Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Trillanes fails to appreciate changing educational environment

Sen. Antonio Trillanes

> “You benefited from a 10-year basic education program, and yet you are saying your program did not work.”
- While we can't deny that we benefitted from the 10-year BeD program
before, the realities in the international scene is different. We will
benefit more from longer school contact years. Students become more
mature; more skills learned; more experience earned.
 "It should not be the policy of the government to export graduates."
- It is ideal to say that it should not be the government policy to export graduates. But the reality is different. Filipinos tend to leave to earn more and has become part of our culture. If we do not prepare our students for skills abroad or global skills to compete globally, our future manpower won't be able to compete abroad and moreso within our country. If we do not train them to be globally competitive, I daresay we'll see more Chinese and Indians coming in our country taking over our jobs. We train globally not just to export workers but to ensure that whoever stays can still compete globally.
 "Then the solution is to provide opportunities here… If the problem is unemployment, then let us provide employment."
- Again, providing employment opportunities locally requires our workers to be globally competitive to attract foreign investors to build businesses here. We need additional years to do just that. And what's good about the K+12 is that the burden of providing skills training (TESDA) now rests on the government for Grades 11-12. All graduates are expected to have learned TESDA NC-II level skills. That's why TESDA is raising its level to NC-III now to upgrade its skills requirement.
- And I wanna see Trillanes provide employment. His track record has proved to us, he's better at destabilizing our country.
 “Let us not tinker with this experimental program and force it upon everyone.”
- The program is not experimental. It is being done in other countries and belatedly implemented in the Philippines. Understanding-by-Design (UBD) during GMA's time was experimental. This has to be implemented.

Final Note: I think the issues that should be resolved is NOT on whether it should be implemented or not. There is a consensus among educators that it should be implemented. CEAP, the largest organization of educators in the country, will be implementing the K+12, whether or not the public school system will implement it. The primary reason of most anti-K+12 educators is their pathological "fear for change." They just don't want to work hard. :-)

The issue that should be discussed is the conduct of implementation of the K+12. Valid issues should be discussed are:
> Curriculum and its implementation
> Pedagogy and teaching strategies
> Budget for more classrooms, instructional materials, textbooks
> More massive information drive about its implementation

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