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Police security in the just concluded Barangay (village) Nights in “Wild-West”  San Carlos City, Pangasinan was so tight that cockroaches would die if they dare to penetrate.
Israeli Police
“The security measures here in San Carlos could shame the cordon provided by the Israeli Security Force,” I quipped to media man Harold “Intriguing Joe” Barcelona.
Aside from the uprising against Spain by Andres Malong and Juan dela Cruz Palaris, Harold unforgettable moment in this city was when his best friend Mayor Jolly Resuelo and a body guard died when several assassins opened fired on them during a public function inside the city gym.
In the Barangay Night held lately in the city, every guest that include former Congressman Mark Cojuangco (who did  not arrive) and Board Member Amado Espino III, president of the Liga ng mga Barangays of the Philippines – Pangasinan Chapter, former Pangasinan Congresswoman Rachel Arenas, Vice Governor Ferdie Calimlim, and village officials have to pass in the metal detector, just like what they have to do in the national airport, provided by the new security conscious Police Chief Supt. Charlie ”Gospel-Quoting Joe” Umayam at the entrance of the Sports Complex.
Anxious armed to the teeth police clad in camouflage teemed on the periphery of the sports complex bracing for any taking- a- chance assassin who wants to sneak and cause mayhem and disgrace the Philippine National Police.
 Chief Charlie "Gospel
Joe" Umayam.
“But any bad guys can still exploit a hole in your stringent security dragnet by climbing the roofs of those buildings around the Complex and snipe any VIPs (very important persons) inside the Complex".
Umayam’s officer a certain Inspector (lieutenant) Zafra smiled and told me that it could not happen because Umayam has put some snipers at the rooftops to counter any wannabe assassin who would emulate Spider Man and positioned himself at any one of the rooftops.
“I requested two teams (16 men) and an officer of the SWAT (Special Weapons Action Team) from the PPO (Provincial Police Office) to fill up the gap left by my overstretch policemen who will not only guard the event (Barangay Night) but the villages”.
Umayam, a member of PNPA class 2000 and a member of the British- inspired Special Action Force, told me that he has to do it because if he concentrated all his men in the Complex malefactors can strike at the barangays without any police to deter or repel them.
Umayam, a former chief of police of the rambunctious killing prone town in Abra, narrated to me the measures he did in the concluded Barangay Night in a small salo-salo (blowout) he hosted after his deputy, Chief Inspector Whathisfirstnameplease Abugan, a former enlisted man, celebrated his one month as Umayam’s deputy.
 What can you say on this gesture from “Gospel Joe” to “Lucky Joe” Abugan, Lieutenant Colonels Mat Casupang, Armando Mueno, and Christopher Abrahano?

Special Weapons Action Team
(SWAT) in Pangasinan, Philippines
(Above Photo).
I bet you guys, no chief of police (COP) has treated the retiring Abugan, who was put on the receiving ends in the past by his superiors, like what Gospel Joe Umayan has done to the former.
Umayam said that he rented the metal detector from Poro Point, San Fernando City, La Union.
He also told me that he asked the bank owners and managers in a meeting that they should ask their clients to remove their helmets and gloves when they transact inside the bank as precautionary measures.
“So far no shooting and other major incidents ensued in my one month as COP here”.
He said he wants to erase the “Wild-Wild West - A Corral “reputation of the City as sensationalized by the media once known as Binalotongan where killings, robberies, and other crimes in the past tainted the reputaton of the city.
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