Sunday, June 17, 2012

Rival behind Media Attacks vs. Primicias

LINGAYEN – “The media demolition job against Dr. (Sheila Marie A.) Primicias is part of the jockeying to the coveted No.1 post of DepEd that would be vacant on September this year,” a source at the Department of Education – Pangasinan 1, who asked anonymity, said.
She suspected that there was an orchestrated moved by the rivals of Dr.  Primicias by using paid hacks in the media to destroy her so she could not be a contender for the soon to be vacated post of superintendent here.
Dr. Aurora Domingo, the present boss of Pangasinan-1, will retire on September this year.
The source said that she could not fathom why nemesis of Primicias, the assistant superintendent for academics of DepEd Pang-1, made a big fuss on the jogging pants, collar t-shirts, and umbrella that teachers bought as their uniform in the opening of the Palarong Pambansa (National Game).
“It was voluntary, and it was only for a measly sum of P800,” she quipped.
She wondered why acrimonious and baseless media men did not expose the alleged scandalous selling of teachers items in DepEd Pang-2 and in San Carlos City which is peddled as much as P120 thousand per teacher applicant.
“Bakit ngayon lang nagsusulputan itongmga atake kay madam?” she posed.
She said Dr. Primicias asked her to ask media men to identify those teachers who complained through text messages of their mobile phone to give credence to their scathing accusations.
“These teachers should show up and not hide through anonymous text messages. They destroy innocent people’s reputation without accountability”.
She suspected that rivals of Primicias for the post were behind the media hatchet jobs
According to another insider, there are three contenders who are eyed for the powerful post that oversees more than 8 thousand public elementary and high school teachers from the town of Sta Barbara in Central Pangasinan to as far as the island town of Anda in Western Pangasinan.
He said they are Dr. Danny Sison, Assistant Superintendent of DepEd – Pangasinan 1, Dr. Joy Fernandez, Superintendent, Dep-Ed Urdaneta, and Dr. Lourdes D. Servito, principal of Calasiao Comprehensive National High school.
“All of them passed the written examination of the Career Executive Service Officer”.
But the insider said the problem with Dr. Servito is she is still a principal unlike the other three who are ensconced in the top post of the education office in the province.
The earlier source said that out of 23 town mayors in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th congressional districts under Pang-1, 19 mayors have already signed the endorsement of Primicias for the DepEd Pang-1’s top post to Secretary Armin Luistro of the Department of Education.
The three mayors who did not endorse Primicias were either businessmen friend or relative of an assistant superintendent who supervised the Bids & Award Committee of Pang-1.
The source said Dr. Primicias has just passed the tough written examination in December 11, 2011.
“Although she and Dr. Sison have to hurdle the next three tests for the conclusion of the CESO exam, the written exam was the toughest,” the source stressed.
The insider said that CESO eligibility entitled the possessor a security of tenure and a 3rd level eligibility. The one who passed a written examination, just like what Premicias and Sison have done, a candidate can still be assigned as a superintendent only on temporary basis.
“Drs. Sison, Primicias, and Fernandez can be an OIC (officer –in- charged) or superintendent on temporary basis after Dr. Domingo retires in September” .(

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