Thursday, July 2, 2015

Mangaldan Mayor crows SGLG fete and other awards in SOMA

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

MANGALDAN – Mayor Bona Fe de Vera-Parayno will underscore on her second State of the Municipality Address on Friday the Seal of Good Local Governance (SGLG) and Good Financial Housekeeping award and other fetes this burgeoning town receive from the national government.

SOMA. Mangaldan Mayor Bona Fe de Vera-Parayno enumerates her
accomplishments and the provincial awards she received in her 2nd State of
the Municipality Address held at the town's public auditorium 
last Friday night. 

 “At the start of her administration, she has advocated for integrity, transparency, and accountability as a call in her administration. A report to our own stakeholders will be an important step in achieving such undertaking. The SOMA will highlight the local chief executive’s accomplished projects in the Municipality of Mangaldan. They will feature Mayor Bona’s SWEETHEART (program) which focused on inclusive growth for all sectors,” featured on the brochures given to guests who are invited to attend the Address at this town’s public auditorium on Friday at 5 Pm.
After hurdling the 2014 SGLG or the former Seal of Good Housekeeping (SGH), more projects from the national government will continue to pour to the people here as this town would be given more leeway to implement and deliver them to those who need those most.
The Municipality of Mangaldan is now given the authority to implement its projects duly funded by various national agencies like DPWH (Department of Public Works), DA (Department of Agriculture), TESDA (Technical Education & Skills Development Authority), DTI (Department of Trade & Industry), and DILG (Department of Interior & Local Government),” the mayor said.
After Parayno’s predecessor flunk in 2013 to be qualified on the bid of this town as the only local government unit (LGU) in the 129 LGUs in Region - 1 to snatch the coveted Good Housekeeping fete, year 2014 was a year of redemption for this town’s to show-off to the local government department in Manila by meeting diligently and passing impressively the core assessment areas of SGLG on Disaster Preparedness and Social Protection, and all the essential areas like Business-Friendliness and Competition, Peace and Order, and Environmental Management.
Guests and the masses listen attentively at the mayor's speech.

The other criteria this town wiggled in was its faithful compliance like full disclosure policy (FDP) of local budget and finances, bids, and public offerings through posting in the Full Disclosure Policy's portal in three conspicuous places of the following documents and transactions.
The other criteria this first class town’s passed with flying colors have been the following: Annual budget of the current year, quarterly statement of cash flows, trust fund utilization, statement of debt services, special  education fund (SEF) utilization, special education fund (SEF) income and expenditure estimates, 20% component of the internal revenue allotment (IRA) utilization, local disaster risk reduction and management fund utilization, annual procurement plan or procurement list, items to bid, bid results on civil works, goods and services, abstract of bids calculated un -liquidated  cash advances, supplementary procurement plan, manpower supplement”.
As recipient of the SGLG in 2014 the Parayno Administration is not only reaping the plaudits and honor but is given the full authority to implement grants from the national government agencies in what dubbed as Bottom-Up Budgeting (BUB).
“With this new trend in budgeting approach, delivery of service is now faster and better,” the mayor said.
The hoi-polloi, the masses that endeared with the mayor.

The other awards Parayno would emphasized on this year’s SOMA would be her Most Outstanding Municipal Mayor (2014), Seal of Child-Friendly Local Governance (2014), Aktibo ed Turismo Provincial Award (2014), First Runner-up, 2014 Provincial Search for Cleanest, Safest, and Greenest Municipality (First Class Category), First Runner, 2014 Search for the Most Statistically Developed LGU, Champion, 434th Agew na Pangasinan Parada na Dayew, Grand Cultural Parade Float Competition, and others.

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