Saturday, July 25, 2015


WAREHOUSE CLOSURE. An unregistered warehouse owned by City Luck Enterprise, Inc. in Urdaneta City, Pangasinan was padlocked last July 22 by the Bureau of Internal Revenue – Region 1 led by Regional Director Arnel Guballa  (7th from left) and Revenue District Office-6 Chief Nashrolah Conding (8th from left). From left to right: Jocelyn Ramilo, Chief Assessment Section RDO-6, Gregorio Nepal, Examiner,  and Assistant Regional Director Eduardo L. Pagulayan, Jr. (6th from left), Guballa, Conding, and support staff. MORTZ C. ORTIGOZA

ANXIOUS. The anxious Filipino-Chinese owner explains to BIR Director Guballa and Assistant Director Pagulayan, both lawyers, his lacks of documents. MORTZ C. ORTIGOZA

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