Thursday, October 1, 2015

Villasis not a threat to investment in Urdaneta City – Perez

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

URDANETA CITY – Despite some new investors putting shops in neighbouring Villasis, the town is not a threat to this city according to its mayor.
Threat to Urdaneta City? Wilcon Depot in
Villasis, Pangasinan
Mayor Amadeo "Bobom" G.E. Perez IV said that business taxes here did not spike on a year-on-year basis because one of the reasons many would - be investors go to Villasis because of the low taxes and cheap prices of lands there.
He cited a big furniture shop Wilcon that constructed an edifice at the flooded area of Barangay Bacag near the boundary of this city.
He said he is not threatened about the swell of investors at the neighbouring first class town but exhorted his constituents not to sell lands expensively so this city can attract more investors.
Many economic spectators saw this area of Villasis near the boundary of this city as a future burgeoning business hub compared to the boundaries of this city and Binalonan and Sta. Barbara town.
“There are eateries there but if the construction of TPLEX (the 88.85 kilometers Tarlac–Pangasinan–La Union Expressway) would be transferred in Pozurubbio, the exit of the vehicles (from Manila) would be there,” Perez referred to the future movements of business from the boundaries of this city and Binalonan to Pozurubbio

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