Friday, December 18, 2015

Scam eyed as cause to brutal murder of city dad

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

SAN CARLOS CITY – A source said that a joint team of law enforcers are near completion their investigation that a swindling case caused the brutal slay of a city councillor here.
CORPUS DELICTI. The body of San Carlos City Councilor Mienrado
Ynzon, Sr., who was brutally murdered last December 7 by two suspects who
were inside his Mitsubishi's Montero. He was strangled by the killer by using
the driver's seat belt while the other malefactor stabbed him for 21 times.

The source, who asked anonymity, said Mienrado Ynzon Sr., had a quarrel with another person who defrauded him for several thousands of pesos.
He cited that the joint team of the Provincial Police Office, the Criminal Investigation & Detection Group, and this city’s police are finalizing the case against the killers of Councilor Ynzon.
“There were eye witnesses who saw the suspects talking with the councillor in his vehicle before he was murdered,” the source said.
Ynzon who drove his Mitsubishi’s Montero was strangled by a passenger who was seated at the back while another passenger who was seated at the front seat stabbed him incessantly by using a small knife, not ice pick as earlier reported by the media, for 21 times.
The cadaver of the councillor was found last December 7 seated tightly as his car was parked at Barangay Agdao in front  of the Heaven Bound Bible Baptist Church or four kilometres from his home in Barangay Taloy.
He was bound to attend the morning session of the Sanguniang Panlungsod (city council) when his body was found at 5 Pm.
“The seat belt was tied on his neck and the head rest of the driver’s seat. His larynx was broken due to the seat belt and the struggle he had with the killers. Most of the stabbed wounds were on the stomach and two were on the abdomen. Blood and fats from his lower torso oozed and soiled his red polo shirt,” the source said.
Another source media man Harold Barcelona told last Tuesday this city’s chief of police Supt. Charles Umayam at DWPR- Radyo Asenso that what caused the murder was a Muslim trader who sold gadgets to the councillor.
Barcelona cited that Ynzon wanted to return the gadgets after he found them fake and asked for a refund of his money.
Umayam told Barcelona that he would look at that angle as his station welcomes all information that could bring for the immediate solution of the case.
Ynzon left his home in Barangay Taloy at 10 Am last December 7 for the regular session of the city council here. Councilor Jun Banaag  said he even saw Ynzon's Montero parked at the Baptist Church. At the council, this city’s Vice Mayor Joseres Resuello had been calling him for several times  becauese they lacked quorum but to no avail. When Councilor Banaag travelled back home he saw the vehicle of Ynzon still parked in front of the  Church. Suspecting that the councillor had a heart attack he stepped down from his car and checked the car. After he called Vice Mayor Resuello, the latter saw through the tinted window a body slumped on the driver’s seat.
This city’s Deputy Chief Insp. Gregorio Abungan said the suspects made sure that the victim could not get help by locking the car;'s doors and ran with the car's key.

Ynzon served three terms -- from 1998 to 2007 -- under the late Mayor Julian Resuello. When Resuello’s son Julien became mayor in 2007, Ynzon was the city administrator here. He again ran and won a seat in the city council in 2010 and 2013. He filed his certificate of candidacy for reelection in the next year's poll.

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