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Drug Pushers, Robbers Beware

DETERRENCE TO BAD GUYS: Sprawled remains of victims of extra-judicial killings


 A newly elected mayor in Pangasinan has ordered his police chief to stop all illegal number games including the legitimate Jai-Alai of Meridian Gaming Corporation in his town.
 “Bakit niyo ginawa iyan mayor? Kayo ang kawawa niyan wala kayong “source” pamigay sa mga mahirap (Why you did it mayor? You deprived yourself with monies you should be giving to your poor constituents),” I posed to him.
He said it would be temporary. He already asked his chief of police to arrest anybody who collect bets for any number games in his town.
 He explained that his predecessor whom he defeated in the last May 13 election and his men have been running their own “bookish (gambling racket that piggy-back from the winning numbers of Jai-Alai)”.
 “I don’t want them anymore to benefit from the revenues of the number games,” he told me.
 A political operator of another candidate for the Philippine Councilors League-Pangasinan Chapter has been discouraging another candidate for the post. “Councilor, kung P5 million lang ang puhunan mo sa election sa August itago mo na kasi ang amo ko kaya niyang magpakawala hangang P15 million,” the operator told the city dad.
 The Man-Friday explained that with P10, 000 budgets his patron can boot for his kin ( a town councilor) for each of the 470 councilors in Pangasinan one needs P4.7 million to launch a succesfull electoral war.
E papaano pa iyong tag P20,000 sa bawat 47 mayors (excluding the independent city Dagupan), and P15,000 sa bawat Vice Mayor? Papaano pa iyong gastos mo sa pakain, painum mo, at pa-puta mo sa mga councilors?” he posed to the bit surprised city dad who thought running for a position as an Ex-Officio in the provincial board is child’s play.
He said the wannabe should better save his P5 million ( a bluff? - Mortz) especially if it is hard earned monies from the family business and loans from banks .
 But the councilor has been ambivalent. He said when he runs for the SK (Sanguniaang Kabataan) he was pitted against the son of a jueteng lord.
“With the endorsement of the mayor, tinalo ko siya kahit hindi ako namili ng boto”.
He said he talked already with some councilors in the different towns of Pangasinan and they agreed in principle to put a stop on the wheeling and dealing at the PCL polls.
 “So umaasa ka sa mirakulo na mananalo ka without resorting to massive vote buying and treat?”.
 He confidently answered me in the affirmative.
What d’ya think my readers? Would he be successful with sheer guts, fervent prayers, and some millions of hard earned monies to throw?

Is there a vigilante group in Dagupan City who murder in cold blood suspected drug pushers?
It seems the target are the pushers who buy the illegal drugs shabu at Sitio Silongan and the couriers of the illegal stuffs from Manila.
Sitio Silongan in Bonuan Binloc, a Muslim compound, is the venue where 215 grams of Shabu worth P1 million and the biggest hoard in the war against drugs in Dagupan City has been confiscated four months ago by the operatives of the Philippine Drugs Enforcement Agency and the police in Dagupan City.
According to PDEA regional director Jeoffrey Tacio, Sitio Silongan in Barangay Bonuan Binloc has been a supply hub of drugs all over Region 1 and the Cordillera Region.

 My fear on the series of extra judicial killings is when the overzealous vigilante goes beyond the binge killing of suspected drug dealers by start shooting or stabbing suspected character (the latest one was in Brgy. Tapuac where the suspected robber and drug pusher had a cardboard that enumerated his sins tied on his neck) they chance doing nefarious trade or just buying drugs for consumption at places in Sitios Silongan, Aling, and Barangay Amado.
 As advice to illegal drug users particularly: Son of a gun, stop patronizing the psychedelic stuffs sold at Silongan particularly otherwise your sorry families mourn you.
 That motley grams of shabu you relished there could not compensate your lives snapped out by the killers lurking at the dark side of the highway with their long and short arms ready to put a hole in your head or the dagger they are going to plunge between the right side of your neck and shoulder.
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