Monday, September 21, 2015

Informal settlers near Casa Real transferred peacefully to a resettlement area

Lingayen- - -The provincial government through the Provincial Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Office (PHUDCO) has peacefully resettled some 47 families that formerly resided at the back of Casa Real to give way to the rehabilitation works of the historical edifice soon.
Engr. Angelito Pedeglorio, PHUDCO caretaker, said that all 47 families who used to dwell in Sitio Lagasit are now comfortably residing at their new home in Sitio Aplaya, Brgy. Pangapisan here.
Pedeglorio said that dialogues were conducted between the provincial government and the concerned families in which a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in favor of resettlement was unanimously signed by all 47 households.
Meanwhile, Gov. Amado T. Espino, Jr. said that the present administration wants to put things in order first before proceeding with the bigger project of restoring one of the oldest public buildings in Pangasinan which was the seat of the provincial government during the Spanish era.
It can be recalled that the Casa Real was declared as a National Historical Landmark in which the Espino administration envisioned to transform into a provincial museum to house historical and cultural relics and memoirs that can provide every Pangasinense and the future generation a visual source of information and appreciation of one’s culture.
In relation to the resettlement, the Governor further said that more families especially those who reside along coastal areas will also be transferred to Sitio Aplaya to start a new life which is hazard-free.

Pedeglorio, on the other hand, disclosed that the provincial government has assured all families who are set to be transferred to the resettlement site that there is nothing to worry because Sitio Aplaya is equipped with primary necessities like electricity and water supply.
Families should need some few adjustments with their new environment but they are assured that the resettlement area is more comfortable than their former residence.
The Casa Real restoration may soon be started as the budget for its restoration has been made available. (Ruby R. Bernardino)

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