Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A scheming vice mayor?

By Mortz C. Ortigoza
A vice mayor of a city in Pangasinan complained to a radio station about the million of peso loan obtained by his mayor from a government bank.
A former mayor told me to tell the city mayor that he could “silence” the whinings of the vice mayor he suspected to be making noise because he wants a share of the loan.
“I did that to my vice mayor and his councilors and everybody was happy,” the former mayor said.
I told what the former mayor told me to the city mayor’s man Friday
The man Friday torpedoed the request of the former mayor.
“Kahit mag-dadak-dak siya sa media (vice mayor),kahit singko sentimos hindi siya bibigyan ni mayor. Hindi ganoon si mayor! (Despite his acrimony in the media, the bellyaching vice mayor would not get even a cent. Our mayor is not like that!)” he told me.
Other mayors know how to buy the silence of their vice mayor and councilors.
According to the former mayor, in the X amount he contracted with Land Bank of the Philippines he gave P1 million to the vice mayor, an opposition; P500 thousand and P300 thousand to each of the opposition councilors and pro-mayor dads.
“The loan was approved as fast as one can imagine at the council dominated by opposition members who impressed to the public that they are morally fit who think of the welfare of their constituents.’
Thanks to the narration of my politician friend, now we know how hypocrites our public officials are.
Can you stillremember dear readers my last column on how 70% of the P3 million re-gravelling funds went to the pockets of the mayor, private contractor, and the municipal engineer?

Hereunder is my analysis on the Pacquiao vs. Bradley tiff I explained in my interview with TV stations GMA-7 and ABS-CBN last week:
Manny Pacquiao is Jim Croce’s Big Bad Leroy Brown on his outing against Tim Bradley on June 10, 2012. Manny has been fighting at 147 lbs for countless of times while Tim fought on it, excellently and dominantly, only once versus Luis Carlo Abrigu in July, 2010.
The Filipino has knack for knockouts with 64.41 % ratio on his 54 fights versus the modest 41.38 % of the American’s 28fights.
But there was a crack on the armor of Pacquiao in his sluggish rubber match against Juan Manuel Marquez in November 12, 2011.
It can either be a sign of wear and tear from the wars he had been, or a sign of too many activities in politics and showbiz?
Bradley declared he trained hard for 10 weeks on this toughest fight of his life.
“I studied Pacquiao for four years” he quipped.
Manny satisfied himself with seven weeks of training that could be deducted by “a week” of emphatic prayer meeting, intense proselytizing,zealous curing of believers with eye and hand problems and flocked for a miracleto an overnight preacher in his training hideaway in the cloud kissed mountain of Baguio City.
In case the congressman loses because of these spiritual destructions, it means God Almighty has a plan for him: Preach, sing, govern, or a comeuppance. It is a comeuppance for him to train harder for arematch with the “Desert Storm” on November this year.
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