Wednesday, January 16, 2013

PTOA affirms support to dev’t projects of Gov. Espino

LINGAYEN---The Pangasinan Tourism Officers Association (PTOA) has recognized the efforts of Gov. Amado T. Espino, Jr. in the development of tourism in the province. Under Board Resolution No. 01-2013 dated January 9, 2013, the PTOA also affirmed its continued support to all the governor’s development projects. The board resolution acknowledges and recognizes all the development efforts undertaken by the administration of Gov. Espino for Pangasinan Tourism and Cultural Preservation. The PTOA headed by Councilor Bayani Villar of San Quintin, Pangasinan said Pangasinan’s status as a tourism destination gained significant grounds as Gov. Espino included tourism development and promotions as one of his administration’s development thrusts. Further, the PTOA has been a witness to the substantial gains in Pangasinan Tourism as achieved through the initiatives of the present leadership resulting to increased tourist and visitor arrivals throughout the province. The province’s tourism officers association said such programs as the “I Love Pangasinan” Movement and other complementing projects instilled pride to hundreds of thousands of Pangasinenses who renewed their love for their province. Non-Pangasinenses also showed significant interest and inspiration from the Pangasinan stories and experiences as they rediscovered the beauty and uniqueness of the land, its heritage, and its people. In anchoring its efforts in supporting and improving the capabilities of local government units in the development of their town’s tourism and support industries, PTOA said this has opened opportunities for investments and promoted good business practices among private sector. This according to PTOA has responsibly utilized the province’s tourism assets and revived the Pangasinenses’ appreciation and love for the province and its heritage.(PIO/Angeline D. Villanueva)

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