Sunday, June 3, 2012

Manay Gina's solution vs. riding in tandem

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

DAGUPAN CITY - “You’re the disease, I’m the cure, “hissed by Silvester Stallone to criminals in the flick “Cobra.”
Is Fourth District Rep. Gina de Venecia the cure against the spates of unabated killings perpetrated by killers who ride in tandem on a motorbike in Pangasinan?
De Venecia gave two high quality motorcycles for the police of this city and each of the police stations in the towns of Mangaldan, San Fabian, San Jacinto, and Manaoag.
She pledged also to give 9mm caliber hand guns to policemen in this city and the four towns.
 She said she made this decision after seeing the inutility of policemen when assassins shot to death Tocok, San Fabian Barangay Captain Arsenio Bucao during a festivity attended by the lady solon.
“I was with him happily attending the ‘Barangay Nights’ in San Fabian when he was shot to death. Unfortunately, the killer escaped,” she said.
De Venecia said the police could not give a chase as they do not have a motorcycle as a fast means to apprehend the culprit.
She hoped that with motorcycles and new handguns, the police would be slick and effective in neutralizing killers on motorbike that have given a black eye to the province.

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