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Those Pulis Patola (Police Sissy)

“I thought your new chief of police (COP) here is Superintendent (Lt. Col.) Gerardo Roxas, I asked Ben Vallo, the administrator of Mayor Mark Macanlalay of the burgeoning town of Calasiao.
Vallo told me Roxas name was not included in the list from the Regional Police Office-1 were names of prospective COPs where presented to Calasiao.
STERN POLICE CHIEF?: Calasiao, Pangasinan police chief Satur Ediong (4th from Left). He is a member of Philippine National Police Academy's Class of 1999 
For almost a month now Calasiao police has been under the stewardship of Satur Ediong (PNPA Class ’99 and a mistah (classmate) of provincial police intelligence chief Lt. Col. Rod “Courteous Joe” Castro.
 I first met Ediong, a Baguio born like me, two months ago when the regional police represented by Chief Directorate Staff Col. Marlou Chan and the provincial police led by Provincial Director Raymond Sterling Blanco invited me and the PNP Police’s Provincial Advisory Council represented by its president lawyer Gonzalo  Duque for the Integrated Transformation Program-Performance Governance System (ITP-PGS) at the provincial police office as a preparation of the Pangasinan police presentation at Camp Crame, Quezon City. 
“This guy knows about ITP-PGS,” I told myself when Ediong once in a while butted in to save Col. Chan some operative words in good governance with the Millennium Challenge Corporation that escaped his memory while he was lecturing the stakeholders.
When I went recently to Calasiao, a policeman in civilian clothe told me that several of his police colleague grumbled about the sternness of Ediong.
“Pina duty niya iyong anim na kasama ko up to midnight. Biglang bumalik sa police precint ng mga 1 Am ng makita iyong anim na natutulog na pinaghahampas ni hepe ng sombrero niya “.
Supt. Ediong giving a pep-talk with his men. Some of those sissy
mentioned in this article are probably in this formation.
He added those cops are now in a bind because the chief asked them to explain their dereliction of duty.
Son of a gun, ano ang tawag dito sa mga police na nag sumbong sa akin Lt. Col Jacky Candelario (Mangaldan COP) that seems to undermine their chief? Are they squealer, volunteering information, or media seeking help policemen?
I found the action of Ediong laudable. A top cop should be liked that so he can instill discipline to his men to maintain if not raise the bar of law and order.
Calasiao police has been “tainted significantly” (just like what Mangaldan had before when cops there hired a strip dancer cum prostitute to gyrate before them) recently when after a village candidates’ forum in the Catholic church in the poblacion hell broke lose when assassins led by Arnulfo Calaunan peppered with bullets  Longos Barangay Chairman Muja Dave Mesina and two of his bodyguards (where one of the guards died) as a result of a long, ugly, and bloody family rift between the Calauanans and the Mesinas.
The beef against the police there was gross negligence since they did not guard the peripheries of the church and the nearby puto (rice cake) market where the shooting incident ensued.
The beef against the police leadership there was of all the days that they were doing their jobs why the heck they  did not put some patrollers in the areas to guard any eventualities since that day was "special" because bitter rivals meet in the peace covenant in that church. Aside from the three who were hit by the bullets a girl was hit too by a stray bullet.
Likewise,I personally found how discourteous a policeman there when I was asking for Ediong if he was in office.
A certain PO3 Fernandez who was at the information desk snapped at me and told me he is preoccupied writing a blotter.
That actuation was no big deal for me if he said it in a courteous manner complemented it with a smile, or asks some policemen around to assist me. Ang problema mukhang galit pa si pulis patula. Paano pala kung urgent iyong  sadya ko kay Colonel Ediong, Mag aantay pala ako hangang matapos ang pagawa niya niya ng blotter.
Calling Colonels Chan and Blanco, and Lt. Col. Ediong, it’s high time to reassign Fernandez in Bolinao or Mindanao since Fernandez, just like his grumbling colleagues there undermine the image of the PNP in “metropolitan” Calasiao.

Noon pa man alam ko na na low quality ang grammar and vocabulary ng mga beauty contestants natin sa local and international competitions like Miss Philippine Earth. Recently, nag faint ang bet na si Leslie Ann Pinekasi kasi kulang daw  sa electrolyte (dahil sa kada-diet) ang body niya sabi ng doctor. Kaya hayun dinala siya sa hospital.

 An ABS-CBN reporter, Mario Dumaul, asked her fellow bet, Pircelyn Pialago, what happened to Leslie. Pialago explained: "She PASSED AWAY because of over diet....".

 Ayoooon na ang mga resulta ng mga kabataang Filipino, dahil sa gadgets hindi na nagbabasa ng English. Parang sa Miss Gay din, tinanong ng judge and bakla "What is human? BAKLA: Human? Human is masarap kainin dahil iyan ay kakanin. CROWD: Bobo! Suman iyan, not Human!

Here are some of the contestants’ booboos I saw before that can make one cringe in the sideline or rolled on the floor laughing.

HOST: What is your edge over the other contestants?
CONTESTANT : My edge.... 23 years old.

HOST: If you have a foreigner friend, where will you bring him to
showcase the beauty of the Philippines? CONTESTANT: Bocaue. HOST: Bocaue. Why Bocaue? There are so many places in the Philippines, why Bocaue? CONTESTANT: Because it's a magnificent place.HOST: Which part of Bocaue? CONTESTANT:The Bocaue Rice Terraces. (Banaue Kaya Yon!!)
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