Friday, February 6, 2015

San Carlos COP Denies He Sleeps on Robbery Case

By Mortz C. Ortigoza

BEAUTY IS NOT EVERYTHING. May Maganda, pero iba ang May Ganda na May Talino pa. Tingnan niyo itong sagot ni TV host Grace Lee versus has-been singer Lea Navarro.
LEA NAVARRO: So how many of those people who dissed the President's absence from Villamor (Air Base) were actually there to condole?
SUPT. CHARLES UMAYAM, chief of police San Carlos City, Pangasinan,
conducted dialogue to the students of St.Therese on the situation of the

 students there. He also discussed with them the laws concerning the
 students and their rights.
GRACE LEE: "There is only one head of the state. Only one commander in chief! You CANNOT compare the value of his presence to the presence of any ordinary citizen then use it against them when they voice out their frustration and anger!"
 TINGNAN NIYO RIN ANG SAGOT NI MISS BURKINA FASO AFRICA sa kay Manny Pacquiao last year sa Miss Globe sa dampa sa Republic of Guyana:
MANNY PACQUIAO: If you learned that your boyfriend has AIDS, what will you do?
MISS BURKINA FASO: I will still love him (strong rounds of applause from the touched and impressed spectators)... because AGE doesn’t matter! (Paktay ang korona, humirit pa !)
San Carlos City’s Chief of Police (COP) Charlie Umayam told me recently that it was not true that his policemen slept on the complaint of Ian Madrid a businessman who lost 10 computers in his shop to thieves.
Madrid whined to media men that the CCTV footage incriminated the suspects.
“We could not identify the offenders. Besides one of them even covered it with his hand as his companion ransacked the computer shop”.
He cited his policemen continue to coordinate with Madrid employees as they could not reach Madrid physically. Madrid, media reports said, owns a chain of computer shops in the country and owned the SP Madrid and Associates Law Firm in the city.
“If they could pin point who is the suspect we are too willing to file the case,” Umayam, the Gospel Joe of the PNP, told me.
My plaudits to the soft-spoken Alaminos City’s Chief of Police Dominador “Doming” Soriano. He told me, when I dropped by at his office last week, that in January alone this year he and his men swooped down to two drug lairs and arrested the malefactors.
But yesterday I saw Doming telling TV viewers that the drug raid the other day was a knockout punch this February to a big time shabu pusher there who was caught with 200 grams of the illegal drugs.
Salamabit, that’s millions of pesos already of lost drugs that could tear apart families and poison the youth, am I right Dagupan City’s drug buster Lt.  Colonel Cris Abrahano?
Fox TV host Greg Gutfield told Fox's hot shots Bill O'Reilly that King of Jordan, piloting an F-16 is King of Awesome as he joined Jordan's squadron of F-16 Falcon jets bombing lairs of terrorists ISIS. King of Awesome? Sannamagan, that's King of TV Hype. Bombing thru air the heaten enemies will not defeat the ISIS. The answer there is send the foot soldiers - those from U.S, Britain, and the coalition - to extinguish these sonaffa______ from earth. War is not won through F-16s, F-18s, and even Stealth bombers carpet bombing - ask those B-52 bombers pilots who bombed the Vietcongs with even the Agent Orange and the proverbial Kitchen Sinks.
Political satires have been written on news magazines, newspapers, and others. Some of them became viral. But one of them, for me, was a standout. It was the satire of smut magazine Hustler publisher Larry Flynt posting on his prurience catering mags Baptist Reverend Jerry Falwell having sex with his drunk mother and a female goat in a barn on the putative Camparari ads “You’ll Never Forget about your First Time.
An enraged Falwell sued Flynt with libel and millions of dollars moral damages. The case, Hustler Magazine, Inc. v. Falwell, 485 U.S. 46 (1988), was not only dismissed by the U.S Supreme Court but became bedrock of jurisprudence on Freedom of Expression that legal practitioners and scholars in democratic countries like the Philippines zealously quote.
Here’s my attempt on satire and not necessarily my bet for a Supreme Court’s libel suit classic jurisprudence since my editor and I have been wary of libel charge that hits us in this paper years ago. You can accessed that satire news entitled
God Saves the Filipinos" at
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