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P’sinan Shooting Lower this Month vs. August 2013 – PD Biay

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

DAGUPAN CITY – Despite the brutal murder of a Filipino/Indian businessman and the attempted slay of a media man here, the new acting provincial director said the shooting incidents in the province are lower this August compared to the same month last year.
POLICE BRASS. New acting  Pangasinan Police Director Reynaldo Biay (Extreme
Right) and Chief Inspector Benjamin Ariola, Chief of  Operation of the Provincial
Police Office are in a huddle with the chief of the Department of Interior & Local
Government after their meeting at the Regional Peace & Order Council held last
August 27, 2014 at the Jimmy L. Fernandez Center CSI Stadia in Dagupan City.
In the data provided to Northern Watch by P/Chief Inspectors  Benjamin Ariola and Ryan Manongdo to collaborate the declaration of Police Senior Supt. Reynaldo Biay, it said that there were 18 total numbers of shootings perpetrated by motorcycle riding criminals (MRC) and plain shootings in August 2013 than the 15 in same period this year.
“There were 18 shootings last year where 5 have been from MRC and 13 from plain shooting while 15 shooting this year where 7 have been from MRC and 8 from plain shooting,” Ariola, the chief of the Operation Division of the Pangasinan Police Provincial Office, said.

He said 94 of the cases in January to August 22, 2013 have been solved while 90 of the cases in the same period in 2014 have been answered.

High profile shooting incidents in August were of Businessman Raja Mirchandani, and Broadcaster Orly Navarro who have been shot in August 10, 2014 and August 26, 2014 respectively. In July 7, Urbiztondo Mayor Ernesto Balolong was waylaid by car riding assassins in his hometown.
Except for Merchandani, the assailants of Balolong and Navarro have been apprehended and charged with criminal cases in court.
On the incidents of MRC and robbery, Ariolla said that in this year there were 8 MRC incidents and 59 plain robbery (PR) in January, while 4 MRC, 40 PR in February; 3 MRC, 38 PR in March; 1 MRC, 39 PR in April; 5 MRC, 48 PR; May; 2 MRC, 61 PR in April; 25 MRC, 11 PR in August or a total of 24 for MRC and 343 for PR.
65 of these cases have been solved and 302 of them have been under investigation.
Meanwhile, through good sleuthing he learned in his schoolings in the United States, Australia, China, and other places, Supt. Rodrigo Castro, Jr., chief of the Intelligence Division of the PPO, said the PPO in Pangasinan had arrested last month Jose T. Velasquez at Barangay Pias, Mapandan, Pangasinan.
“He is Department of Interior & Local Government most wanted person with Warrant of Arrest issued in 2000, a fugitive criminal with a murder case and with monetary reward of nP140,000. He was apprehended through manhunt operation by my office,” he stressed.
Castro  cited that Velasquez went into hiding for more than a decade to evade arrest  in Nueva Vizcaya and Quirino.

Pangasinan still Best Place to Live
By Chief Inspector Ryan Manongdo

As per record of Pangasinan Police Provincial Office shows that despite of Cases stated by Atty Jimenez, the province actually decreased by 18 incidents or 24.32% in number of shooting incidents as compared to the same period last year (June-Aug 2013 vs June -Aug 2014)

Month 2013 2014 Variance
June 28 17 -11
July 23 19 -4
Aug 23 20 -4
Total 74 56 -18
What province you are comparing us sir?
I have seen the efforts of my fellow police officers and I know their sacrifices like leaving their families for work, extending hours at police station just to file case, patrolling your neighborhood when you're asleep and we can't accept that our beloved province is the worst in peace and order, haven of assassins, drug lords, criminals etc.etc. What happened at PNHS is an isolated case and the command condemns the evil acts of PO3 Domino Alipio and disown him. PO3 Alipio is not Pangasinan police and Pangasinan police is not PO3 Alipio!

As the Climate Change Campaign Ad says " NAGBABAGO na ang PANAHON, PANAHON na para MAGBAGO". I have changed! MANONG DID it!

(This is my personal view  and not the whole PPO. Thanks. I love Pangasinan!)
 — with Harris Fama and 30 others.

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