Sunday, July 14, 2013

11-storey hospital won’t stand on hollow ground- Mejia

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

 DAGUPAN CITY – The chief of the Region 1 Medical Centre (R1MC) said the 11-storey hospital building to be constructed this year stands will not stand on a hollow ground because of liquefaction.
 Dr. Roland Mejia rebutted critiques of the project by explaining that the edifice will stand on the bedrock of the earth that will make it firm and stable.
 “The liquefaction is true in places where land is shallow. Dagupan has a bed rock according to the structural engineers. Kayang kaya ng pile foundation ang building. He explained that the pile foundation could withstand a more than magnitude seven earthquake.
He said President Aquino promised that before his term ends in 2016 the 11-storey building will be finished. Mejia cited the 11 storey 1,300 beds edifice is the biggest government tertiary hospital outside Metro Manila.
Mejia said he was happy for the victory of this city mayor Belen Fernandez. He said it was not only good for Dagupenos but good for the hospital.
 “Kasi naniniwala ako magbigigay ng assistance ang city government sa ating hospital”.
 Meanwhile, Mejia denied that salaries of the casuals at R1MC have been delayed for two months. “Hindi ka naman susueldohan pag hindi ka nag-submit ng daily time record. Kung hindi nag-submit ang isang group ng contractual na pag may nade-delay na submission ng DTR hintayin pa iyon kasi hindi puweding gumawa ng separate iyong iba. So you have to do it again. Siguro ang delay at the most is 15 days,” he explained.
He said this happens because his staff has to check again the daily time record (DTR) submitted by the casuals.

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