Thursday, November 3, 2016

Police bare various programs vs narc used in Calasiao

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

CALASIAO – Just barely warming his seat, the new chief of police (COP) here bared his different plans and programs that had eclipsed his predecessor’s accomplishment.
BRIEFING. Police Superintendent Charlie Donato Umayam, acting police chief of 
Calasiao, Pangasinan, presides the conduct of pre-deployment briefing of his men
 who would be assigned in different parts of the Central Pangasinan’s town.

Superintendent Charles Umayam said that in his 12 days as the top cop here he already visited 733 households for consultations and Tokhang or knock and appeal to avoid narcotics use in the 12 villages here compared to the 398 households in the five villages visited by the previous COP.
Umayam said upon assumption in office last October 6 he immediately formulated his plans and programs in this burgeoning town that were buttressed by catchy phrases and acronyms like Project P.N.P or Pawis Ng Pagbabago, Spiritual Counseling, Livelihood Programs, U.S.B or Ugnayan sa Barangay, Clustered Barangay Dialogues, and the creation of S.W.A.T Team.
The new chief, a graduate of the Philippine National Academy’s Class of 2000, said that P.N.P has a zumba activity which serves as one of the reformatory physical activities intended for surrenderers and other constituents here every Saturday at seven in the morning. He explained that this endeavor will form part of the Philippine National Police’s station weekly monitoring system for the surrenderers.
“Spiritual counseling of all surrenderers as part of their reformatory process and continues monitoring to nurture their spiritual aspects and preempt them on turning back in the usage of illegal drugs. The activity will be conducted every other Saturday of the month after the zumba, boodle fight and counseling by batch intended for surrenderers only with the assistance of the pastors from Calasiao Ministerial Association (CMA) in front of Calasiao Police Station Building,” he stressed.

Umayam cited that livelihood programs in partnership with the municipal executive body on the reformative and rehabilitation programs would make the drug surrenderers undergo training for livelihood to be conducted by Technical Education and Skills Development Authority  (TESDA) like welding, massage, automotive, and cellphone technician which will be sponsored by the local government unit for them to meet their family needs.
“Ugnayan sa Barangay is a regular schedule dialogues with the barangay constituents and other local municipal officials for an intensified tokhang, conduct lectures on anti-criminality campaign and bringing the police force into the heart of the community”.
He explained that the S.W.A.T Team are to act as Quick Response Team on the current state of Calasiao for urbanization purposes to address anti-bank robberies, school robberies, and any other anti-criminality operation within the Area of Responsibility.

“While Clustered Barangay Dialogues focused on double barrel programs towards barangay clearing,” he cited.

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