Thursday, July 11, 2013

Gov. Espino rotates work assignment of hospital chiefs

Governor Espino (2nd from Right)
LINGAYEN- In an effort to have a better hospital management, the province has stepped up the rotation scheme on its government-owned hospitals by changing the workplace assignments of the chiefs of hospitals (COHs) effective July 1. This contains in a Memorandum Order No. 2013-0012 signed by Provincial Administrator Rafael Howard Baraan on June 19 following an order from Gov. Amado T. Espino, Jr. Provincial Health Officer Dra. Ana de Guzman said the memo should have took effect last June 19 but the Provincial Administrator gave the COHs a two-week extension for them to have time to visit their new hospital assignment. In an interview, De Guzman admitted that the rotation scheme has encountered apprehensions from the COHs as it would entail new adjustments for them. “We understand their concerns but this plan has been long overdue, and besides this is just temporary with a duration of six months to one year,” she said. Provincial Administrator Baraan asked the chiefs of hospitals to take their new assignments on a positive point of view. “This will help you grow to become a better manager, and your chance to bring your management skills experience to another hospital. This will also benefit the Pangasinenses whose health needs depend on the skills and expertise of the doctors,” he said. Dra. de Guzman explained further that exposure to other hospital will “gain additional knowledge and skills by learning different strategies and approaches in handling new set up of hospital operations.” The provincial health official added the rotation process is also a form of succession planning as it will prepare the COHs to handle much bigger responsibilities for an eventual promotion because some are due for retirement. The chiefs of hospitals’ new assignment are as follows: Dr. Donn Doria (from Pozorrubio Community Hospital to Manaoag Community Hospital); Dr. Edgardo Espinoza (from Mangatarem District Hospital to Bayambang District Hospital); Dr. Franklin Sable (from Mapandan Community Hospital to Lingayen District Hospital); Dr. Alfredo Sy (from Asingan Community Hospital to Eastern Pangasinan District Hospital); Dr. Ferdinand Totaan (from Manaoag Community Hospital to Umingan Community Hospital); Dr. Ma. Vivian Villar-Espino (from Urdaneta District Hospital to Pozorrubio Community Hospital); Dr. Athena Marie Merrera (from Lingayen District Hospital to Mapandan Community Hospital); Dr. Nicolas Miguel (from Bayambang District Hospital to Mangatarem District Hospital); Dr. Julian Rose( from Umingan Community Hospital to Asingan Community Hospital); Dr. Jovencio Tumbaga (from Eastern Pangasinan District Hospital to Urdaneta District Hospital); Dr. Genevieve Rivera (from Bolinao Community Hospital to Dasol Community Hospital) and Dr. Eugenie Guiang (from Dasol Community Hospital to Bolinao Community Hospital). The rotation scheme has exempted Dr. Policarpio Manuel who is acting as OIC Chief of the Pangasinan Provincial Hospital in San Carlos City. Out of courtesy, Dr. Jackson Soriano who is on leave due to lingering illness is still the Chief of PPH. Dra. Susan Rita P. Merino, chief of the Western Pangasinan District Hospital in Alaminos City also remains in her post. (Merly R. Tibalao/PIO)

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