Saturday, May 28, 2016


DAGUPAN CITY – City Hall employees on May 27 received their mid-year bonus equivalent to their one-month salary pursuant to Executive Order No. 201, series of 2016, issued by President Benigno Aquino III on February 19 this year.

The EO is entitled “Modifying the Salary Schedule for Civilian Government Personnel and Authorizing the Grant of Additional Benefits for Both Civilian and Military and Uniformed Personnel”.

Under Budget Circular 2016, government personnel--for them to be entitled to the mid-year bonus-- must have rendered at least a total or an aggregate of four months of service from July 1, 2015 to May 15, 2016, be currently in service as of May 15, 2016, and have received at least a satisfactory performance rating in the immediately preceding rating period.

The mid-year bonus of the employees was drawn from  Supplemental Budget No. 1 of fiscal year 2016 amounting to P97,172,341.20 in accordance with City Ordinance No. 2058-2016 passed by the Sangguniang Panlungsod on March 17 this year,

The amount came from surplus/savings of the city for calendar year 2015 in the amount of P96,072,341.20 and reversions from upgrading of PCC pavements at Tebeng in the amount of P400,000.00 and main road Tapuac, P500,000; and reversion from repair of Barangay Tebeng’s Barangay Hall in the amount of P200,000 to the appropriated account of the General Fund "to cover the cost of various expenditures including the grant of mid-year bonus".

Mayor Belen T. Fernandez disclosed that with the other pronouncement from Malacanang granting Productive Enhancement Incentive (PEI) to government employees equivalent to one-month salary, city hall employees may possibly receive such amount as incentive.

“We have already appropriated P5,000  for every employee as their PEI but if funds would allow and if it is within the 45 percent Performance Salary cap, we will again give our employees another  one-month salary as  PEI,” said Fernandez. (Joseph C. Bacani/CIO/May 27, 2016)

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  1. If the P97, 172,341.20 is only for the 13th months bonus it would have have to be doubled to pay for the 14th month bonus. Beautiful! Would it not be better to use the 14th month bonus to feed the hungry and jobless than to reward those already employed by an overgrown bereaucracy. I'm sure that the mayor, owner of the largest chain of supermarkets in Region 1, or higher-ups in government do not need it. Employees are well compensated for their work. Yet there are the jobless and low wage earners, such as pedicab drivers, that have to eke out a living for a few pesos. Many of these people have to turn to selling shabu to feed their families. The cities and municipalities should look out for the welfare of all its inhabitants not only its employees.