. Roland Mejia said R1MC and other medical centers in the country which are under the supervision of the Department of Health have no fake doctors in their midst.
“Kasi kung titingnan niyo iyang mga clinician ko, iyong mga resident doctors, lahat iyan may mga eligibility. That is misleading na sinasabi nila may fake doctor,” he stressed.
Mejia reacted to the accusation against the management of the R1MC that a certain Dr. Rodney Mendoza, brother of retired Police Chief Supt. Boggie Mendoza, was allowed to practice medicine despite being sacked from the provincial hospital in San Carlos City. Mendoza was discovered to be using a fake medical doctor’s license from the Philippine Regulatory Commission.
“Iyong position ni Dr. Mendoza is program coordinator. Ibig sabihin noon nasa treatment and rehabilitation center siya. Ang trabaho po niya nakikipag-coordinate sa mga local executives, mayor, councilor doon sa mga non-government organization na ang trabaho ay advocate against illegal drugs. Iyong mga barangay health workers natin kasi nag-ti-training sila ng mga ta-o ipinaliliwanag nila iyong mga issue tungkol sa drug addiction. Hindi lang sa drug kung hindi substance abuse. In simple terms iyong trabaho niya parang social worker,” Mejia explained.
He said any state doctor who submitted his documents can be double-checked if their documents are bogus or not by hospital management in six months.
Mejia said the non-inclusion of Mendoza in the list of Civil Service Commission workers was due to his being a contractual worker.
“Wala hong records si Dr. Mendoza sa CSC- R1MC because Dr. Mendoza is under job order. Contractual po. And contractual are not sanctioned by CSC kasi iyong suweldo nila ay savings ng ospital, direkto sa Maintainance & Operating Other Expenses.”
Mejia said R1MC was caught in the crossfire between the quarrel of a Dr. Karlo Orduña and Mendoza who are relatives and residents of Bugallon town.
A week before Mendoza was accused to be a fake doctor, Orduña complained in the media that a relative has hired an assassin to kill him for P200 thousand.
Orduna and Mendoza used to be colleagues at the Pangasinan Provincial Hospital in San Carlos City.
Mejia warned the management of the PPH against exposing a member of the R1MC. He said they should first get rid of the long array of private drug stores that sprouted like mushrooms at the peripheries of PPH.
“Kung bilangin ninyo iyong sa harap malalaman ninyo kung sino ang may ari. I brought this out kasi nagkaka-problema ang government lalo na ang Department of Health. Yong pasyenteng na-admit duon ang mag-aabono sa excess sa PhilHealth,” he said.
He said he pitied the poor patients at the provincial hospital because they pay for their medicines.


The Northern Cancer Trust Foundation Incorporated is setting off its first major fundraising project through a fun run entitled “ Dibdibang Takbuhan” on October 21, 2012 at 5am to be held at DeVenecia Highway Extension, Dagupan City. This activity is in cooperation with Dagupan Doctors Villaflor Memorial Hospital Cancer Institute, Pangasinan Medical Society and the Philippine Society of Anesthesia – Pangasinan North Luzon Chapter in line with the celebration of Breast cancer awareness month this October. The funrun is open to ages 8 years old and above with distance categories of 1k, 3k, 5k, and 8k and registration fee of php 300,350,400 and 500 respectively. Cash prizes are at stake for each category winner. Proceeds of this fundraising activity will be mainly for the benefit of the Northern Cancer Trust Foundation whose thrust is to alleviate the burden of our less fortunate cancer patients and their families seeking assistance in the treatment of cancer. The Northern Cancer Trust Foundation is the very first cancer foundation in the province of Pangasinan. It was conceptualized 2 years ago by the Dr. Vivencio Villaflor, Jr. and his family when the first Cancer Institute in Pangasinan was established . Concerned with the rising number of cancer patients seeking treatment, Dr. Villaflor and familygradually created this charitable organization with the formal introduction and induction of the officers of this foundationon March 10,2012. The chairman of the foundation is Dr. Edna T. Gonzales, a breast cancer survivor . There are now 85 members of the foundation . For those interested to run for a cause, come join the funrun, and help the Northern Cancer Trust Foundation. You can inquire at the following registration sites: DDVMH , contact nos. 075-5232222 local 408 or cp 09328776162 (Angie) andPMS building , contact nos. 075-5154510 or cp 09089872081. Registration on site will also be available.

