Sunday, June 3, 2012

Atty Milo warns taxpayers vs. swindlers at BIR

Revenue District Office -6 chief Beverly Milo

URDANETA CITY – The chief of the Bureau of Internal Revenue who supervises Eastern Pangasinan warned taxpayers to transact business with the authorized BIR personnel only otherwise they will find themselves duped by criminal minds.
Revenue District Office -6 chief Beverly Milo, a lawyer, said that she has just published in a community paper Ms. Perla P. Mondina, a former BIR employee,  not to discredit her and other unscrupulous tax office personnel but to warn taxpayers about their shenanigans .
Atty. Milo said the noticed to the public of Mondina, who was  dismissed because of absence without leave, was to inform the public that she is not authorized to transact with taxpayer inside or outside the BIR premises especially for the One Time Transactions (ONETT) for sale of real property, estate, donor’s and exchange of properties including registration, closure and open cases.
“To warn taxpayers that we need to do that because of numerous complaints that was lodged to this office,” she stressed.
She recalled that unscrupulous employees here have deceived taxpayers by making an impression that their paid documents like transfer of real property have already been processed.
“These taxpayers stating a transaction have been secured and supposedly processed way back in (years) 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011. Unfortunately, after getting the documents and sum of money for the transaction they did not submit them to the BIR for processing”.
Atty. Milo lamented that some of the victims who were overseas contract workers found later that the real property tax (RPT) sold to them are still in the hands of the previous owner.
“And they could not even acquire the property because they do not have the necessary documents like deed of sale or title. It was totally submitted to the individual who were supposedly employees of this office but were not authorized to transact with taxpayers as far as one time transaction is concerned.”
She said the other scenario:” When the seller died his descendants processed the transfer of the property at the expense of the buyer who thought he already owned the property”.
The other scenario is at the expense of the seller who thought the buyer have been paying the taxes of the RPT.
She said the surcharges and penalties fired-up because of the omission of the owner to pay taxes at the BIR and the local government unit.
Atty. Milo said some of the employees of RDO-6 have already been charged administratively at her office and criminally at the prosecutor’s office after settlement with the complainants failed at the barangay level.
She said taxpayers should transact either at the ONETT officer or the officer of the day whichever is applicable. She added that transactions made outside of the BIR premises are considered as unofficial.
“Hence, officials of Revenue District Office No. 6 are not accountable for any transactions handled outside this office,” warned by Milo at a paid newspaper advisement.

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