Sunday, July 21, 2013

Road elevation in Dagupan to last 50 years - Dion

Dagupan City
Mayor Belen Fernandez
Rep. Gina de Venecia

DAGUPAN CITY – The former chief of the 2nd Engineering District in Pangasinan said that the elevation of the concrete road in this city would last for 50 years.
 “The quality of the concrete is high that the road will last for 50 years,” stressed by Engineer Rodolfo “Boy” Dion.
Dion said the road needs regular maintenance even it is of high quality. He explained that unlike the concrete roads he oversees under his watch, other roads and highway in other parts of the country last up to 25 years. The projects in this city done under the supervision of Dion are P45 million construction of road and drainage system in Bonuan Gueset, P18.5 million drainage system along Arellano-Bani and concreting of the road shoulder Dawel to Tanap Bridge, P47 million raising of grade and construction of drainage system of Mayombo that started from the junction Perez Boulevard to Villaflor Hospital, P20 million raising of grade and construction of drainage of Lucao section from the junction of Old de Venecia Highway to the junction of New de Venecia Highway.
A source who asked anonymity said the projects done by Department of Public Works & Highway under the stewardship of Dion in this city are considered as one of the best in the country. ”Look at the way DPWH constructed the roads in Dagupan. Look at the quality man holes that can be passed by vehicles designed by Dion. Look at the road widening”. Because of the initiatives of Dion to expand different arteries of roads, construct bigger drainage systems, floods have been a thing of the past.
The DPWH’s top honcho said that a kilometer road costs now P20 million. “One kilometer of road costs up to P20 million. Iyan pag mataas ang cemento. Iyong iba P15 million pataas”. Engineer Dion said that before a concrete road can be used it needs 14 days for the cement to be cured. But the public works found it ideal to have a curing period of 27 days. “Ang curing mga 14 days puwedi mo ng padaanan 75%. Pero kung talagang (ideal) aabot tayo ng 27 days,” he said. (MCO)

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