Sunday, December 27, 2015

Inspiring government communicators

DAGUPAN CITY- Twelve years after its organization, the Pangasinan Association of Government Information Officers (PAGIO),  remains true to its vision to work cohesively with the citizens  to promote government development programs in Pangasinan.
In 2003, in a bid to reach out to more agencies and more people,  PAGIO moved to include not only line agencies but also local government units and humanitarian organizations.
PAGIO serves as a forum to express and exchange  ideas,  seeking necessary assistance from the government, the private sector and national funding institutions,  adopt measures for the promotion of the welfare of members and encourage people’s participation in government programs in order to promote and stimulate appropriate action for the attainment of provincial  and national goals.
Its mission is also in line with President of the Republic’s  advocacy to reach out and get feedbacks from project beneficiaries and the general public as well.
In got its boost recently with the presence of Undersecretary Jose Mari  Oquinena, director- general of the Philippine Information Agency (PIA), who inspired the communicators and swore-in the new  set of officers.
Oquinena underscored the need for information officers to sustain  unity for development. 
“If communicators  can unite a nation, then the power would be unimaginable,” Oquinena said during the group’s general assembly at the Dagupan City Museum on Monday.
Government communicators, he said, must be inspired with their work so they, in turn, can inspire people.
A government information officer’s job is never easy. Their role has been set before the first day of their service. And that is simply, to provide a mechanism for the free flow of timely, accurate and relevant information to the people. The Right to Information, as everyone knows, is a basic right.
This is why this group continues to sustain its inter-agency linkages  because by working together, more people will be well-informed.
As a famous saying goes, “The power of one if fearless and focused is formidable, but the power of many, working together, is definitely much, much better.”  (VHS/PIA-1/Pangasinan)

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