Sunday, April 10, 2016

Would monies flood in this election?

By Mortz C. Ortigoza
A father of a newscaster of a regional TV station told me that his daughter was lucky because a national government department hired her.
“Nadinig niya kasi after election mag sasarado na ang TV station,” the father said.
This TV station sacked last year many of its workers.
Many of them, in other parts of the country, even sued the owner for the illegal dismissal.
A former newscaster  told me the new owner in Manila wanted to close the station because what it reports on its evening news were redundant  with its morning news program.
“Saka ang revenues na kinikita niya hindi kaya i-pasuweldo with its staff and reporters
I pity those present employees there. They should have been frantically looking now for work as election is only a month to go.
“Siga na si rival station dito as its maintain a regional morning and evening news,” I quipped.
Political leaders of three neighboring Pangasinan towns have just been beneficiaries of tens of thousands of pesos from big time aspirants.
Because of it, leaders and voters in Dagupan City should cry their hearts out.
(Note: To the still uninitiated, the congressional, mayoralty, and vice mayoralty candidates in the City have no opponents in the May 9 election)
A mayor of one of these towns told me that these politicos chipped- in P9,000  so they can give it to each of the barangay chairmen while they shelled out P2000 for each of the village councilmen.
“Pinatawag ako ni Rival X at tinanung ako magkano ang bigayan sa lahat ng kapitan na pinapunta ko sa caucus with the opponent. Sinabi ko ang sinabi ng mga kapitan ko kung magkano ang bigayan,” he told me.
Rival X told him that he sets the meeting of the Kapitans and Council Members of the three towns in his building.
He said Rival X gave P10 thousand to each of the village chiefs and P3,000 to each of the sea of council members.
“Anak ng bakang dalaga, naglalagari ang mga kapitan, naka P19 thousand kaagad sila in the last two weeks,” I quipped.
He told me that a week before the election money would flood Pangasinan as his patron would triple the one given by the opponent.
“The plan is to give P 500 to each voter. But if the opponent gives P500, Rival X will give P1,500”.
Was it a wishful brag? I posed to a political spectator who had an interest with Pangasinan politics.

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