Monday, September 1, 2014

P'gasinan Cop Kills 4 Mentors, Wounded 3

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

KILLER COP: Photo grabs from social networking 
Face Book of Police Officer Domino Alipio (right).
LINGAYEN, Pangasinan - Because of uncollected debt, a Pangasinan policeman shot to death with his .45 caliber pistol  last September 1 two teachers, two of his collectors, and wounding three others here.
In a spot report sent to Northern Watch, the Pangasinan Police Provincial Office (PPO) said that around 4 pm of September 1 Police Officer 3 Domino Alipio shot to death with his .45 caliber pistol Acedelio Sison, and Linda Sison all teachers  of the Pangasinan National High School (PNHS) here and two of his lending collectors Florendo Flores and Joselito Ulayan. Those who were wounded were Juliet Molano and Ferdinand Estamano who were rushed to the Community Hospital here, while Jovito Jimenez was rushed to Trauma Hospital  in nearby Dagupan  City.
RJ Jimenez, a broadcaster of Sonshine Radio, who was at the scene of the crime told this paper that Alipio went to PNHS to meet with some of the fatalities after the principal of the school arranged a meeting with the policeman.
"Kasi pinag te-text niya iyong nagka-utang sa kanya na ni threatened niya. Iyong mga teachers naman pina-blotter siya sa police".
Jimenez said that upon waiting for several minutes for the teachers he became impatient. When he roved around the school he saw Acedelio and Linda and immediately pumped bullets to each of them.
"Dumiretso siya doon sa mga teachers na nag-meeting sa isang classroom. Iyong mga teachers naman kanya-kanyang dapa sa ilalim ng lamesa nila habang pinapaputukan silang isa't isa ni Alipio. Noong sa ika walo na bala niya nag jammed iyong .45".
When Alipio was reloading another magazine for his gun outside the room, those teachers who were not hit scampered away from the room.
"Noong pauwi na si Alipio, nata-on naman na papasok iyong dalawang pulis sa nearby outposts. Nagkabarilan sila pero tumakbo si Alipio sa isang kuarto para magtago".
A source who asked anonymity said that Alipio and wife are into lending of money  to public school teachers where some of their partners are members of the Philippine National Police. He said Alipio was formerly assigned in Calasiao town before he was reassigned to Anda Police Station in Anda, Pangasinan,

"Hindi nagbabayad iyong ibang teachers sa kanila doon sa Lingayen, kaya siguro napundi kaya pinagbabaril sila," he said.
But the source said what infuriated Alipio was when he learned there at PNHS that two of his collectors, who were teachers at PNHS did not remit to him the money paid by the mentors who borrowed from him.
"Nadamay lang iyong mga teachers na nagbabayad naman".
Aside from the .45 caliber, the police confiscated too from Alipio a folded carbine riffle and a grenade.
"Nag-ka-tension kasi pumasok pa siya sa loob ng isang classroom ng 4th year high school students habang pinapaligiran siya ng police at SWAT (Special Weapon Action Team)," the source said.
While holding the carbine and a grenade without a pin on both of his hands, he told the female teacher there whether he would surrender or commit suicide because he would be killed too by somebody who allowed him to lend P50 million where some of these amount have not been paid by delinquent borrowers.
According to the police spot report, before the incidents the borrowers of the Alipios have been receiving threats. The suspect is now under the custody of this town's police station
Alipio, an amiable person, used to be a working student when he was studying at the then Luzon Colleges in Dagupan City. He wiggled in his way to college selling turon, lumpia, and bangus (milkfish).

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