DILG Seal of Good Housekeeping elates CDC

SAN CARLOS CITY. The City Development Council feels a sense of fulfillment with the “SEAL OF GOOD HOUSEKEEKING’ awarded to San Carlos City by the Department of Interior and Local Government in December 2011.
This  elation was felt by the CDC  during its General Assembly last October 12, 2012 as Mayor Julier C. Resuello cited that LGU projects approved by the CDC have been efficiently implemented, thereby garnering the DILG citation that gave as incentive to San Carlos City 25 million pesos as Local Government Support Fund for priority and essential projects of this city.
And for the year 2012 the DILG extended financial subsidy for disaster management and rescue equipment in the amount of 4 million pesos. Likewise through the Performance Challenge Fund of the DILG, San Carlos City received 3 million pesos as incentive for good performance in local governance.
City Local Government Operations Officer of San Carlos, Virgilio Sison, said that the LGU under the Resuello administration has been a recipient of the Seal of Good Housekeeping because of good governance, expedient public services, sound fiscal management transparency and accountability. This is the result of the collective efforts of city officials, heads and staff of departments and agencies, and the various sectors that heftily support the LGU.
The CDC which is headed by Mayor Resuello is comprised of various sectors and NGO’s that enhance the development and economy in San Carlos in  their respective fields of endeavors.
In relation to DILG monitoring and scrutiny, the City Health Office headed by OIC-City Health Officer Dr. Edwin Guinto garnered a perfect rating which is considered as “excellent performance” in the category of social governance in the Local Governance Performance Electronic Report of 2011 by the DILG Local Governance Performance Monitoring System. Social governance  comprises the 4 areas of health services, support to housing and basic services, peace/security, and disaster risk management. (CIO) 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Why Candidate Loses or Wins in an Election


According to a political operator I bumped into recently, running in public office is not for the faint hearted. After the filing of candidacy in October 1 to 5, he said, financial matters come to the bets.
He said a congressional or mayoralty candidate who challenges an incumbent mayor would deal with the following: Every week, the candidate would have an average of five invitations for him to stand as godfather in a wedding.
He has to shell-out an average donation of P3, 000 to each of the couple, or P15, 000 a week if there are five pairs of them, or P60,000 a month or P420,000 up to the May 13, 2013 poll.
He said the bet has to deal too with solicitations from fiesta and basketball leagues where the latter mercilessly fleece all the candidates they caught to bankroll their uniform, shoes, and even their socks. “Wala na silang paki-alam kahit magdoble-doble na ang sapatos o medyas nila,” he said.
 “If a candidate is a newbie who wanted to impress the community, he will ask the solicitor how much the incumbent congressman or mayor shell-out in every fiesta. If they retort that the incumbent gives P5,000, the new candidate will showboat by giving P10, 000 to double the amount.

Another all seasoned mayor told me that it is tough call colliding with an incumbent mayor.
The incumbent, he said, uses the town or city’s social fund and his payola of an average of P20,000 (for a town) and P40,000 (for a city) daily from illegal game jueteng , and his cut from whatever government contract’s his hand can lay on.
“Iyong kalaban iyong hinuhugot niya ay sariling pera niya.”
 The mayor said it’s a blow and a shame if an incumbent, with all the trappings his position gives him, loses to the challenger. He said that those bets that lose and did not circulate in the community in the three hiatus years before they file their candidacy would surely lose again. “When I lost, I did not stop giving dole-outs to indigents (hospital and funeral bills, rice, bail, games), I did not cease going to wake, I did not stop standing as godfather in weddings”.
He said he could do all of these because he has a booming business. When he challenged again his opponent who defeated him in the last poll he won. “My opponent lost because he was an elitist”.
The supporter of a mayor told me that wherever his boss is, either he was drinking, gambling, or meeting with somebody, any of his needy constituents can still go to him and beg for help.
 “I gave eagerly what they wanted without chiding them unlike my opponent who immediately rebuffs the solicitor that they are barred coming to his place because he bought their votes when he ran for office,” the mayor said.
Another mayor in his neighboring town agreed what the hizzoner told me.
 “That’s the human touch, added by tapping at the back of the Unwashed of the Society who are in dire need, that wins election,” he whispered to me.
Are Dagupan City re-electionist Mayor Benjamin S. Lim and vice-mayoralty tandem Alex Siapno up for a tough fight in the May 13, 2013 polls?
According to Dagupan City councilor Karlos Reyna, for the first time the three big families of Dagupan -- Reynas, Manaois, and Fernandezes with the support of the de Venecias have locked arms together behind the mayoralty and vice mayoralty bids of Belen Fernandez and Michael Fernandez.
 Would these big guns enough to snare the votes at the expense of Benjie?
Or would these big families’ cooperation be tested by the mettle, genius, and shrewdness of Lim in a Battle Royale that many political spectators likened to the Normandy Landing.
A town mayor in Pangasinan said Governor Amado T. Espino could no longer use the spruced up swanky Capitol in Lingayen town and the renovated provincial hospitals spread all over Pangasinan as his vote getting come-on. “Gasgas na iyon (They are worn-out),” he quipped. He said voters would no longer buy it since Espino has used it emphatically when he sought re-election in 2010.
“The issue (against the governor) now is there are no significant investors from outside of the province putting shops in Pangasinan,” he stressed. You can read my selected intriguing but thought-provoking columns at http://mortzortigoza.blogspot.com. You can send comments too at totomortz@yahoo.com).

