Friday, January 4, 2013

Pimsat Colleges selected by Nigeria to trains its nationals

Nigerians for Pimsat: Director Irene Mac Foy, director of Nigerian Seafarers Development Authority of the Republic of Nigeria, (2nd from Left) and Lawyer Rebene C. Carrera (Extreme Left), President of Pimsat College in Dagupan City met recently with the more than a hundred Nigerian students who are enrolled at the maritime education offered by the college (Photo by Mortz C. Ortigoza).


 DAGUPAN CITY – The multi-million of pesos investment poured by college president Rebene C. Carrera to this maritime college to become world class has paid off. Pimsat Colleges hosted this semester more than a hundred Nigerian government scholars to study maritime degrees here. “We used to have local scholars sponsored by the Japanese agencies but the influx of the Nigerian students here are enormous,” Carrera stressed.
 After Dr. Suresh, coordinator of Nigerian education program, called Carrera in October last year, the latter immediately constructed air condition dormitories not only to accommodate the 107 laptop-carrying scholars but for the other hundreds of batches of students from the Republic of Nigeria who will be coming this year to avail the world class education offered by Pimsat.
 According to Dr. Alfredo Aquino, the college’s Vice President for Academic Affairs, there are 253 Nigerians who will be coming alone on January 15 this year. Director Irene Mac Foy, director of Nigerian Seafarers Development Authority of the Republic of Nigeria, said that aside from Egypt, Pimsat in the Philippines has been chosen by the oil-rich African country to train its students in marine education. Mac Foy and party have arrived here through a 60 thousand pesos an hour leased helicopter from Manila.
 “To the hospitable and warm staff of Pimsat many thanks for your hospitality and warmness.
 Expect our Nigerian legislators, senators and others to visit you here in Pimsat,” she announced to a jam packed reception areas composed of the staff of the college, students, and the 107 Nigerians in December 31 last year. Carrera cited that Pimsat was chosen by the Nigerian government to train its nationals because of the college’s world class quality education. “It rides on its laurels because of its ISO (International Standards Organization)”. Recently, Pimsat has inaugurated the only twenty million pesos ship group simulator in the country. The instrument could simulate in a make-believe navigational fashion the nook and cranny of any harbors in the world. According to Art Tangco, Director for External Affairs and Dean, College of Business Education, other world class improvements are ongoing to buttress the college’s quality education versus its rivals here and abroad. Carrera told Mac Foy that he would make the stay of the scholars comfortable and meaningful. “I will continue to take advice from you in the name of quality education “.
Carrera exhorted the foreign students that local Filipino women abound here but they should focus first on their study. Mac Foy told the Nigerians that their presence in the Philippines is not a child’s play. “Your government has invested millions of dollars for you to be here in the Philippines”

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