Monday, May 12, 2014

More Infras, More Jobs in P’sinan – Cojuangco

CALASIAO – Former congressman Mark Cojuangco declared recently here that snaring more infrastructures build up in the province of Pangasinan will bolster its tourism that could generate more jobs.
“A lot of towns and cities here need to spruce up to attract tourists.
BOODLE FIGHT. Former Pangasinan Congressman Mark
 Cojuangco joined town officials and farmers of Calasiao,
Pangasinan during the municipality's Farmers Day held
 at the gym of the central school last May 6. Cojuangco
 was the guest of honor and speaker of the affair.
We can boost medical tourism and retirement tourism. We just need to pour infrastructures to make these happen,” he told the multitudes in Pilipino who attended the Farmers Day at the gym of the central school here last May 6.
Cojuangco was accompanied in the presidential table by this town mayor Mark Macanlalay, his father Vice Mayor Roy, League of Municipalities of the Philippines- Pangasinan Chapter Noel Nacar, Abono Party-list Rosendo So, this town’s administrator Ben Vallo, and village chiefs here.
In a speech before the synchronized meeting of village chiefs in Sison, Pangasinan, Cojuangco cited how he can siphon infrastructure projects from the national government.
“I have connections with the national leadership. I was able to help them in my own little way. And I am sure they would be willing to help our province”.
The former three-term solon said some cities and towns in the province need infrastructures to solve the perennial floods that have been a scourging the people there.
“We are already in the 21st Century. There is no more reason we can not solve the flooding that beset us”
He also said that one of the reasons that discourage foreign and local investors to pour their capital in the country is because of its prohibited price of electricity.
“We have the most expensive electricity in the world”.
Cojuangco has been advocating the revival of the mothballed Bataan Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP) to solve the country’s deficit of wattage and perks up competition in the power industry.
He said before that nuclear power is not only clean but cheap.
He stressed that the plant in Morong, Bataan is safe as it is 18 meters above sea-level and it has a density of 0.46. He said that it’s more than double its durability as compared to those reactors that went awry in Fukushima, Japan.
“It (BNPP) could withstand the strongest earthquake like what happened recently in Japan,” he declared.
 With the influx of investors in the Philippines he said it means multiplier effects in other industries in the country.
He cited that his declaration in February for the governorship of Pangasinan in 2016 was prompted by his desire to serve the poor.
 “Pero gusto kong tumingin sa salamin at sabihin sa aking sarili na gusto kung tumulong sa aking kapwa at hindi ko siya tatalikuran. Iyan lang ang kaya kong iharap sa inyo na tapat ako sa inyo. Hindi ako bolero, Hindi ko kayang magbitaw ng mga matatamis na salita”.

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