Sunday, October 7, 2012

CYBER CRIME LAW: According to an Accused


As an accused of criminal libel suit myself, I pity those future accused under the new Cyber Crime Law authored by Senator Edgardo Angara and colleagues. My case metes only below 4 years and 2 months of imprisonment in case the court’s convict me, while those accused in the new law (Republic Act 10175) face an imprisonment of six years and one day to 12 years. The only difference of my case with the new law is my penalty under the Revised Penal Code of the Philippines is covered by the Probation Law (where a first convicted offender cannot be imprisoned), while those convicted under RA 10175 goes to jail because Probation Law covers only imprisonment of below six years.
 Senator Angara’s downplaying of the new cyber crime law that it should not worry Filipinos is out-of-synch.
 Firstly, the authors of the law should bear in mind that other countries have decriminalized libel by imposing instead a civil sanction to the offender. Secondly, the Constitutional mandate of freedom of expression should be encouraged instead of throwing a harsher punishment on its stead Thirdly, this law would surely inconvenience the accused.
For example, he committed an alleged libel through his computer at his house in Ilocos Norte to someone who lives in Mindanao. The police, with an arrest warrant, pick him up in his place and bring him to Mindanao. He posts bail of P10 thousand at the Regional Trial Court there and his misery begins.
 Imagine, every hearing in court he is required to appear there otherwise the court cites him in contempt or he will be tried in absencia that could surely land him in jail for up to 12 years
 Surely RA 10175 is a harsh a law, Angara et al should have mitigated the penalty clause there than the one provided in the Revised Penal Code.
Oh by the way, thanks to those Good Samaritans who pick the tab of P10, 650 bail and other fees imposed by the court for my temporary liberty. This is the risk of being a journalist. You expose something imbued with public interest but you get a backlash of a bail bond in the court and another tens of thousands of pesos acceptance and per appearance fees for a lawyer.
As you know , together with two of my colleagues in this paper, I was sued by Board Member Alfonso Bince for libel after I quoted the bravado's of BM Danny Uy that most of his colleagues in the Sanggunian Panlalawigan of Pangasinan were recipients of P40 thousand a month jueteng payola.
Since the case is already at the Regional Trial Court in Rosales, Pangasinan awaiting for our arraignment, I’ll not talk about its merits. You know that sub judice thing.

Romero downplays his non-inclusion in NPC

Provincial Board bet Herminio Romero
MANGALDAN – The mayor of this burgeoning town pooh-poohs his non-inclusion in the Nationalist People’s Coalition under the leadership of reelectionist governor Amado T. Espino of Pangasinan. Outgoing Mayor Herminio Romero said he did not find it a problem since he can piggy-back at the campaign rallies of reelectionist congresswoman Gina de Venecia, the most popular figure in the 4th District, when she barnstorms the one city and four-town strong district.
Romero, a loyal stalwart of former Speaker Jose de Venecia, runs under the United Nationalist Alliance. Romero exhorts the thousands of supporters of the “Three Kings” of UNA who are Vice President Jejomar Binay, Senator Juan Ponce Enrile, and former president Joseph Estrada to rally behind him in his quest for a better 4th District. Romero says that based on the record of the Commission on Election in Pangasinan, he is the lone UNA’s candidate in the August Chamber versus seven rivals. They are Mojamito R.Libunao (NPC), Liberato Villegas, Andres Abalos (Independent), and Myrna C.Torralba (Ind.) from San Fabian, Eleuterio Sison (NPC) and Gerald Tabadero (Liberal Party) from Manaoag and Romero (UNA) from Mangaldan. Mangaldan is the biggest voting towns among the four municipalities. Meanwhile, another candidate for the Sangguniang Panlalawigan bares his programs incase he wins the May 13, 2013 election (Mortz C. Ortigoza).

