Friday, January 4, 2013

Region -1 Police Gives Hotline No.

CAMP BGEN OSCAR M FLORENDO – Police Senior Superintendent Reynaldo G. Biay, Regional Special Operation Task Group (RSOTG), Commander for La Union calls for the cooperation of the whole province in the campaign for a SAFE 2013 (secure and fair elections) and presents hotline number here today (Jan 4) for immediate police action. PSSupt. Biay, who is also the Battalion Commander of the Regional Public Safety Battalion 1 (RPSB1), said he seeks for the support from the La Union police force, private communities, religious sectors, civil society groups, the local media and the public in order that the implementation of the election security campaign plan in the province shall be successful. “Any information about the presence of Partisan Armed Groups (PAGs), loose and unregistered firearms, gun for hire personalities and criminal groups, wanted persons with standing warrant of arrest, and any related concerns for the peace and security of the upcoming elections may resort to the power of short messaging system (SMS) or text messaging, or may call our hotline numbers 09056646787 or 09398368483 or e-mail at for immediate police response,” the commander stressed. La Union was earlier tagged as one of the 15 priority provinces but not as an election hotspot as clarified by the newly installed Chief PNP Director Alan Purisima that it is to be given priority police actions at an earlier time citing incidents in the past and in order to address all concerns including the presence of PAGs and other matters to ensure peace and order. The Task Group Commander said that focused police operations on the accounting of un-renewed firearms license, as one of the measures being implemented, resulted to eight hundred eighty four (884) firearms verified/ checked with thirty five (35) licenses renewed. House visitations of delinquent firearms owners were conducted to remind them of the consequences of keeping unlicensed firearms and in order to ensure that firearms owners be given options either to surrender the firearms or renew its licenses. Other courses of actions for election security operations are police interventions like conduct of checkpoints, Oplan Sita/Oplan Bakal, police community dialogues, accounting of wanted persons and the conduct of physical accounting of detainees in different District Jail and City Jail in La Union. Meanwhile, the hotline numbers for Pangasinan task group headed by PCSupt James B Bucayu, are 09056661131 and 09477203755 while that of PSSupt Manolito C. Labador led Ilocos Sur are 09159457576 and 09281432990.

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