Saturday, May 31, 2014

Dagupan Guard Blasted to Death BHF’s Robber


By Mortz C. Ortigoza

DAGUPAN CITY- Calls it sheer folly on the part of the ten robbers, but after the armed men disarmed the two guards and threateningly asked the employees and customers to lay face down on the floor another unaccounted guard aimed his shotgun from the second floor and blasted one of the marauders as they hurriedly ransacked the BHFJewelry Gemline at noon of May 31 in this city.
First robber  wearing white t-shirt entered BHF Gemline.
After his companion disarmed the shotgun wielding
security guard (the one squatting, 2nd photo) he
brandished a .45 caliber pistol.
According to a source in a nearby commercial establishment, the third guard was eating his lunch upstairs when the commotion ensued at the ground floor – the display center of the biggest jewellery shop in this city and the province of Pangasinan.
“Ni dis-armahan iyong dalawang guards at pinadapa iyong mga empleyado at dalawang customers na babae at sinimulang limasin ang mga alahas”.
As the most of the robbers busied themselves filling their three or four loot bags with jewelries stashed from the display area, the third guard popped-out from the second floor and blasted away with his shotgun one of them.
The first shot, according to the source, did not hit the group leader who was standing with a companion near the door. Both of them were carrying baby Armalite camouflage in a back pack they carried in front of their body.
"The second shot rung and hit the leader in the nape that made him fell in the floor faced down dead".
“Confused the suspects fled leaving their loot bags, patrollers gave chase and conducted dragnet. During the pursuit five motorcycles where recovered and one more M-16 or a total of two M-16s have been recovered,” texted to this blogger by Superintendent Christopher Abrahano, the chief of police of this city.
After the nine malefactors scampered to their motor bikes outside, one of the two guards recovered his shotgun and shot the escaping marauders.

“They immediately straddle on their four motorcycles and they zoomed away to the direction of Barangay (village) Pantal” he cited  in the vernacular.
The source said before the nine robbers escaped they frantically peppered with bullets from their guns the second floor, where the shop's pawnshop is located and where the third guard was holed- in and kept sniping them with his rifle, that caused for the breakage of its glass windows before they left the place.
Five minutes after the robbery, the source said, a motorcycle riding policeman, who was assigned at the nearby Jollibee, arrived but did not pursue the robbers in the village probably afraid that the malefactors were armed with assault automatic rifles versus his service pistol.
"But he was able to call his fellow officers who were already sealing all the possible escape routes of the five motorbikes," the source said.
The dead leader of the group believed to be a former member
of the elite Army Special Forces.

 Lt. Colonel Abrahano said his policemen were already at the scene of the crime five minutes after the first gun shot rung inside the pawnshop.
"Policemen were at the crime scene five minutes after the first gunshot and two minutes after receipt of info(rmation) from a bystander. This can be proven by CCTV (inside the BHF)".
He said his patrollers gave chase to the suspects.
He explained the robbers deceived the police who thought they were still riding their motorbikes.
"Na misled lang kami because they jettisoned their bikes and M-16s and boarded another vehicle. Dagupan was essentially sealed off pero police were looking for motorcycles (they supposed to be riding)".
One of the robbers according to the source even got lost in one of the roads in the village but eventually found his way out by following his companions waiting at the foot of the bridge in the new Dawel-Pantal Highway.
Police source said they left their motorcycles there and jumped inside a Toyota Inova and sports utility vehicles (SUV, a Chevrolet, waiting for them bound to the direction of Binmaley town.
"Iyong armalite na may dugo nakitang katabi sa isang motor," a policeman told this blogger.
“Motels and hospitals are currently being inspected, SOCO (Scene of the Crime Operatives) now on scene, PPO (Provincial Police Office), SWAT (Special Weapon Action Team) and Provincial Intelligence Branch assisting,” Abrahano said.
One of the sources said policemen teemed in the junction in Binmaley town, Longos in Brgy. Bonu-an Binloc, and even Manaoag town as they check every commuter and motorcycle riders who came from this city.

In 2012 the other branch of BHF shop here was robbed by Mindanao based gang using hammers to break the glass compartments used as display box of the shop. In that robbery the suspects, armed too with M-16 automatic rifles, escape unscathed with P10 million loot and their motorcycles hurled at the carriage of a black F-150 pick up truck..

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