BM bet bares programs

the im
BM bet Terry Sison (center) posed with mayoralty candidate Ming Rosario (Extreme Left)

A rabble rousing candidate for the provincial board in the 4th District of Pangasinan bares his programs in case he wins the May 13, 2013 election.
Former Councilor Eleuterio “Terry” Sison of Manaoag says that in-case he wins he will address immediately the problems of the farmers, the danger brought by global warming, the importance of education, and the significance of health and services.
 On agriculture he says : “Kadalasan ang mga farmers po natin hindi masyadong nabibigyan ng attention. Naisipan po natin na dito sa 4th District it is an agricultural area so we have address that”. Sison, who runs under the Nationalist People's Coalition under reelectionist Governor Amado T. Espino, cites he will launch an information drive on the adverse effects of global warnings and how to mitigate if not avoid them. The charismatic bet will also sponsor and intercedes for the trainings and seminars of the youth. “All of these thrusts can materialize if I will be given an opportunity to be voted into the provincial office,” he stresses (MCO).

Maayos at Malinis na Manaoag - Rosario

Rosario Files Candidacy: Manaoag mayoralty bet Ming Rosario (4th from Left) files his candidacy at the Commission on Election in the pilgrim’s town. With Rosario was his slate for the vice mayoralty Doming Ching (6th from Left) and the eight candidates for the councillorship
 MANAOAG – Ayon sa mayoralty bet ng pilgrim town na ito, ang 3-M na battle-cry niya ay naninindigan sa Maayos at Malinis na Manaoag. “Puwedi ring Ming so Mayor Mi o Magsikap, Manindigan at Magka-isa,” ayon kay Agerico “Ming” Rosario na tumatayong Board Member (4th District) ng Pangasinan.
 Pahayag niya kung siya ay mabigyan ng pagkaka-taon na manalo sa May 13, 2013 election marami siyang plano sa bayan na ito. “Definitely, there will be a lot of changes when the opportunity and chance to serve as mayor,” paliwanag niya. Sinabi pa ni Rosario na maraming reklamo na dumadating sa kanyang tanggapan tungkol sa bayan na ito kaya napagpasiyahan niya na ito ay lutasin kung siya ay palaring manalo sa eleksiyon sa susunod na taon. “We should address lahat po ng sectors. Dapat po good government kung papalarin ang bayang Manaoag”. Ani pa ng Board Member matalik na kaibigan at parang magkapadtid ang turing niya sa kay outgoing Mayor Napoleon Sales. “Pero dumating po sa panahon, ganyan po talaga ang politics minsan makakatapat ka sa laban ng politika but I have high regards with all of them,” sabi ni Rosario na isa ring doctor. Makakatungali ni Rosario ang kabiyak ni Sales na si Dr.Angie at ang kasalukuyang vice mayor na si Kim Amador (Mortz C. Ortigoza).

Pimsat unveils 1st ship simulator in R.P

The P20 Million Group-Simulator
Atty. Carrera (Extreme Right), President of Pimsat, being interviewed by the media.

SIMULATOR. Guests curiously  watch the P20 million group- simulator and the make- believe ocean beyond the window of the bridge being demonstrated by maritime instructors of Pimsat College in Dagupan City during its inauguration recently at its school campus in Bolosan village. MORTZ C. ORTIGOZA

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

DAGUPAN CITY – A maritime college here dusted-off its rivals all over the country after it bought the first multi-million peso ship group-simulator from Europe to train its students in different sea faring situations.
Rebene C. Carrera, a lawyer and the school president, said with the ship simulator, Pimsat College graduates can hurdle government examinations and will easily be hired by shipping entities abroad. “They (students) are competent because of their training in the simulator,” he said. Carrera explained that the group simulator that costs Euro 230 thousand (P20 million), is indispensable because ships these days are computerized. He said the European- made simulator located in the ship-liked edifice of Pimsat, gives the students a feel of an actual navigation either it is in the high seas in the Atlantic or the Pacific, or when they negotiate to navigate the harbors in Great Britain or in the United States.
 Because of the multi-million pesos gadget, Carrera said PIMSAT will be known locally and internationally as school which provides graduates with the most advance training. He explained that the graduates could be handling competently expensive ships abroad because of the training from Pimsat.
He explained that because of this training, Pimsat graduates could avoid sea disasters. “They can reduce maritime catastrophe that are happening all over the world.
 Maritime accident is very expensive. Maritime accidents cause pollution that will become a big problem.” He cited the recognition given by the North Seafarer of Norway to the school curricula. He said this organization was the one that certified the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) of the college. He said the school has maintains its ISO since 1990s.
He lauded this organization because it helps uplift the standard of maritime schools in the Philippines that have reputations of producing half-baked graduates. “In fact you remember several (maritime) schools have been closed by this organization because they were not able to comply with international standard. I will not mention their names, you know them already, because of what the CHED (Commission on Higher Education) (has done).
They have no political will to do it,” he cited. The president said soon the school will acquire another multi-million of pesos engine simulator to buttress the competence of students on operating ship engines. The ship and engine simulators, Carrera said, will make the graduates of the college a popular among shipping agencies that are looking for quality crew.