Friday, September 11, 2015

Congressman pawn's car with No. 8 plate


Sino itong congressman na natalo sa sabung dito sa Pangasinan kamakailan lang na nag sanla ng kanyang flashy car na may No. 8 na protocol plate?
PROTOCOL PLATE. This is sample of a Philippine congressman's
 SUV with plate number 8. SUV like this sometimes lorded the city
streets of the Philippines by crossing the flow of traffic with its own
 sirens,  armed body guards inside it, and its convoy of cars.
“Naubos daw ang pera ni Congressman pero gusto pang tumaya sa sabung sa cockpit arena,” a source whispered to us media men.
The sport utility vehicle (SUV) was reportedly pawed for half-a-million pesos, kasama na siguro diyan sa value iyong protocol plate number. Imagine, the pledgee can roam the towns and cities with the psychological power brought by the SUV's plate.
According to my mole, the owner of the arena owns a string of fowl game edifices and hosts huge matches in and outside the province.
Pero ayaw sabihin ng source kung sino ang solon.
It could not be Pangasinan 1st District Congressman Jesus Boying Celeste and 2nd District Congressman Pol Bataoil because I know they are not into this cock fights.

How about the last four lady solons of the huge province?
Son of a gun, it’s hard to imagine they gamble on this gory blood sports where sharp lethal knives or gaffs tied on the fowl's leg to physically slash its opponent.
The same also with the husbands of the four female Pangasinan solons who I know do not go to cockpit arena.
Oh talking about protocol plate,  if a congressman uses No.8 not only as a sign of prestige but for his family to use it so they can violate the traffic rules or show it off to the public as a sign of power, the following numbers are used by the following luminaries:  No. 1 for the President of the Philippines, No. 2 for the Vice President, No.7 for a Senator, No. 9 for the Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, No. 10 for the presiding Justice/Other Justices of the Court of Appeals/Solicitor General,  No.16 for the Judge of the Regional Trial Court.
Here are news about military women who joined the mass media.
The pretty Lea Gabrielle,a skater when she was young. saw the U.S Air Force Blue Angels made some acrobatic jets' (F-16s) stunts, and told herself she want to bey. a fightersomeda pilot 
With 10% female that composed the 100% of her Class 1997 at the United States Naval Academy  (USNA) in Annapolis, Maryland (Alma mater of Philippine Congressman Roilo Golez and Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya of the Department of Telecommunication and Communication) she burned her midnight candle there and survived the rigorous training that would transform a civilian to a military killing “machine”.
“I did not find the training there hard. Probably because I was into skate when I was young,” she told O’Reilly.
She said she served the navy for 12 years and flew the F/A18  “Hornet” jet for combat missions in a Carrier during the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars.

“With  combat deployment from USS George Washington. Her call sign as a pilot was "Flower". Additional duties were as a landing signals officer (LSO) and as a squadron public affairs officer. She also served as an intelligence operations officer during Operation Enduring Freedom, and while in Afghanistan she was embedded with a Navy SEAL unit conducting intelligence operations. She was also a defense foreign liaison officer,”Wikipidea reported.

“What was the dangerous part of being a fighter pilot?” O’Reilly posed to Gabrielle.
“When I would be landing on a night mission on an aircraft carrier,” Gabrielle retorted.
When asked why she wanted to be journalist at NBC,  a military reporter for KNSD-TV (NBC 7), Fox News TV from being a fighter pilot, she said: “Because of journalists, many people support the war efforts. I saw you too (she referred to O’Reilly) supporting the war efforts of our country”.
 Geez man, just remember yesterday the book I gave to the pretty Michelle Zarate Lioanang, a congressional staff, when I joined the group of Congressman Pol Bataoil (2nd District, Pangasinan) having  a party, with the people’s organization composed of the Unwashed of the Society, at a far flung village in his district.

“This is Robin Quivers, co anchor of the Howard Stern’s show, the No. 1 radio show in the U.S and the World. She used to be a nurse, who joined the U.S Air Force and left the service as captain. You know why she left? She wanted to be a radio broadcaster thus she took a short course on broadcasting in Baltimore. Joined the radio, and stumbled on a “crazy man” the tall and long haired Howard Stern who was interviewing on his program a prostitute. The rest was history as Quivers became known for her game demeanour and her infectious guffaws whenever Harold cracked jokes on his outlandish shows that made plumbers and lawyers drool on the entertaining set up of the show,” I told Michelle, a Manilena who married a Dagupeno.
“Ya, I know her. Remember you gave me before that hard covered Harold Stern’s book, iyong pilyo!”.
Oo, pilyong katulad ko heg heg heg,” I told her.

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