Sunday, January 20, 2013

BLAME THE YARN: Criminal liabilities await Kaps and Dads in Alaminos City


 The 11 barangay captains and three aldermen of Alaminos City are courting a backlash of litigation.
 One: At the behest of some powerful men, they sued their mayor Hernani Braganza at the Ombudsman with an Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act because they cried they were deprived of the funds for their village and the vans that they said were bought through a counter part fund shelled out by their village.
 Two: They allowed themselves to file a sworn letter request for investigation at the Ombudsman last month that the mayor stole P4.7 billion from the coffer of the city.
Wow, the incredibility of the story is one for Ripley’s.
 In the first accusation, they would be liable for Incriminatory Machination and Perjury.
Why? After they engaged in defamatory orgies against Braganza on the funds and the vans’ craps, Alaminos City administrator Elmer Panabang and wily media man Atong Remogat, just like stealth, sneaked in the room of the departing Kapitanes and City kagawads (who paid the P60 thousand minuscule ”telephone booth” Karaoke room) where Panabang easily refuted each of the allegations against Braganza that made the overpriced P60 thousand media operation Star Plaza Hotel adventure shouldered by the powers-that-be for the “rebels” of Alaminos went to drain.
 The hotel room piggy-backing former police colonel explained that the city’s budget office was able to provide the Ombudsman with documents proving that the all the villages had received the barangay aid due to them. He continued that the documents, including checks and bank records, showed that the complainants were lying through their teeth.
This is a basis for a perjury case if what Panabang cited there were true.
 He said the vans were recalled because they undergo repair after they were recklessly abandoned to be on a tip-top condition. “How can the mayor be liable for the recall of the vans when some of them have been returned to the councilor of the village,” Panabang said.
Panabang explained that there was no memorandum of agreement between the captains and the mayor that the former take custody of the vehicle.
I was told that the media operative have been called by the power-that-be and chided why they allowed Panabang and Atong baby to ruin their scheme.
In the second accusation: They court another criminal perjury case.
 Braganza told media men, in a press conference recently held in the swanky convention room of Deluxe Restaurant in Dagupan City, that the village chiefs also submitted fabricated and concocted statements before the Ombudsman, chief among them the claim that they have personal knowledge of the allegations brought before the investigative body. “How can they claim that they have personal knowledge of the allegations when what they submitted to the Ombudsman were merely lifted from the Alaminos City website and from the accomplishment report of our City Engineers’ Office?” Braganza said.
 “What they submitted is a white paper full of unfounded and baseless allegations, which is being sold to the media as a legal document,” he added.
Braganza told the press that it is impossible for local executives to pocket the budget for these projects as the bank providing loans for the projects release the fund in tranches depending on the completion rate of construction work and submission of required documents.
 “The money is still with the bank, which releases the fund on several stages until the projects are completed,” he said. Braganza noted that the village chiefs lied to the Ombudsman and the media when they alleged that that the Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) has already released P249 million to the city government for the construction of the major infrastructure projects. He said official records would show that only P85.772 million in loan money had been released to the city government to fund major projects such as procurement of heavy equipment, construction of Alaminos City Hotel and Hundred Islands Medical Complex, and expansion of the Pangasinan State University (PSU) campus in the city .
As what Bill O’Really in his famous Fox TV program “The No Spin Zone" would pose to his intimidated guest after confronting a tall tale: What say you, Senator?
 What I can say man is: Incriminatory machination, slander, and perjury are brewing for these 11 poor village chieftains and the three sorry aldermen.

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