Thursday, September 18, 2014

Dagupan’s “Abortion Road” awaits P11M Initial Fund

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

DAGUPAN CITY – This is the worst rough and tumble village road in this city dubbed by motorists as “Abortion Road” for pregnant women. That moniker however will soon be a thing of the past after the Department of Public Works & Highway (DPWH) in Lingayen, Pangasinan has been assured of the P11 million Special Allotment and Release Order (SARO) from the Department of Agriculture (DA).
According to District Engineer Yolly Tangco, Chief of the 2nd Office Engineering of the DPWH, the realignment of the P11 million funds for the construction of the Tambac-Tebeng road comes from the D.A in San Jose City, Nueva Ecija.
District Engineer Yolly Tangco

“But this road is included in the list of projects to be funded by the Department of Agriculture. They are going to release amounting to P11 million. Iyong P11 million is not enough,” she stressed.
Tangco said that without SARO her office could not bid the construction of the road that crisscrosses two villages in this city.
She cited that she sent already her personnel to survey the area so they can have a good plan for the development of the alternative road for motorists from the North who dreaded to enter the traffic congested business areas of this city.
Tangco explained that the road is more than two kilometers in length.
“One kilometer is P20 million, it includes the slope protection against flood. If there is no slope protection one kilometer will be between P16 million to P20 million,” she explained the expenses that would be entailed by the government on the project.
A source, who asked anonymity at the DPWH, said the allocation needed for the Tambac-Tebeng Barangay Road needs more than P40 million.
“Gagawin na namin  0.28 (meters) ang thickness. Thickness namin sa gagawin ay 0.28 (or) almost one foot for the reason na iyan ay alternate road. Hindi na siya puweding i-design ng barangay (road) lang”.
She added the 0.28 meter solidification is a national standard for a national highway.
Meanwhile, Tangco said there are 58 projects that have been implemented and to be implemented that include bridges and highways this year worth P478, 932,000 for the eight towns  2nd Congressional District that she oversees.
30 of the projects worth P144 million have been finished by her predecessor former DE Elpidio Paragas, while 21 are ongoing projects.
“Some of them are NYS (Not Yet Started),” she quipped.       

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