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Blame Flood on that Corrupt Member of Congress


Flood brought by Typhoon Luis in Pangasinan.
One of our neighbors when I was a tot at the RFC in the Philippine Military Academy Edna Rosimo-Cacanindin, whose hubby is Army Retired Colonel Dennis Cacanindin (PMA’85), complained how corrupt the officer who manned the desk of the Bureau of Immigration (BI) at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport 1.
“My son was going to Canada, he gave P1000 bill for the P550 passenger service charge to the BI officer there. When the officer asked him if he has a P50 bill so he can give P500 as change, he opened his wallet to fork out the P50 bill and gave it to the officer. But the BI guy asked him to give him back his P1000 bill he said my son took it from him”.
Edna said his son was taken aback since he believed he did not get back the P1000.
“As not to complicate the matter and prejudiced his flight to Canada, my son forked out another P1000 bill since he was catching his flight. In a hurry he even forgot to get the name of the BI officer”.
Mrs. Cacanindin said she warns the public of this modus operandi at NAIA. She said if the authority wants to know who this BI officer is, they can check Passenger Service Charge’s Official Receipt No, 7359338 C that was given by that BI guy to her son.
Officials in the public and private sectors told me they religiously subscribed to my political blog P’nan Biggest Blog and
Binalonan Mayor Mon Mon Guico, a hunk and a pilot, Malasiqui mayoral aspirant Kerry Domantay ( also a hunk and son of the last term Malasiqui mayor),  and Tayug Mayor Tyron Agabas, another hunk, lawyer, and hubby of Congresswoman Marlyn Primicias Agabas told me, every time we meet, they read my stuff there.
Some brass of the military and the police told me too they browse my blog.
“Even mga mistah (slang for “classmate”) ko in Mindanao read your blog especially your articles on the Philippine Military Academy and Philippine National Police Academy,” a police Lieutenant Colonel, er, Superintendent cited.
Flattered tee-heh, I told these alumni (we were downing some bottles of San Miguel Lights) of the PNPA that the most read articles (provided by the statistics of Blog.Spot.Com) in MortzOrtigoza are “PNPA Grad hits Hubris of PMA Alumni”,  “Philippines and Chinese Air Forces: Tale of the Tapes”, “Analysis: Why the Philippines is Poor”,  “Pacquiao’s Politically (In)Correct No.8 Car Plate”, “Showboating of Wealth at PMA Alumni’s Rites”, CORRUPTION 101: Devil’s Guide to Struggling Philippines’ Politicians”, etc.

In my free time I sneaked fast reading alternatively three hardbound books I bought from Book Sale.
Experience of War by Robert Cowley (it talks about George Washington, Dien Bien Phu, Gulf War, etc.), Memoir of Barbara Walters (U.S renowned TV host, remember The View?), and Dick Cheney’s In My Life.
What amused me was an excerpt in In My Life where former Vice President Cheney unintentionally distinguished what made an analyst a cut from those journalists: “When copies of the decision (Bush v. Gore where U. S presidential candidate Al Gore asked the U.S Supreme Court for a recount-Mortz) were made available, television producers grabbed them and sprinted down the steps of the Court building to get the decision into the hands of their on- air reporters.  I surfed the channels trying to find a reporter I could trust to be able to skim what might be a very complicated legal document and to report its meaning accurately. When I saw Pete Williams of NBC on the screen, I stopped surfing. I knew that if anyone could analyze the Court’s ruling quickly, it would be Pete. And he didn’t disappoint. We’d won the case, and we’d won the election. It was time for them to go”.
Here’s Dick Cheney again when he and then President George Bush personally interviews candidates for a cabinet posts like Defense:
“The interviews covered general topics and discussion, but we also asked specific questions – how would you handle a crisis in Taiwan, for example. We had a number of excellent candidates to choose from, but Don Rumsfeld (a congressman in the 1960s who hired Cheney to be his staff- Mortz) outperformed the others in his interview. Having had the job before and having clearly spent time thinking about what should be done to transform the military into a modern fighting force, he was very impressive in our small meeting. Don would become both the youngest and the oldest man ever to be secretary of defense, and his competence, intelligence, and dedication would serve him and the president well”.
Cheney said the post of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Director should be apolitical.
“We had discussions about bringing in a new director of central intelligence, but decided to leave George Tenet in place. In 1977 Jimmy Carter had replaced George H.W as CIA director, and I’ve always assumed that Bush 41 disagreed with that decision, not because it affected him personally, but because he believed that the position should be non-partisan and shouldn’t shift when the presidency changes hands. Imagine that this experience informed President Bush 43’s decision to leave George Tenet in place”.
I could not fathom that until now some boxing writers and analysts could not get the “politics” behind Boxing WBC, WBA, and Ring Welterweight and WBC Super, WBA, and Ring Junior Middle Weight King Floyd Mayweather, Jr. protestation in the 8th Round  that rugged Argentinean Marcus Rene Maidana bit his left fingers when they were entangled in that round thus making them numbed in the rest of the rounds.
“He bit my left hand so my fingers are numb,” oft repeatedly stated by Mayweather after the fight.
But boxing writer Ed dela Vega, a Dentist, in his recent article “A Bite with a MouthGuard On? at would not buy the complaint of Floyd, Jr..

