Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Cojuangco Laments Gov. Espino's Resignation Statement

I can not believe that a simple announcement for candidacy would cause so much consternation to the good Governor.
NPC's Gubernatorial Bet Mark Cojuangco (Right)

"Partisan activity" ba na magpahayag lang ng; "tatakbo ako sa 2016"? "Grossly improper" ba ang pagpapakilala ng sarili sa ating mga kaprobinsiya?

Sa pagkaalam ko, ang tawag doon ay ang pag gamit ng "freedom of speech" at "freedom of expression".

He really should not criticize the party because The NPC (Nationalist People's Coalition) was shelter for him when he needed shelter, it welcomed and was kind to him. It seems that he now has other needs. The least he should say is; "thank you".

Governor Espino's Press Release

Governor Amado T. Espino, Jr., his brother, Bautista Mayor Amadeo T. Espino; and two sons, Bugallon Mayor Jumel Anthony I. Espino and Board Member Amado "Pogi" I. Espino, III have tendered their irrevocable resignation as members of the Nationalist People's Coalition (NPC) effective immediately.

Expressing deep regret in filing their resignation letter to NPC President Georgidi B. Aggabao, the joint resignation letter of Gov. Espino and Mayors Amadeo and Jumel dated July 31, 2014, was received by the office of Aggabao on August 4, while the separate letter of BM Espino dated also on August 4 was sent via email to the office of the NPC president on the same day.
"As elected leader of the entire province of Pangasinan, the undersigned Governor finds it grossly improper, and totally out of place, to announce political preferences, or to actively take part in any partisan activity, at this point in time when the next elections, in May 2016, are still a long way to go," the letter stated.
The letter said that there is a proper time to do that especially the incumbent officials who are sworn to serve everyone, regardless of political affiliations.

"On the contrary," the letter said, "the leaders, and the members of the Nationalist People's Coalition have espoused a different view, and in fact, have actively engaged in purely partisan activities."
The letter stated that to allow their party leaders and party mates to have a free hand in pursuing their respective political agenda, the Espinos have to tender their irrevocable resignation.
In his separate letter,  BM Espino, who is the incumbent president of the Liga ng mga Barangay in Pangaisnan, tersely stated that the present situation has become incompatible with his membership in the NPC.
"I, therefore, have no choice but to leave the party," BM Pogi's letter stated.
Yesterday (August 4), eight board members  strongly expressed their support to the gubernatorial bid of BM Espino, five of them had earlier resigned from NPC more than two months ago. They were joined by  two liberal Party members and one who is affiliated with the NPC in signing the manifesto of support to BM Espino.

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