Tuesday, July 28, 2015

P'sinan’s 100 Millionth Pinoy Baby celebrates 1st Birthday

Lingayen – Pangasinan’s ‘Symbolic 100 Millionth Pinoy Baby’ Jhon Paul Pedronio of barangay Inmalog Sur, San Fabian turned one-year-old on July 27.

            Born to Jose Miguel and Pamela Pedronio, Jhon Paul came out of her mother’s womb at 12:20am in July 27 last year at the Pangasinan Provincial Hospital (PPH) in Bolingit, San Carlos City.

            Ellsworth Gonzales, Officer-in-Charge of Provincial Population Office (PPO) said Jhon Paul’s birth symbolizes the government’s call to usher in hope for better quality of life, giving importance to the challenge to make Filipinos count in development where each Filipino is able to live in a healthy and livable environment.           

            Baby Pedronio’s birth was among the significant births made in the country in 2014 where the Population Commission said that babies born in the Philippines on July 27 at 12:06am or close to this time at the biggest government hospital in each locality will be recognized as a 100 millionth Pinoy baby.

            The PPH, a hospital owned and managed by the provincial government, has the most number of babies born each day among all public and private hospitals in Pangasinan.

            Jhon Paul was also awarded a PhilHealth Membership grant provided by the Department of Health (DOH) while the provincial government through the PPH had also assured Jhon Paul’s health, providing him complete immunization and newborn screening after his birth.
            A team from the provincial government led by Gonzales turned over Php10,000-worth of gifts for baby Pedronio on his birthday which coincided with the third birthday celebration of his brother, Paul Jake.

            /Mark Gerry Naval Oblanca

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