“But to people like me who make hundreds of them for athletes from many kinds of sports, I found that claim to be ridiculous. Mouth guards are made thick at the edges where the teeth are located particularly at the area of the front teeth. I do not care how hard Maidana can bite but I find it impossible to bite a chunk of Mayweather’s glove with his mouthguard on!.
Then boxing writers and analyst preoccupied themselves discussing the validity of Mayweather’s claim.
Son of a gun, have these guys unable see the forest for the trees?
Have those boxing scribes forget that Mayweather bragged that in his second outing with Maidana he would virtually dominate him after the Argentinean claimed to the media that he won the first tussle.
“We are going for the knockout, absolutely,” he told Writer Matthew Paras of The Ring in July 16 or almost a month before the September 13 bout.
Since his “explosive days” where he knocked out the likes of Diego Corrales and Arturo Gatti, Floyd’s punching power, just like Manny Pacquiao, has diminished.
Forget about the knock out he promised to all and sundry scribes, those were just bragged and swagger.
“My hand numbed cried by Floyd to Referee  Kenny Bayless.
That was bull____, man!
Did those writers see what’s comin’ with them? Gee whiz, they were just treated for a ride by Floyd's empty promised to knock out Maidana who has never been knocked out in his  40 outings (won 35 (KO 31) +Lost 5 (KO 0 )
Besides, how can he KO Maidana when he was using 10-ounce gloves to protect his brittle fingers?
Oh by the way, I have identical score with  two judges who scored the bout 116-111. But I scored the 10th Round 10-9 in favor of Mayweather even Maidana was given a 1 Point deduction for wresting the former.
Here’s the quiz I asked FaceBook Friends after the 9th Round: “ In the 10th Round of Mayweather vs. Maidana Rematch that just ensued recently, Maidana was given a One- Point Deduction for pushing Mayweather's face with his (Maidana) left elbow. In the 10 Point Scoring what will be the score of the duo, if Maidana won that round?
To those of you who have something to say, violently disagree or meekly agree, about my kind of scoring in this Round, you can send your comment on my FaceBook account.


Have you wondered despite the water at the San Roque Multi-Purpose Project (SRMP) was still way below the spilling level of 280 meters  above sea level (ASL), some parts of Eastern and Central Pangasinan were already drowned after Typhoon Luis scourged the place?
A resident cried at a TV reporter that when she woke up the water was above shoulder level in the ground floor of her house.
We cannot blame the SRMP), we should blame the corrupt government officials like that member of Congress, those in the Department of Public Works & Highway, and the Commission on Audit who conspired to pocket, according to some private contractors who told us media men, up to 40% of the fund for the dredging project.
Dredging the water bed of a river for silt is a favorite project of corrupt government officials because nobody can compare the millions of pesos of national funds implemented on them because the finality of works there are underwater that the naked eye could not see.
Only these vultures and hyenas know how sloppy were the work they have done to earn tens of millions of pesos for themselves.
Why they are called sloppy and a cause for flood? Diyos ko, these sons and daughters of guns haphazardly took away the silts thus the immediate flooding every time there is a strong downpour.
(To have a deeper understanding on these shenanigans you can accessed my other article “The Anatomy of Corruption in Dredging Operation” at: )

(You can read my selected columns at and articles at Pangasinan News Aro. You can send comments too

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