Saturday, August 15, 2015


US NAVY PARTNERSHIP. Commander Greg Montalto,
director for Medical Operations of the US Navy (second
 from right), said the Pacific Partnership 2015   personnel
will work and train side-by-side with the Pangasinan
community adding that collaboration strengthens international
 partnership. “The mission’s emphasis is the transfer of
knowledge and also the friendships that we will undoubtedly
make. This is far more long lasting than any other
equipment,” Montalto told Pangasinan media during a press
conference held at the Capitol compound on Monday. The
70-member team has made a series of surgical missions, hospital
 engagements, disaster and risk reduction management,
veterinary mission, public health and environmental sanitation
visits that started Monday, August 10 until August 12.
 (Photo by Roland Naoe/PIA-1, Pangasinan)

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