Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Cojuangco Says Bataoil Leans on Espino

SISON, Pangasinan – Gubernatorial aspirant Mark Cojuangco smarts against Representative Leopoldo Bataoil (2nd District, Pangasinan) after the latter told him he leans with Governor Amado T. Espino Jr.
Former Congressman Mark Cojuangco led recently
  the relief operation for the needy in
 Calasiao, Pangasinan 
Cojuangco, a three- term former congressman, said he met Bataoil, a fellow member  of the Nationalist People’s Coalition, in the plenary hall of Congress and asked him where his loyalty between him and the gubernatorial candidacy of Espino’s son and namesake Amado III.
Pangasinan Governor Amado T. Espino (extreme left) and
Congressman Pol Bataoil (extreme right) in a press
conference in Lingayen, Pangasinan.
“And he is leaning towards the governor. So I said there you can’t blame me for looking for somebody who will stand as a congressional candidate in your district,” he cited.
He said Bataoil told him of his leaning with Espino while he enjoys the benefits and perks given to him by the national government through the NPC’s coalition with the ruling party Liberal Party of President Benigno Aquino III.
The monolith NPC was founded by Cojuangco’s father Business Magnate Eduardo "Danding" Cojuangco while President Aquino is his second cousin.
“All of these in the meantime that he is enjoying a Vice Chairmanship’s position in the Committee on Appropriation by virtue of the NPC’s committees’ share, ano? Kung hindi naman siya NPC, hindi naman siya maging Vice Chairman doon sa Committee sa Appropriation (If he is not a member of the party he would not be Vice Chairman in the Committee of the Appropriation), “ he told media men in a press conference recently held at his residence in the cloud kissed Barangay Labayug, Sison, Pangasinan.
He said many of the projects brought by Bataoil in Pangasinan materialized because of the intercession of the NPC’s leadership with Malacanang.
“Ano ba iyan lagaring hapon? Pangit di ba? (what is that double talked? Is that not impropriety?).”
In September 13, Bataoil, in a text message to his paper, asked for understanding why until now he remains mum on his position in the gubernatorial bid of Cojuangco.
“I beg for understanding by all concerned for not responding to queries as to which side I am with. Let it be known that I don’t want to play politics this early. I am focused in my district and in Congress where I am preoccupied with a lot of duties, responsibilities, and activities, “he stressed.
He cited his time is not even enough to perform the mandate entrusted to him by his constituents.
Cojuangco reacted that the congressman was not truthful in that text message.   

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