Friday, June 24, 2016

Mangaldan police can-do war against drugs

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

MANGALDAN – Under the gung-ho leadership of the police here, the fight against illegal drugs continues several days before anti- drug advocate President-Elect Rodrigo Duterte assumes office.
“For criminals to triumph it takes policemen to do nothing," Superintendent Benjamin Ariola rephrased   Edmund Burke adage’s “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”.
Mangaldan Chief of Police (COP) Superintendent Benjamin  Ariola (4th from
Left) and Pozorrubio COP Chief Inspector Ryan Manongdo (5th from Left)

In a published statement he circulated to the media, Ariola, an alumnus of the Philippine National Police Academy’s Class of 2000, cited the series of arrest and subsequent filing of cases against 38 suspected drug users and peddlers from January 9 to  present in separate operations and confiscation of drug paraphernalia here in violation of Republic Act 9165 or Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act.
There were about 80 grams shabu or meta-amphetamine hydro-chloride involved against the 30 person the police arrested here who were sued with the Drugs Act, Ariola's data say.
A drug pusher in the Philippines in spite of the volume of its merchandise could be arrested and detained without bail.
When Ariola was the chief of the Provincial Anti-Illegal Drugs Special Operation Task Group (PAIDSOTG), he cited that vigorous if not violent disruptions by chiefs of police in cities and towns resulted to pushers scampering to other towns in Pangasinan.
He cited that in the tactical interrogations of his men with apprehended drug peddlers, the latter incriminate the Muslims as the illicit trade's source.
“Kasi lahat ng sources ay tinuturo, iyang tactical interrogation pag huli ng subject, saan galing ang item? Sa Muslim. Muslim ang tinuturo,” he said.

He cited the modus operandi of the pusher from Manila would be to use public transport or private car by bringing a kilo of shabu and dropped 100 grams in Villasis, Pangasinan, 100 grams in Candon City, Ilocos Sur, until the pusher reached Ilocos Norte and empty his supply bag of the drugs.

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