Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Set Aside Political Differences - Mayor Gwen

By Loejan S. Anudon
Former Congressman Mark Cojuangco (2nd from right) exchanges notes with
Bani Mayor Gwen Yamamoto and members of the Sangguniang Bayan
inside the office of the mayor. 
Mayor Gwen Yamamoto stood tall behind the podium during her State of the MunicipalityAddress in Bani on July 20, 2015. One of her few invited guests was former 5th District Representative, Mark Cojuangco, who chose to stay at the backseat. The former solon was also joined in by 1st District Board Member Antonio Sison and the mayor’s father, Mr. Boying Palafox.

In her speech, she highlighted her achievements and programs in the previous years and those that are still in the offing. The mayor, in her youthful appearance, courageously faced the members of the Sangguniang Bayan and detractors and dared them to set aside their political differences. She challenged them to work with her for the common good of the town and the people.

She lauded and thanked Congressman Boying Celeste and all who in one way or another helped during the onslaught of the recent typhoons and monsoon rains. She hailed Congressman Conrad Estrella, III of ABONO Party List with the special mention of former Congressman, Cojuangco, who donated 2,500 bags of relief goods from his personal coffer. The mayor expressed her admiration for Cojuangco who insisted on visiting the flooded places of the affected residents even if it meant trudging through dangerous paths and rivers.

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