Thursday, December 24, 2015

Corpse thrown at subdivision as gift from Death Squad

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

DAGUPAN CITY – The residents of a subdivision in this city have been recipient of a creepy Christmas gift last Tuesday: A sprawled cadaver of a notorious criminal with a written greeting tagged on his body compliments by a death squad.
MACABRE GIFT. The cadaver of a hog tied robber and illegal drug pusher who allegedly victimized residents of Saint Michael Subdivision in Brgy. Bonuan Gueset, Dagupan City. Two nails were buried in his head while a white paper reads he was a criminal.

According to the spot report of the police here the still unidentified male, five feet and four inches in height, medium built, sporting a hooded orange sweat shirt, and black jogging pants was found at 9:30 Am by residents supine near the main gate of Saint Michael Subdivision.
Residents there said the body was thrown from a car 8 Am on that day.
“A male cadaver with huge white paper tagged “Magnanakaw, Holdupper, Akyat Bahay, at Tulak. Magnanakaw ako sa subdivision. Pamaskong Handog ng DDS (I am a burglar, robber, and drug pusher in the subdivision Christmas greetings from DDS, “the spot report said.
DDS was known in past news reports as Dagupan Death Squad.
Both hands of the victim were hogtied by a black rope at his back with two nails used for concrete planted by a hammer in his head.

The source, who asked anonymity, said that it seem after he was choked to death nails were used to stick the white paper on his head but were blown away by the wind.
“It served as warning to criminals who not only victimized residents in the Subdivision but to criminals in this city”.
The dreaded DDS gained notoriety in the past by shooting with .45 caliber pistol or incessantly knifing a pusher, burglar, or robber that undermined the peace and order situation here.
The police however denied any involvement with the DDS.
They said the spates of killing here had been a result of the double crossing among members of the syndicate.
They just use the DDS to mislead the police,” the source said.

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