Thursday, August 28, 2014

DepEd P’sinan-1 Initiates K-to-12 Seminars to Mentors

 By Mortz C. Ortigoza
LINGAYEN – As a strategy to improve the quality of teaching in the public elementary education, the leadership of the Department of Education launched recently the “Managing K-to-12: Teaching & Learning for Pangasinan 1 Cluster Batch 2”.
SEMINAR - Dr. Sheila Marie Primicias, Assistant School Superintendent
 Elementary Division of DepEd Pangasinan, gave her inspirational message
 to hundreds of head of teachers who attended recently in Lingayen, Pangasinan
 the two days seminar “Managing K-to-12: Teaching & Learning for Pangasinan -1 
Cluster Batch 2.Listening to Premicias are DepEd Pangasinan -1 Superintendent 
Alma Ruby Torio and Dr. Vivian Pagatpat, chief of the Elementary Division, DepEd
Attended here by all school heads of DepEd - Pangasinan 1 under the watch of Assistant Superintendent Sheila Marie Premicias, the seminar endeavored to determine the various interventions for school heads to improve the quality of teaching of their teachers’ wards.
“A suitable intervention can then be customized to answer the needs and fit the requirements of school heads,” stressed by Premicias, Assistant School Superintendent, Elementary Division, at Hotel Consuelo Resort & Chinese Restaurant.
She said the seminar, graced by DepEd Regional Director Terisita Velasco and Dr. Vivian Pagatpat, chief of the Elementary Division, Region 1, assessed the field of expertise, special skills, and trainings of the school heads who are mostly principals.

Archbishop Soc Villegas, President of the Catholic Bishops'
 Conference of the Philippines, held a mass before the start of
the seminar for principals of DepEd in Pangasinan

The area of competencies, according to Premicias, of the teachers, that the seminar wanted to evaluate are school leadership like developing and communicating a vision, data based strategic planning, and others; instructional leadership like data processing, analysis, interpretation, and utilization, and others; Creating a student centered learning climate like behavior management, community mobilization, building partnership, and others;  Professional development and human resource management like mentoring and coaching, guidance and counseling, alternative dispute resolution and others; School management and operations like managing operations, design, implement, monitor, review, and others; Personal and professional attributes and interpersonal effectiveness like professionalism, interpersonal sensitivity, and others.  

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  1. could you also give a similar seminar for CAR and other Region 1 teachers who will be handling grades 11 and 12 soon? We are contemplating of holding this seminar, which also focuses on book writing, in Lingayen come April 28-30? Thanks po.