Monday, July 1, 2013

Former Mayor Lim's "vegetable" condition - Doc


 Those reckless motorcycle riders in the Philippines are a bane to responsible motorists. But their gruesome death in road accidents could be a boon in our fight to slowdown our galloping population.
Many if not most of traffic fatalities involved motorcycle riders.
 I nearly saw recently a deadly motorcycle freak accident involving the rider and, son of a gun, myself inside my car. Last June 26 I was bound to Mangaldan (South) in a sparsely populated area of Barangay Anolid, Mangaldan in Pangasinan where vehicles there run an average speed of 60 kilometers per hour (KPH). Since I was at the right side of the road and destined to a commercial establishment located at the left side of the highway I slowed down and put on my left flasher (light) to signal to a jeep bound to Dagupan City (North)to slowdown and stop so I can turn left. It stopped four meters in front of me.
As I was slowly negotiating the left side of the road and after I gave my two tap horns compliment to the courtesy given by the jeepney driver, I saw a rushing motorcycle with two helmet wearing riders running gung-ho towards my car.
 It sneaked at the right side of the jeep by using the right shoulder of the highway and was bound to smash the right door of my car.
 Thanks but no thanks to the to the erring driver’s instinct that he luckily veered right by missing a hairline of my back bumper thus saving damage to properties and harming or saving his life.
 Susmariosep, the errant driver has the temerity to sternly stare at me as if I was at fault to his negligence and stupidity before he sped off to the North.

 I asked two drivers in the establishment about my brushed on with the motorbike rider who was nearly ripped by “kamatayan” or the grim ripper .
“Sino ang may kasalanan doon, ako o sila (who was at fault there, I or the motorcycle driver)?, I posed. Driver 1: (Whom I suspected long ago he bought his driver’s license from the fixer at the Land Transportation Office): “It’s your fault. You should give way to the rushing motorcycle because he came from a straight line".
 Me: "No. It’s the motorbike’s driver fault since he saw already the jeep stopped. He should know that a vehicle would be turning right in front of the jeep".
 Driver 2: "It’s the motorcycle driver’s fault since a driver is not allowed to overtake on a shoulder of the road but should do it on the left side of the jeep if he is bound (South)".
 What’s your take my dear readers? Who was at fault?
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How magnanimous was Rep. Gina de Venecia (4th District, Pangasinan) during the ground breaking ceremony recently of the P1.2 billion 11-storey edifice to be constructed R1MC hospital in Dagupan City –dubbed as the biggest government hospital, with helicopter pad on its peak, outside Metro Manila.
When I told her about my info I got on Mayor Benjie S. Lim’s health where, according to some of his cordon sanitaire, he opened his eyes for the first time, moved his hands, and his family put earphones on his ears last May 29 , the lady solon has just a Christian wish to the family’s perennial political nemesis:
 “ I am praying for his fast recuperation.”

Is Benjie really recuperating?
 According to my source he would be living his life as a “vegetable.”
 My mole, a renowned doctor, told me what hit outgoing Mayor Benjie S. Lim was lethal.
He said the mayor’s skull was holed by a certain Dr. F of Villaflor Hospital the night before the May 13 election.
 He said the surgery was a tri- callosotomy (pardon me if I got the term wrong) sometimes called split-brain surgery that affects the thalamus of Lim’s brain. “95 percent of the patients with similar case with Benjie that doctors in Dagupan City operated died,” he confidently told me in front of his doctors and nurses who queue to have a business with him.
When I asked him that in case Benjie recovered would he become kumang or handicapped.
“Anong kumang ? He would be a vegetable for the rest of his life,” he told me as the rest of the crowd listened with curiosity and horror.
Some readers and even the family of Mayor Lim should not take offense with this article.
 My writing this is for public consumption, whether the information given to me was correct or wrong, shows that Lim is a public figure imbued with public interest where his term ends on June 30 while I wrote this column on June 21.
Everybody in Dagupan City has been at a loss about his health since he was out of public sight from May 13 to present.
The family, who continues to withhold to the public what happened to him, owed the people in the city an explanation why they did not give a health bulletin to update his constituents about the development of his health. You can read my selected columns at and articles at Pangasinan News Aro. You can send comments too at

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