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PNP should censure the Crying Cop at SONA

Result of a failed Police Training: Rookie policeman
Joselito Sevilla broke down in tears after he saw how
violent the radical rallyist who fought the policemen
who drove them away at the SONA of President
Aquino in the Batasan Complex.

 Who is this former mayor in Pangasinan who asked a fledgling contractor to give him almost a million peso advance during the election as part of his S.O.P from the contractor who was tasked to make a project from the National Irrigation Administration?
Leftistists Empathized with the Weeping Cop: Radical
 demonstrators hugged the crying policeman as his embarrassed
 colleague (with a helmet) looked at the drama that unfolded
in front of him.
My informant told me that the then mayor told the contractor despite he (contractor) has yet to win the bid for the tens of millions of pesos contract he needed him to advance the sum because when his anointed candidate for the mayor wins the latter will intercede that he gets the contract.
 The anointed bet lost big time at the election in May 13 this year. Now the contractor has been blaming himself about his misadventure with the former mayor.
 I went to Davao City and Cotobato Province last week for a business trip. I thought that the expansion of the national highway from a two-way road to four-way was undertaken by the Department of Public Works and Highway only in Luzon.
 From Davao City to the Province of Cotabato private contractors of the DPWH were pre-occupied adding another lane at both sides of the highway. “Look, even the still passable old two-lane road is being cut to pieces by the jack hammer so the government can put a new one,” Cotabato political analyst Luvin Candari quipped when he drove me around Kidapawan City with his South Korean made SUVs he bought at the Economic Zone in Cagayan de Oro.
 I told him probably it was a misguided policy of the Aquino Administration to rip-off the still passable original highway at the same time build two additional lanes to make them four as a strategy of the government to perk up the economy (expansion of the construction sector was the main driver of the 7.8% Gross Domestic Product of the country in the first quarter of this year and the 6.6% GDP last year) so that President Aquino can crow to the people next year that the GNP still squirts to high heaven despite the end of the election spending in May 13 this year.
 I could only shake my head how poorly equipped the Armed Forces of the Philippines.
Last July 15, the van I rode was flagged by the Task Force Davao in Toril, Davao City.
I could not understand how the soldiers from the 10th Infantry Brigade function effectively at their checkpoint. I wonder how these soldiers check if the bags and baggage of the commuters carried a bomb or other illegally possessed deadly weapons.
 Geez, they were only touching with their bare hands the stuffs of the passengers inside the van.
“What are these guys think their hands are? X-ray machine that could find the corpus delecti (body of the crime),” I murmured to myself.
These soldiers are no different to security guards at the Metro Rail Transit in Manila who have to check the bags of passengers with their bare eyes or a stick.
I  could only commiserate with the AFP and those guards at the MRT. What they have been doing only reflect how financially poor our government that we could not even afford to buy those instruments guards at the Top 100 corporations have been efficiently doing to check the bottom part of a car and the body and bags of the visitor by using gadgets they bought abroad.
 Geez, foreign dignitaries were wearing ear phones at the SONA 2013. I was the only one probably in the country who observed the following in my column after I accidentally attended the SONA 2012 when the Taxi driver thought I ordered him “Dalhin mo kami ni Atong (Remogat of the Toro tabloid) sa Sona” instead of the “Dalhin mo kami sa Sauna” when we hailed the cab somewhere at the Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City after an all night drinking binged, excerpts of that article  :
"That I pitied the foreign dignitaries who looked like idiots listening to the one hour-and- a- half speech of President Benigno Simeon Aquino III in Tagalog. That the Office of the Speaker should have purchased earphones (just like in the United Nations- for those dignitaries who come as far as the Republic of Timbukto ) on which they listen to translations in English.

 The Philippine National Police chief General Allan Purisima should discipline the weakling “cry baby” policeman at a rally outside the Batasan Complex when President Benigno Simeon Aquino III delivered his State of the Nation Address.
 Rookie cop PO1 Joselito Sevilla was overwhelmed by the audacity of the protesters for a tit-and-tat with violence with the policemen.
 When asked by reporters why he was crying he quipped: "Sa gutom at pagod. Walang tulog. Walang pahinga. Dalawang araw na kami naka-deploy dito. Tapos ganito, nagkakagulo".
Were members of the Philippine National Police molded at the beast barracks or anti-rally training to be steadfast amid the pressures around them?
Son of a gun, can you imagine the effect to the prestige of the PNP where policemen emulate Sevilla every time members of these anarchic communist inspired demonstrators persist to break the lines where they are barred by law.
Although he was demonized by the world media because of these actuations, toughed - talking and swashbuckling three- star and enraged General George Patton slapped a malingering  18 years old private Charles H. Kuhl in a hospital in Sicily, Italy in the middle of war between the Yanks and the Germans.
 As Patton left the tent, he heard Kuhl cried, just like policeman Sevilla, and turned back by striking the soldier again and ordered him to leave the infirmary tent.
 It later emerged that Kuhl had malaria and a high fever.
A week later, in a far less publicized incident, Patton slapped Private Paul G. Bennet, who had been hospitalized for his “nerves” cum  another malingering excuse.
The case of the privates of the U.S Army could be understandable because what they saw were war at its ugliest.
 But the case of Sevilla was preposterous. Am I right Colonels Marlou Chan and Cris Abrahano?
 Susmariosep, has the officer at the boot camp failed in honing the neophyte cop to be tough as nail amid adversities?
If West Point graduate and former Philippine Constabulary Chief Fidel V. Ramos has impressed to his men his "Steady Eddie" disposition every time he faced threat to his life like EDSA - 1 and coups from then self-styled Colonel Gringo Honasan, Sevilla and those at the training centre of the PNP are making the organization as another extension of new converts of  the weeping members El Shaddai and Jesus is Lord Movement.
Good Lord, please help the PNP in the midst of the crises General Purisima is facing today.
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