Friday, September 5, 2014

Teachers' Killer, PNP’s Casanova


Who is this Chief of Police (COP) in Pangasinan who applied for retirement but still overstays in his post instead of going back to the Police Provincial Office in Lingayen?
Police officers told me the audacity of this police official to maximize his stays up to the day he retires.
“Baka nasasayangan doon sa S.O.P niya sa Meridian Jai-Alai na bigay ng operator,” one of them quipped.
Provincial Director S/Supt. Rey Biay, please look at this overstaying COP.
A source in the underground economy's lending business told me that PO3 Domino Alipio, the killer of four public school teachers and wounding three in Pangasinan, has not only giving loans to teachers in several public schools in Pangasinan but financing vendors in the public markets in many towns of the mammoth province.
“Doon sa Calasiao, kahit stalls pina-parentahan niya. May office pa siya doon kung saan sa free time niya nag-babasa siya ng Bible”.
He said the amiable Alipio has been building a multi-million pesos multi-story condominium types building in Barangay Ambonao, Calasiao where he plans to lease them.
He said the jailed policeman got a lot of partners in his lending business who are officials of the Philippine National Police.
“Kung one million pesos ang ni-invest ng official, bibigyan niya ng particular percentage kada buwan iyong partner niya, habang iyong principal na one million pesos pinapaikot niya. Kung ayaw na ng official, kaya niyang ibalik iyong one million in a weekly tranche na tag P200,000”.
“Aside from reading the Bible, the other preoccupation of PO3 Alipo has been to read women’s legs,” my source said.
 He cited that PO3 Alipio is a lothario (mahilig sa babae).

“Baka totoo iyong haka-haka na iyong collector (the one he killed in Lingayen town) niya na tinadtad niya ng 15 rounds ng Carbine hindi lang binubulsa ang collection sa mga teachers kundi pinapatungan niya hindi ng interest but ng katawan niya ang kabit ni Alipio na teacher (which he killed, too) doon?” I posed.
My source said that one of the reasons that obfuscated Alipio was probably the teachers, who used to surrender their Automotive Teller Machine (ATM) cards in return for the loans, made an affidavit to Land Bank of the Philippines that they lost their ATM and availed for news ones so they can withdraw their salaries.
I saw recently Alipio on TV brought by the police for inquest in the court in Lingayen. He was remorseless. In other countries shooting carnage like the one he made would make the shooter commits suicide.
The Japanese called it hara-kiri (honorable suicide) for not only making an asshole out of himself but dishonoring the tens of thousands of men and women in the Philippine National Police he represented.
Probably Alipio knows that with his multi –million of pesos, he can hire a good defense lawyer or, sannamagan, battery of defense lawyers, kasali na siguro iyong nag-aabugado sa Department of National Defense, to exploit “temporary insanity” and “impulse of an irresistible force” as exempting circumstances to exonerate him to his crime that caused him the deprivation of reason or discernment after he told, Res Gestae fashion, a teacher when he took cover in her room that he would be killed by somebody who invested in his P50 million 10% a month interest lending business.
Res Gestae for the sake of the tricycle and jeepney drivers who read this column, used by Pangasinan radio broadcasters – aheem!- as topic, is statement made by a person like Alipio while a startling occurrence is taking place or immediately prior or subsequent to the act he has done.
Read Article 12 paragraphs 1 and 6 of the Revised Penal Code of the Philippines or the best seller book (and a movie, too) “A Time to Kill’ by John Grisham (accessed the summary plot here and you know what I am talking here.
I relished rubbing elbows, especially with beers or whisky, with top radio commentator Ruel Camba - the former Joseph Goebbels of the Provincial Information Office under then Governor Victor Agbayani’s administration.
When I was a “moonlighting” (I was then a passionate political science professor) a gratis column writing jobs for Regional Examiner and Pangasinan News 20 years ago the first big time media guy who called my name “Mortz” when I bumped into him in the election of the rambunctious Pangasinan Press Club held at the Dagupan City Council's building I attended was the George Clooney's haired Ruel.
20 years ago, I and Ruel could discussed the anatomy of a beautiful woman, 20 years hence, son of a gun, we preoccupied ourselves discussing (and he even discussed them in his No. 1 rated (by Nielsen?) radio program) the nitty gritty of the political experiences of versatile former U.S Speaker of the House Tip “All Politics is Local” O’Neil , the view points of No-Spin Zone No. 1 U.S cable TV talk show host Bill O’Reilly, the chaebols (big business families) of economic juggernaut South Korea, the psychological transformation of a Yale University kicked out and blue collar worker Dick Cheney for being a “trigger happy” military advocate's Neo-Conservative. 
Without Book Sale Bookstore that sells in the mall old and new hard covered political and military books, I and Ruel would still be discussing the anatomy of those pretty women in the universities and honky tonks of the city.

Baka sabihin ninyo na binobola ko kayo dito, ito ang nabasa ko that would be good read for government officials. Cheney, in his book Dick Cheney: In My Life written by his wife Liz ( an English teacher and a journalist) said that his lesson in government from being the goffer, er, clerk of former Congressman Don Rumsfeld (another Neo-Con warrior that waged war to Afghanistan and Iraq), one of his idols, in the late 1960s, from being the Chief of Staff of former President Gerald Ford, from being a Congressman of his State Wyoming, and from being a former Defense Secretary of then President George HW Bush that government officials in the executive department could take a lesson. Here’s the excerpt:
“But the month after I took (as Defense chief) office, I learned an important lesson about the difference between sharing your view when you’re a member of Congress and sharing it when you’re secretary of defense. Appearing on CNN’s Evans & Novak, I said I believed Gorbachev (former USSR Secretary General for the sake of the trike drivers who read this column) efforts would “ultimately fail.” I hadn’t been off the air long when I got a call from Jim Baker (Former Secretary of State) telling me I was out of my lane, that my comments, now that I was a member of the administration, would have a direct impact on relations between the United States and the Soviet Union, Jim was right. I wouldn’t make that mistake again”

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